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March 28, 2023

What Is Self-Image And Ego? Do You See Yourself In Others? UYT367

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Ego Or Self-Image, It’s All An Opinion Of Yourself

You are human, so you have an ego and a concept of self-image. So what is self-image, especially in relation to your ego? And so, let’s talk about the ego first and then self-image and then bring the two together.

What Is Self-Image And Ego | Do You See Yourself In Others?

What Is The Ego?

At first, you may view your self-image and ego as the same. Your self-image and ego may be different sides of the same coin, but they are not identical as many of you may think. So what is the ego? The ego is this worldly thing that anchors you here in the physical world. Anything to do with the ego is to do with the world. It’s part of how you function in the world. It’s part of how you interact with the world. And it attaches you to the world. The ego is concerned with the world, not your higher being, your Spirit.

It can be considered to be a separation device. Individually, it’s you. It’s part of you, your particular flavor. It’s a separation device because, ultimately, you all are aspects of the Divine. Then you come here into physicality to have an individuated experience. The ego is part of that. It’s part of how you separate yourself and individuate yourself one from another. After all, how would your experience in this reality be if you were exactly like everyone else?

Another way of looking at it is its part of your human suit. It’s a garment that you wear to be human. It’s a way to animate your body with certain biases, flavors, and preferences. It’s part of how you show up in the world. And so another related word that you could use to describe the ego is your body personality.

Types Of Ego

do i have a big ego and am I self-aware
A Woman Hugs Herself

So your body, your body personality, this thing that you bring into an incarnation is a particular flavor of you, a particular variety of you. So it’s only some of what you are in this incarnation. But it represents whether you are going to be a vibrant, enthusiastic personality or you are going to be a severe kind of individual.

Your ego can be positive or negative. It can be how you set yourself up to go through specific challenges. And depending on how you respond to those challenges, you can layer added aspects of yourself on top of that body personality. Specific thoughts, emotions, pain, and trauma can be tacked on to your id.

Pain, Pleasure, And The Ego

And so it’s, you are born with this particular flavor of a personality. But then you continue to build it, construct it as you go through this specific life. And it is constructed mainly in an unconscious way. Because as mentioned earlier, you are going through different life experiences, and they teach you things. Life experiences can teach you incidents like when you were a child, your parents got divorced, and the pain associated with that. And so you lay down a belief in abandonment.

Or maybe they struggled to feed you, which instilled a belief of lack. Maybe you were bullied at school. And so all of these events can be the building blocks of the ego construct to be modified or modulated.

Essentially, there’s an in-alignment version and an out-of-alignment version of the ego. The in-alignment version, as much as it can be, would be the version that allows that essence that you want to project through this incarnation. And the out-of-alignment version is the version that has accumulated negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, denied emotions, attachments, addictions, and different kinds of things.

Eckhart Tolle talks about this thing called the pain body. And it is that part of that self-made, self-constructed flavor or version of the ego. So, you couldn’t be here in the human experience without an ego. But what would you be if you didn’t have an ego? Imagine that for a moment. You would be consciousness neutral.

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What Is Self-Image In A Spiritual Context?

So what is self image, and how does self image relate to the ego? Self-image is a projection of your identity and a set of specific aspects of you relating to how you want to be seen in the world as a physical entity. So it’s related to how you believe you are being seen in the world.

This is an important distinction. It is not necessarily how you are being seen but how you think you are. It can be related to the idea of you feeling superior because you have worldly things such as bling or a fancy haircut. On the other hand, it can be related to you feeling inferior to everyone else. So there can be a level of competition associated with the projected self-image. You can say that self-image is an aspect of the ego. And it can be good, or it can be harmful in some way.

The ego can be an aspect of consciousness or unconsciousness. In fact, it’s mostly unconscious. It’s mostly a level of non-self-awareness. But, unfortunately, most of humanity is walking around in an unconscious state. You are thinking things automatically, being triggered, emotionally suffering, chasing after forms of pleasure and excitement, and being addicted to worldly things.

Do You Have Positive Things To Say About Yourself?what is self-image and do i have a big ego

So, for most people, you are at an unconscious level. However, some are in the process of experiencing more self-awareness. You have begun to notice your state, the thoughts you think, and the feelings you are feeling. Yet, you are still in denial of certain things. However, there’s a portion of it that is conscious and a portion of it that’s unconscious. The goal is to become fully self-aware. The intent is to be fully aware of both your ego and self-image and the difference between the two, understanding the true self versus the projected self.

So to know the difference between thought and consciousness, because thought is not consciousness, and consciousness is who you are. And thoughts are an energy construct that causes particular bias within you. So becoming conscious of your feelings is vital. Don’t deny them and stuff them down. Allow yourselves to be in a state of emotional flow and to let go, in a way.

As the well-known adage states, be in the world, but not of the world. When you are of the world, you are attached to your emotions, pain, or pleasure. And you are addicted somehow to certain things about the physical world. There is no need to deny your physicality disassociate from the physical world. But it is essential to know yourself and the personality construct that you are experiencing.

Self-Image Meets Ego

So what would it be like for your self-image to meet your ego?? Would it be a good thing? If your ego matches your self-image and vice versa, and you do this without being in judgment of either, it would be a positive experience. Possible or not possible?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Self-Image And Ego? Do You See Yourself In Others as we delve into the mysteries of self-image and ego.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is Self-Image And Ego? Do You See Yourself In Others:

  • Vicki – Hi, good evening. I hope you’re well. I have a question. How do you stop the conflicting thoughts and know what you want so they can manifest? Thank you
  • Katie – I have had some mysterious intermittent pain in my lower abdomen. I feel it may be stress-related. Does stress have to do with our ego? Would you be able to take a look, please?
  • Lorraine – So self-images are all emotions?
  • KB – What do we do with emotions we don’t understand or can’t explain?
  • Karen – I don’t feel comfortable in my body with excess weight, which seems to stop me from going out and buying clothing. Silly, but why would someone seem to let this control their daily life? It seems to be so much deeper than ego for me. Perhaps it is a bleed-through from a past life.
  • Brian – I’ve heard a lot of people complaining of abdominal discomfort lately. I wonder if it’s something bigger going on.
  • Denise – Wonderful talk, profound and nail on the head. Freedom from yourself to be your Self.
  • Cole – I don’t think much about self-image, kind of like my age. I don’t really identify with it. However, I will think about it when asked. Occasionally I’ve seen or observed the unconscious patterns for sure, but they’re shifting so fast.

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