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February 14, 2023

How To Raise Your Vibration And Frequency UYT362

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Why Keep Your Vibration And Frequency High?

Why is it important to keep your vibration and frequency high? The reason is that the vibration of the Spirit is very high. The vibration of physical reality is much lower in comparison. And you are Soirit having a physical experience. So it would be best if you reduced the vibrational energy gap. So that’s one reason why you should raise your vibration. Another reason is that there are so many challenges in the world.

How To Raise Your Vibration And Frequency

What can Affect Your Vibration And Frequency?

These challenges are becoming prevalent, especially over the last few years. There has been so much going on. Whether it’s on a personal level. Things that affect and impact you on a personal level. Or whether you’re looking at the world stage and wondering about all the things happening there.

It may be the pandemic, the wars between, major earthquakes, or the economy. All of these different things can be challenging to cause you to not sink into negativity, fear, or vibration of anger. You may feel like railing against the problems you see in your life or the world. But if you do that, you are lowering yourself to the vibration on which these problems are being created.

Then you are investing your energy in perpetuating the issue you are offended by. So you want to rise above it. If you spend all of your time in a low vibration worrying, immersed in the world’s woes, then it doesn’t make for the most pleasant existence. But, on the other hand, it feels good to be in a high-vibration state.

Being in a low-vibration state doesn’t feel so good. The most satisfactory vibrational state is one that is in alignment with who you are at the level of your soul. The level of your higher being, Spirit.

Your Vibration Energy Frequency And Consciousnessyour vibration and frequency can be affected by many things

You are here on this earth to express yourself for the unique aspect of divine consciousness that you are. You’re here on this earth to authentically express your divine spark, anchor your light, and create as you. So when you are worrying, judging, playing the victim, and fighting for justice, you are not in alignment with your higher being, your soul. You are not in alignment with your unique vibrational frequency. Why?

Aspects Of Your High-Vibration Energy

You are out of alignment because your unique vibrational frequency is founded on love, acceptance, gratitude, and justice principles. Injustice and victimhood are mutually exclusive. You can’t be in judgment and be loving simultaneously. You can’t be angry and grateful. You can’t be afraid and at peace. These opposing principles cause you to sink down into the lower vibrational frequencies.

One of the ways of thinking about this is to consider the vibrational energy in the sphere of human consciousness on our earth as set as various layers of consciousness. Human consciousness is the state of sinking into the depths of polarity and duality. One thing pitched against another. But one state cannot exist with the other. You cannot be in a state of human and spiritual consciousness simultaneously.

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Do You Choose Human Or Spiritual Consciousness?

Are you expanding and rising above toward a state of oneness and acceptance? And so you have the choice in your earth walk and journey to participate at any level. You have the choice to live at any level of consciousness. And there are teachings to glean either way. You will learn either way.

So why choose one over the other? Why select to live at a higher frequency and vibration over the lower vibrational state? Simple. One feels much better than the other.

How Do You Raise Your Vibration And Frequency?

How do you do this? What are some ways that you might raise your vibration? But first, you must answer the question, “where does your vibration come from?”

Well, it comes from lots of things. You have a physical body. The physical body is energy. It vibrates at particular frequencies. You also have these things called emotions. And these are energetic messages that will let you know whether you feel good or bad. Whether you are in or out of alignment depends on the vibration of your emotional stateyour emotions can control your vibrational state. So your vibration and frequency come from your physical and emotional nature.

It also comes from your mental nature. You think. You have thoughts. Those thoughts can be positive or negative, supportive or unsupportive. For example, you can think you are fat or ugly and find yourself stuck in negativity. Or you can think you are beautiful and you love yourself.

Your vibration and frequency change with your emotional and mental state. And it also comes from what you have stored within your energy field, your physical body. And you store all sorts of energy packages, memories that have happened to you. Experiences and events you don’t necessarily allow to flow through you. But if you experienced something unpleasant, you might contemplate it and go round and round in circles. You may hold on to them, stuff them, and store them somewhere in your body.

You might store something like anger in your urinary system or grief in your lungs. And so you put these deposits of emotional energy somewhere, holding on to them. The reason is that you don’t process them at the time, and they accumulate, adding up and affecting your overall vibration.

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Your Belief System, Vibration, And Frequency

The next one is related to mental issues. So you have thought patterns and belief systems. You can have supportive and unsupportive beliefs. For example, you can believe that you suck or are unworthy and will never amount to anything. Those are unsupportive beliefs.

Or you can believe life is exciting and you love to explore new things, believing that life is abundant with beauty and incredible things. So all of these different factors combined will result in an overall vibration and frequency you emit.

You are a unique aspect of divine consciousness, and your system was created to help you, the level of your soul, and your higher achieve a happy state. You have a unique vibration. No one else contains the identical vibrational energy and consciousness that you are. It has a unique energy signature. And your body was created specifically to house that.

But you need to be present in your body, own your space, and be the vessel emitting that unique vibration. So all the aspects mentioned earlier are part of your vibration.

But unfortunately, most people are not purely, authentically emitting their unique vibration. This is because they have stored all or some of these things within their system, not managing their vibration.

To fulfill any of the things you came here to do, you need to fully inhabit and be in your body. You can be in vibrational frequency alignment. You can release foreign energy signatures to create the space to do what is needed. And you must find a way to bring that energy safely in and through the body.

So this will help you be clear and express your true, unique, authentic nature. There is not a human being alive today that’s doing that 100% of the time. But that’s the game. You didn’t coa low vibrational state can affect living your life purposeme here to be somebody else or to fulfill somebody else’s life purpose. You came here to be uniquely you and have a unique vibration and frequency. And as Spirit, it is a high vibration.

It would be funny if you came here to be somebody else. Well, many people, unconsciously, are attempting to do precisely that. They are constantly trying to be somebody else. So any time you look at another person, at what they have or are doing, and compare it to yourself, what you have, or wish you had, that’s what you’re doing. You’re using your precious Earth experience to try and be somebody else. And it happens on all levels. You could be following a celebrity. Maybe you want to be like a Kardashian, your favorite singer, or anyone else. When you try to emulate someone else, you’re trying to live someone else’s life.

The Answer

It is simple. Be you, the authentic you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley Phillips, How To Raise Your Vibration And Frequency, and learn the importance of living your life in a state that will enhance your vibration and frequency.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To Raise Your Vibration And Frequency:

  • Brian – So, does the more time we spend in the higher vibration/frequency make it harder to be in the lower vibrational frequencies? Things that used to stress me and cause worry and frustration don’t seem to hold me very long or get any real inertia.
  • Fran – That was beautiful meditation, Dr. Lesley.
  • Denise – I had an Out of Body experience, and I saw dark energy leave my mouth, from my physical body, in a projectile vomit manner. What was it?
  • Lori – Do you think one can raise their vibration faster with what they eat or meditate?
  • Carol – When I am in high vibration, a good sign that often shows is having more synchronicities.
  • Helen – I’m faced with low-frequency bullying neighbors. I’m trying to sell, which so far is not happening. Is this about getting out as soon as possible or standing up and going the legal route? I’m finding this situation hard. Any input would be gladly welcomed.
  • Katie – It was interesting – During the beginning of the meditation, I grounded a bit differently than usual. Usually, I start at the energy center at the base of my spine and connect to the center of the earth, but this time it was the center of the earth that connected with my energy center. I didn’t intend it that way, but it was effortless, and I felt the energy shift more immediately and clearly than I usually experience. What is your perspective on this?

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