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December 27, 2022

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Christmas? UYT358

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What Is The Main Purpose Of Christmas, For You?

Season’s greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone. At this time of the year, the spiritual meaning of Christmas is a great topic to discuss. So, what do you think about during the holiday season? In your mind or heart, what is the importance of Christmas?

What Is The True Meaning Of Christmasdiscover the secret of the spiritual meaning of christmas

Most of you like Christmas, Christmas carols, lavish treats, Christmas cards, presents under the tree, and, of course, there’s the goodwill to men. But Christmas used to be different. People had a different vibration on Christmas. If you genuinely look at it, it’s not the same as when you were younger. Of course, there’s still that feeling of family and camaraderie. But you go into stores now, and only a few people wish you a Season’s Greetings, let alone a Merry Christmas.

Many of you probably share those sentiments. For some, Christmas is still about family, or it used to be about family. And it’s about those fond memories of having a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day with your family and your extended family. And for other people, it’s about partying and going shopping.

What Is The Message Of Christmas?

Obviously, there’s another dimension to the Christmas story. And for many people, the importance of Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. But what those people think about the birth of Jesus revolves around goodwill toward men. It reminds you to treat people from a place of kindness and love. However, there is more to it.

How many of you realize that the Christmas story is, in actuality, a profound spiritual teaching? So much of the Bible is written in metaphors. The same is true for this joyous season. It’s written with a surface level akin to a history of Christmas. The story of the Virgin Mary on a donkey going to Bethlehem and giving birth in a stable is a lovely story. But there’s a deeper meaning to the Christmas story that is contained within the symbols of that tale.

Right. And, like many of the Bible’s tales, they were written on multiple levels. So depending on how you see the world, you can read different levels of information. So the Christmas story is precisely like that. The idea is for the spiritual initiate, someone in a more awakened state, to glean the hidden meaning beyond the literal story.

The Deeper Meaning Of The Christmas Story, true meaning of christmas

What is Christmas in the Bible? So, let’s look at and decode the Christmas story from an esoteric metaphysical perspective.

So let’s start with the star in the sky that came from the east. It was followed by the Magi. It was an allegory of the birth of Christ. In the biblical tale, it is a symbol of spiritual consciousness. And that is who and what we are. We are pure Spirit, pure light, like the star.

The beasts in the stable in the Christmas story are actually symbols of the flesh, the physical world, and the physical body. So we have a symbol of consciousness of pure Spirit and a symbol of the physical body.

You are not your body but Spirit. You created a physical body to have worldly experiences through. And so your consciousness descends into that physical body. And, what the virgin birth in the Christmas story is really about is Spirit entering the physical realm, Spirit entering the physical body.

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The animals in the stable in the Christmas story also represent the animalistic aspects of being in a body. Certain qualities of having a body don’t exist when you are pure Spirit. Qualities such as emotions, sexuality, and the ego. And so the Christmas story’s animals portray all those animalistic aspects. They also give you information about some of the challenges you encounter as spiritual beings when you enter the physical.

Now being born in a stable or a cave represents humility. This is a teaching for everyone. You are allmanger or stable meaning Spirit and can become enlightened. It doesn’t matter whether you’re born a king or born in a stable. And the baby is a symbol of human potential to become a realized human being.

The ego must be overcome for the Christ consciousness to reign. Spirit must master the physical body and these aspects to transform into an awakened and conscious human.

Another symbol in the Christmas story is the shepherds. So the shepherds are multi-dimensional in spiritual teachings. On one level, the shepherds are Spirit watching over the physical body just as the shepherds watch over the sheep. On another level, they symbolize teachers, spiritual teachers watching over their initiates as they become awakened.

And, they were teachers who were welcoming another teacher into the world. And, of course, Jesus was called the Lamb of God. He was considered a great teacher, as well as a sacrificial lamb. He is sacrificing the flesh for Spirit to prevail. He was to suffer the challenges of the flesh and the ego to be reborn as a Christ. The Christmas story tells you how you can become enlightened and Christlike.

Another symbol is the manger where Christ is born. This is about how to place your consciousness within your physical body, in the seat of the soul. This is the center of your head and the center of your third eye or your sixth chakra. A bone in the center of the head surrounds the pineal gland that looks just like a manger. And the pineal gland is where you can see your consciousness in the body and be awake and aware as Spirit operating consciously through your body.

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The pineal gland is a gland that reflects light. It’s the center of your sixth chakra. It contains your information on your Clairvoyance, your ability to see clearly as Spirit. In addition, it contains the details of your ability to be neutral, nonjudgmental, and above the physical body’s aspects, like the ego, emotions, and sexuality.

And, of course, light is what you are. Like the starlight, you are the light of the world. So if you place your consciousness in the center of your head, in this place symbolized by the manger, you can stimulate and activate your Clairvoyance.

As for the three kings, the three wise men, they can be considered spiritual initiates. They were strong astrologers that predicted the coming of a great teacher. They were also people on the path to awakening. They were wise men. They were conscious of the knowledge of not only his birth but of the concept of Christ consciousness itself. They were wise men and the gifts that they brought also had symbolic meaning.

The Gifts Of The Wisemenwhat is the message of christmas

Gold symbolizes enlightenment. It symbolizes the divinity within and Christ consciousness. So there is a vibrant, high vibrational frequency that Christ helped birth into this world. It’s a gold vibration, a gold vibration of light.

Frankincense is a symbol of transformation. It is a form of incense that is extracted from a tree. As a resin, it is in liquid form. When you light it in solid form, it changes from that solid form into smoke. So it’s a symbol of purification and purity. It also symbolizes transformation and alchemy, changing a substance from one form to another. And the whole process of enlightenment is transformational. So this is similar to an alchemical process.

It’s a process where you heal yourself, and healing is change and transformation.

Myrrh was an embalming spice. Actually, it was an oil used to anoint dead bodies, representing the ego’s death. It also represents aspects of the ego, such as bitterness and suffering. Myrrh is also a symbol of overcoming challenges.

Yeah. Because the symbolism is about overcoming challenges such as pain.

Why Is Christmas Important To Christians?

Regardless of your religion or creed, Christian or non-Christian, all of these metaphors can be applied to your life. You don’t have to follow Jesus Christ to take from the story. Jesus was a great teacher for the planet, like all the other great teachers, such as Muhammad or Buddha.

It is Christmas, and for Christians, it has a deep meaning. But what was said about the Bible Christmas stories, having hidden deeper meaning, holds true for all the great spiritual texts. There is a deeper meaning within all of them. And some of them have very similar origins and stories to the Bible.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth episode What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Christmas, and see a different aspect of the Christmas Story.

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