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October 5, 2018

Teal Swan – Fact Or Fiction?

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Who Is Teal Swan Anyway?

I have been following some of what Teal Swan does in the realm of the metaphysical for a while now. Imagine my surprise yesterday morning, when I woke up and lazily reached over to my tablet to check my appointment schedule. There was an email in my inbox announcing that one of the new Teal Swan events was an appearance on the Dr. Leslie Radio Show! Huh?

I would love to have her on my radio show but had no recollection of having booked her on it. Had I suddenly jumped timelines in the night? Was I waking up in an alternate reality?

It turns out there is another Dr. Lesley with a radio show. How strange is that? Anyway, it reminded me that I have been meaning to write an article about Teal Swan for a while, and it gave me the impetus to do it. She is such a controversial character that I thought it would be great to look at all the different facets of her story from a spiritual perspective rather than a mental or an emotional one.

Teal Swan Polarizes People

I discovered Teal five years ago when I visited the Teal Swan website. On watching that first is teal a light in the darkness???video I had two opposing initial reactions:

  1. Admiration and Relief. She was doing a great job. Her perspective aligned with mine. She was saying things that I would say. My body relaxed and I thought “thank God, someone is out there teaching correct information, and people are actually listening.”
  2. Invalidation and Competition. My second thought was “well then there’s no point in me doing it anymore then!” I was focused on building my teaching platform and had a sinking feeling I had missed the boat.

Of course, the higher part of me knew that the world needs as many light-bearers and spiritual teachers as it can get. Helpful information is helpful information, and cannot come from enough sources. My point is she polarizes people. She illuminates the light and dark within each of us. She had pointed out something within me that I could do some healing work on.

Teal Swan is a Genuine Teacher

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding Teal Swan. People get triggered because their shadow side is exposed. If they don’t know how to heal it, they channel it into finger-pointing, blame, and hate. Whether you appreciate her, believe in her, or not, if you react to her, she is teaching you something about yourself.

People expect their spiritual teachers to be perfect and I am sure that many people expect that from Teal Swan. If you are following a guru who tells you they are perfect, run the other way. Anyone in a human body is a human being and is encountering the dichotomies, choices, and growth opportunities of Planet Earth. The best teachers are those who can be authentic, humble, and honest about their own growth process. Still, they share with you processes that they have validated can work within themselves, to help you cope with the ups and downs of life.

Controversy and the Themes in Teal Swan’s Teachings

Many spiritual teachers and self-appointed gurus face controversy. Some embellish their life story to get noticed or to ensure they fit perfectly into a prophecy. After their passing, the recounting of the life that was lived is exaggerated. It is changed over time, as well. History is rewritten and mistranslated. The modern equivalent of this is how the media embellishes and manipulates facts to make a sensational read. Nowadays we also have social media to contend with. It can be hard to be clear if a teacher’s story is fact or fiction.

Regardless of this, the message they brought is valuable and can impact many people. That is why it is so important for you to develop your own conscious awareness. If you had your intuitive knowing and seeing, and other gifts, you would have your own clear answers and be able to read the original message underneath the magnification and misdirection. That is why I dedicate my life to teaching others to tap into their psychic gifts. So you can access your own truth and your own information about anything you wish in a way that is not distorted by ego, emotions, and intellect.

So What Are The Themes In The Life Story Of Teal Swan…

Childhood Sexual Abuse

If you are reading this, you probably know the backstory. Teal says she was a victim of childhood ritual abuse. Many people question its validity. My perspective is “who cares, ask yourself what really matters here?” The truth we should be looking at is the endemic proportions of childhood sexual abuse that exists in our society, in families, religions, slavery, and trafficking. This is real folks! It isn’t made up. It is happening and as the light gets stronger in our world more and more will be exposed. Focus on that. Not on whether it happened to Teal Swan. Don’t focus on the finger that is pointing this out, but on what it is pointing at.

Teal Swan Abundance, Money and Spirituality abundance, money and spirituality

Teal is becoming wealthy as a result of her work. There is a commonly held belief that if you are a spiritual teacher, you should not make any money from it. If you do, you are not genuine and are somehow, cheating people. Yet, all the great spiritual masters were amazing at manifestation. Many had a cushion of wealth, or wealthy followers, who supported their world mission. In modern times, we charge for our events, services, books, and courses because if we didn’t, we couldn’t do our world service. Learning how to manifest is a crucial step in spiritual development. You are a light being living in a material world, learning how to be a conscious creator. Being able to manifest abundance is a sign of spiritual evolvement. Of course, if you are programming people to sign over their wealth to you, that is a different matter. That is extortion and based on manipulation rather than free will.

Fraudulence and Copying Other People’s Teachings

Teal Swan has been accused of stealing her main technique, the Completion Process, from another teacher. I have had some personal experiences of this, where I shared some of my teachings with a teacher, who then took them and presented them as their own. To be honest it bothered me until I realized the one who was bothered was the ego.

The teaching in question was grounding. I believe in the power of this technique to change human consciousness and the world. So if a teacher with a bigger following than I have reaches more people, then: goal accomplished. Spiritual teachings are gifts to humanity. They are not “owned” by a certain person. The teacher is the vessel, the conduit, the delivery mechanism. Many of these teachings are not new. They are thousands of years old, just being brought forward to help humanity, dressed up in a new outfit. You cannot own a patent for spiritual information. Ultimately we are one, and each one of us is an aspect of God that contains the whole within us – all information belongs to us all.

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Past Lives and Aliens

Teal Swan claims she is an alien, has a past life as a famous spiritual teacher, and uses astral travel to do benevolent things around the planet. These are subjects we have spoken about on this blog and regularly on the radio show, and never received any criticism for it, but Teal Swan seems to attract a lot of negative feedback about it.

Here is my perspective. You are consciousness. You are multi-dimensional in nature. You create in many realities, including lives within the time-space continuum of Earth. Most of the currently awakening humans are old souls, who “pre-date” the Earth timeline and have connections with other worlds.

I am aware of over 1000 of my own past lives; some were well known, some were not, some were spiritual teachers, some were not, and I have many friends who can say the same. I read past lives for others every day and find nothing unusual or unreal about it. I am aware of other realms I am connected with. I talk to angels, ascended masters, guides… and yes, some of my guides are aliens from other worlds, here to help humanity and share information that will aid our evolution to an awakened species.

Astral Travel

I’ve read accounts where people ridicule Teal Swan’s tales of astral travel. Astral travel isn’t are teal swan’s tales of astral travel realunusual, it’s normal. You are not your body. You are Spirit. You leave your body when you sleep. One of the places you visit is the astral plane. The astral plane is a zone of consciousness related to Earth plane reality. It offers a wider scope of creativity for the individuals and the playing out of mass consciousness events.

I’ve been conscious of astral traveling since I was very young. I kept a dream diary and trained myself to record my experiences while I was having them by keeping a recording device under my pillow. I focussed on being lucid in the out-of-body-state, and on directing where I went. I consider myself an experienced astral traveler.

I have met Teal Swan on the astral plane several times in my own astral travels. In my experience, she’s a polarizing force there too. Sometimes she’s been encouraging and other times pointed out growth opportunities. I’ve also met many other teachers, experienced many aspects of my own multi-dimensional self, participated in mass consciousness events, and generally helped out, as well as just enjoying my adventures. So yes, of course, she astral travels. So do you!

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We Are All Human

Teal Swan is Spirit, as are you and as am I. We all have these multi-dimensional aspects. Some people can get caught in their ego when they discover a famous past life. Or to use the knowledge that you have an existence in another world to explain why you feel you do not belong here. It is easy to escape into the out of body state and avoid your human pain.

One fact you cannot deny if you are reading this is that you have a human body, and you are living on Earth right here, right now. The source-consciousness that is you is meant to be focused here. If you escape into the ego of having been Winston Churchill or believing your homeworld is Betelgeuse, or can’t wait until next time you can leave the body, because you hate your reality so much, then you will miss what you came here for.

Each one of us has a purpose for the life we are having, the body we are in, and for being here at the time of the great planetary shift. There are lots of good teachers out there who can lend a hand as you walk your path. Find one that resonates with you, ignore the ones who don’t, or if you prefer, go it alone. The ball is in your court. You have a choice. This is a planet of free will.

I could go on. There is certainly a massive amount of material out there. From lack of credentials to court cases, suicides of her followers, there is a wellspring of controversy.

I reckon the best thing I can do is take a look at Teal Swan from an energy perspective.

I should point out that this is a reading of her energy in the present time. Just like anyone in a human body, she goes through growth cycles, and is sometimes in alignment and sometimes not. In this, she is no different to you, I, or any other human for that matter.

An Energy Reading About Teal Swan

When I tune into her energy the first thing I see is world teacher, world healer, planetary mission. Her energy isn’t as grounded as it needs to be to stay focused, clear, and be manifesting all she is planning. I do see that she has a group of high vibration spiritual helpers with whom she isan energy reading about teal swan! working.

The second thing I see is the amount of “foreign energy” in her space. Some of the energy is from the haters and some of it is from the ones who follow her like a guru. Either way, it is unpleasant for her to deal with, and a huge challenge to stay clear. She looks engulfed in dark energy, originating from forces acting against the light. When I gave her quick healing to move it off, it opened a channel for a stream of bright light to pour in.

When people are having a negative response to her energy, it is sometimes because their shadow side is triggered by what she says. Other times, they can see the dark energies in her space and assume it is her. It isn’t her. It’s just that she attracts a lot of attention from dark energies that are against the global shift in consciousness.

I looked at some of the questions about narcissism, and being a controlling manipulative guru. I don’t see that being correct. She doesn’t look like she has an expanded concept of her own self-importance. That is definitely something that can happen when a person opens to how much spiritual knowledge they have access to, but she knows that everyone can have access to it, and knows her role is to help people appreciate that.

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Teal Swan’s main struggle seems to be to stay clear energetically despite the amount of attention she gets. Some spiritual teachers are gentle, and some have a harsher “tough love” demeanor. She is a tough one, at least when she has to be, and I can understand it. It is difficult to help someone who is not in charge of their energy or be gentle when you are being bombarded. The recipient of tough love doesn’t always appreciate they are being helped, either. You can check some of the Teal Swan YouTube videos and judge for yourself.

She has been accused of being an emotional basket case by her detractors, but I don’t see it in that way. She is an empath, and can inadvertently take on other’s emotions, as any empath can if they’re not careful to manage their own energy and differentiate it from others. Having that much foreign energy in your space is overwhelming, and can cause a strong response in your own body. There are spiritual techniques to deal with this and lighten the load. She is doing the best she can with the information she has, just like everyone else. Teal Swan has a greater awareness of her inner resources in this area than her followers and detractors do.

Teal Swan, faker, or fakir, you make the decision.

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  1. When you see any spirit beings you need to test them to verify they are from God. Ask them to tell you if Jesus Christ the Son of the living God has come in the flesh. Every spirit that confesses Jesus has come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that confesses not, is not of God. Also command them in the name of the Lord Jesus Chris to show you their true form.

  2. Ugh. You seem to excuse all her dishonesty with “other spiritual teachers have done it” in several places. This does not jive with the Discernment of Heart+Mind Coherence.
    TS IS a shadow being showing us narcissism and mental illness. And it’s weird how her lies present just like qanon bs of satanic ritual child abuse and cannabalism.

    To anyone researching her, do your own due diligence, use HM coherence to connect with your inner knowing and intution.

    The 5D Ascension is Rising WITHIN ALL and does NOT require outside teachers or authorities – THAT is what we are dismantling – the corrupt old institutions of manipulation, power and control.

    1. I was being as neutral as I possibly could, neither supporting nor the opposite. I agree with you that each person should do their own due diligence and decide for themselves. I also agree that the old institutions are crumbling and each human has their own direct connection with spirit. I wrote this article a while back after another teacher stole some of my material. I do not mention who that was in the article…

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