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July 4, 2023

What Are Your Starseed Origins – How To Find Your Starseed Origin UYT378

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Do You Have Starseed Origins?

If you play in the realm of metaphysics, you will have come across the terms starseed and starseed origins. Especially lately since there has been much discussion about alien disclosure, alien sightings, and UFO sightings (now called UAP, unexplained anomalous phenomenon).

What Are Your Starseed Origins – How To Find Your Starseed Origins

Starseed Meaning

There is a recently identified group of individuals on Earth who identify as starseeds or the less common term star people. These individuals believe they originate from other planets, galaxies, or the universe’s star systems.

Unlike those of you who are believed to reincarnate on Earth, starseeds think they have either awakened from another world to be born here or had past lives somewhere else in space. Starseeds regard themselves as connections between other realms and Earth. In many cases, they also believe they can travel between galaxies through meditation. use meditation to travel the universe

Some starseeds claim to communicate through a specific language called light language, which they consider the language of the soul and which surpasses human limits.

Many of these individuals believe they have arrived on Earth with the purpose of helping us heal the planet. Their goal is to aid humanity in the search for happiness and well-being, known as the golden age.

Starseed Origins, AKA Galactic Origin

The question of galactic origin is an excellent place to start when discussing starseeds. There is this language in the metaphysical community about Starseeds that goes further than just a Starseed definition. These are questions such as:

  • Are you a Starseed?
  • Starseed body markings.
  • How to find your starseed origin?
  • What starseed type are you?
  • Where is your galactic origin?

You can even find a quiz online that you can take that will answer many of the questions. They may tell you that you are a Starseed from Sirius, a Starseed Pleiadian, or you are from Alpha Centauri. Remember where you are getting the information. An online quiz is mostly for fun and may give some food for thought. Still, it is only a generalization, and you should not use the results to make any life decisions.

So what does it mean? You may think that it’s very wonderful that you are all opening up to your multi-dimensional consciousness in this way. But there are some pitfalls that you may need to navigate.

Do You Feel Like Part Of The Starseed Community

Some people are unhappy in their life as a human. Sometimes people feel alone, on the fringe, and feel like they don’t belong. This may cause you to feel like you are an alien and came from somewhere else. And you want to know where you are really from to have that as a personal identity. To consider yourself as part of the Starseed community. This can explain why you feel so out of place in your life on Earth. were you part of a starseed community

So from my perspective and experience in carrying out tens of thousands of reading over the past 30 years, I would say, in 99% of the cases, that if you find yourself in a human body on planet Earth, you are a human being. Right now, you are living a life as a human being, and you’re from Earth, and you’re being human.

So this is the life that is the projection of a lifetime you’re experiencing. And so you certainly don’t want to put on an identity of being a particular type of Starseed that excuses you from dealing with the life that you are living now. This may cause you to bypass certain aspects of the life that you are living now. Or to justify your alienation and not work on your stuff.

So that’s one of the pitfalls. It’s very similar to when somebody finds out they were a famous person in a past life. That ego that attaches to it can attach to you. And that can get in the way of you experiencing who you are right here, right now.

Now that said, you are all multi-dimensional beings. And you all created multiple realities, and the ones you are creating go beyond planet Earth. And so, can your oversoul have projections of consciousness, or have had projections of consciousness in other star systems and on other planets? Absolutely, yes. And there is a galactic heritage for humanity.

Is A Starseed Origin Possible?

And there are certain groups of beings you can label as coming from different star systems are part of that human galactic heritage. Now, not speaking it from a scientific perspective, or maybe a little bit, many people believe you have some of your DNA from that galactic heritage. And that you contain portions of Palladian or Syrian or other types of DNA within you. There are many people who believe that those groups of galactic travelers, some time back in history, have carried out some genetic engineering on our species.

And there is a little bit of evidence for that. We have one prop chromosome less than our cousins, the apes, and chimpanzees. And one chromosome, chromosome number two, appears to be a fusion between two chromosomes, which would match them, so that’s interesting.

Psychic Readings And Starseed Originslearn the answer to the question what starseed am I


Group One

As a psychic reader, I receive many requests concerning questions about the Starseed origin of individuals. These fall into specific groups. One group, and the most common, is those that ask the question, “What Starseed am I?”

So there is this idea that you have this galactic origin, and many of you would agree with it. There are legends and also channeled information that concurs with this concept. They speak to how this sector of the Milky Way galaxy was populated. And part of that story includes the constellation of Lyra and a movement of beings from there to other star systems, such as Vega, Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, and then to planet Earth. So that is this galactic lineage that most Earthlings can claim.

And so that is your lineage as a human being if this is something that you choose to believe in, and your soul has incarnated in these places. You may have had a particular concentration of experience associated with the Pleiades or with Sirius. And as you open up to my multi-dimensional being, you start to become aware of those influences. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a Syrian or Palladian now. But it does mean that you have this as part of your galactic lineage and ancestry.

This is one definition of Starseed origins, your galactic ancestry from other than Earth. And you could say these galactic origins pertain to every human being on this planet. So where are you all from? You are all emanations of Divine Source energy. And you are from that origin of your own divine soul.

Group Two

The second group seeking my help is those who have had a personal encounter. And these encounters tend to be nonphysical. However, some people have physically been abducted. However, the more common ones are those where extraterrestrial beings communicate with them. And so they come and recount an experience and are looking for answers to questions such as, What does it mean? Is it real? Am I going mad?

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Particular groups of extraterrestrials are very interested in you and reaching out a helping hand to you, especially the ones from your galactic lineage. In a way, they consider you to be family.

Groups Three And Four

And my favorite reading concerning alien contact is when people ask me to connect with an individual or group of extraterrestrials and find out who’s been visiting them. But I’ve also had people who have abduction experiences that have traumatized them. Some, you know, from many years ago, and they’ve been living with that trauma. And so, on the whole, most of what I’ve encountered in my practice is really positive.

But on the odd occasion, somebody has had an experience that’s genuinely not very positive. And if you think about all the people on this earth, you have some very benevolent beings and some at the other end of the scale. So it is possible to encounter some non-worldly visitors that may be less friendly. But most of the time, the experiences you hear about are more favorable.

The fourth type of person I encounter is someone who asks, “Can you help me do some channeling? Can you help me channel some galactic beings?” More people are having increased communication with extraterrestrials and talking about it. I have one friend who can trace a galactic connection back through her human family line. channeling aliens

Some individuals I have encountered have a connection with specific groups of extraterrestrials, where their Starseed origins and genetic lineage are important to both.

More and more people are recounting their direct experiences. If you polled the general population and asked how many people think they’ve seen a UFO at some point in their lives or had some kind of encounter, you think it would be a pretty high number.

Thirty-six percent of Americans, about 80 million people, believe UFOs exist, and a tenth believes they have spotted one, a new National Geographic poll shows.” quoted from the ABC News website.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are Your Starseed Origins | How To Find Your Starseed Origin, and hear actual experiences of alien communication through a channeling session with Dr. Lesley.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Are Your Starseed Origins | How To Find Your Starseed Origin:

  • CK – Do you think Hollywood and the media have given alien beings some bad press?
  • CK – What is the definition of Starseed?
  • Brian – I wonder if these increased sightings directly result from people’s higher vibrational frequencies, like the old “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Is humanity ready for that type of connection? Thank you for all your questions and input.
  • Cole – Dr. Lesley, there is an old building near me. The place is empty, but there is a high vibrational energy present. It seems to be a portal, and I’ve sensed beings/entities within. It’s a most welcoming energy. There’s a sense that time and space don’t exist within this space as in the outside world. I know it sounds strange, but could you tune into this building/portal and tell me more about the beings/entities that use it? Is it spiritual in nature or ETs? I’d love to know more If they’re willing to share with you since I feel it’s a higher intelligence.
  • Brian – Thank you, Dr. Lesley. It is very exciting. I’m very drawn to it and curious about it. I got photos and videos of the place, and something recharged my batteries on the camera! I was down by half, and it went back up to 3/4 full, and they’re not rechargeable batteries!
  • Lorraine – Are these beings from our galaxies or other ones?
  • Denise – I had a Vision of ghostly aliens circulating around walls in a room with a window. What was this?
  • Brian – This was a great topic/conversation Dr. Lesley & Corry, and a lot of fun.
  • Omyda – I once had an astrologer tell me I have “alien” energy and am recently from another planet. Is that true?

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