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March 8, 2022

Psychic Signs And Answers To Your Questions With Dr. Lesley UYT321

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Real-Life Psychic Readings

Most of you have received psychic signs that you just could not interpret. Or maybe you didn’t recognize them as such. Either way, these messages are coming from an extraordinary psychic source, your true Spirit nature. These are a variety of psychic abilities that you came into this life with. Some of them may have gone dormant. Some may still be active but slightly muted, with you not recognizing them for what they are, messages to help you in your life.

So what do you do when you are puzzled by these life questions and have unusual inklings of the psychic variety? The answer is simple. Find a professional who can give you a psychic reading. This will clarify the message or psychic signs and reveal how they can affect your life for the better.

Psychic Signs And Answers To Your Questions With Dr. Lesley

Psychic Answers To Life’s Challenges

Tonight on her radio show, Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley Phillips, she will be giving her listeners short psychic readings. She is dedicating the entire show to doing readings for our live listeners and answering some of their most profound questions live on air. Also, Dr. Lesley will begin the show with a very short meditation to activate a potent, strong, and grounded energy.

This is a technique, a way of coping with challenges in your reality. It brings you into your body so that you can be in charge. And it gives you a way of releasing and letting go of your pain. It also sets the stage to open up to your spiritual essence and connect to your higher good.

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She also presents one more technique before the readings begin. And that is to place your conscious awareness in the center of your head. If you place your conscious awareness in the center of your head, and you are invited to do that right now, then it will do a couple of things. One, it will stimulate youone of the psychic abilities is clairvoyance, so you can start to tap into your own intuition.

But number two, it will allow you to be neutral so that you can be in the eye of the storm. So again, if you’re in a challenging situation, if you’re suffering in any way, then you can place your consciousness here in the center of your head. And you can be clear, you can be neutral, you can be above the emotions and apart from the negative mental energies.

So again, you are invited to all take another moment settling there. Settling in the center of your head and releasing energy down your grounding. And this also helps you create a safe space for everyone to participate. A grounded space is a safe space. A grounded group is a safe group. And so, let your presence be a healing presence by remaining grounded throughout the readings. And also by remaining centered. And in that way, you can receive the information from a neutral position.

And you can also measure what comes up against your own intuitive insight. So once again, be in the center of your head and be releasing energy down your grounding. The other thing that grounding does is make you strong. Because it helps you be in charge of your energy and in charge of your reality. So, now that you’re grounded and centered, open your eyes, and the readings begin.

Free Guided Meditation

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General Psychic Readings Psychic Signs Interpretations

Veslava Question About Sleep Issues

“Sleeping is a problem for me. Would you say it is my chronic issue, or is it congruent with the collective astrological disturbances? Thank you.”

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

“I’d be happy to look at that for you. I will say that there definitely are collective disturbances, to an enormous degree. These disturbances are one of the reasons why I had us all ground and center at the beginning of the show.

I think that world polarization is getting more acute. And people are being faced with their most profound disturbances and challenges. They are being invited to make a choice to heal or not. Whether to stand in the light or not to stand in the light. So there is a lot of disturbance in the collective human consciousness because of this indecision. You see that reflected in some of the things going on in the world right now. But now, let’s look at this for you specifically. So give me a moment, and I’ll tune in to you.

Oh, I see a lot of activity in your head. So I think part of it might be that you think a lot that keeps you active. And it looks like problem-solving. So that you’re in the zone of problem-solving, you know, asking yourself, “What can I do about this? And what can I do about that?” the human soul is energy

Also, you are thinking about problem-solving. Problem-solving as it comes to the collective consciousness. Thoughts like “my goodness, look at all of this. And, I hope it turns out all right, and what, what can we do, and what can I do?” So, I’m just saying it’s hard for you to turn off your mind. So it’s a combination of what you’ve called your chronic issue. But mainly, it is the human consciousness energy that is permeating your reality right now.

So what can you do about it? If you can do what we did at the beginning and ground and center, that might separate you from your busy mind. And you could also imagine yourself in a calming blue light or any other vibration that you find particularly soothing and calming. You can even put yourself into a sleep chamber that’s filled with that calming, soothing vibration. So I recommend you try that. And good luck when you go to sleep tonight.”

SG’s Question About Career

“I enrolled in a free medical coding program last year. I want to go back soon. However, I wonder if this is a good school for me to stay with or if I should look for another coding program? Although this one doesn’t have financial aid? I can’t afford it. However, should I look for a different school with aid?

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

“Pursuing the idea of coding looks good. And the school that you’re already enrolled in versus another school.

Well, it looks like there are better schools. But if your concern is about how much it costs, I think that you’ll find the one you’re enrolled in is probably a good choice because you can afford it.

Yeah, I see that there are better schools. But that’s whether there’s the whole combination of things you’re looking for. I think sticking with the one that you’re enrolled in looks fine.”

Telling The Future In A Psychic Readingclairvoyant energy is used in readings

Many people want answers to future time questions. So when the topic of psychics or prophetic readings comes up, many people get excited. They all want to know what is going to happen. However, there is an issue with this type of reading. It can program your future. You can actually give up control of your life in a way.

Here is an example. Suppose you go to a psychic who tells you that you will fall to your death in an elevator. What would this cause you to do” How would this alter your life? Most people would avoid elevators most fervently. So, in essence, your future has been altered by another person.

The explanation in a more spiritual energy sense is that you create your reality by the energy that you are now. So an answer to a future time question is matched to this energy you are now. So if you change your energy tomorrow, the answer might change. And that’s good news because it puts you in the driver’s seat of your reality.

Edgar Casey once stated that a prophet’s message is not a certainty. It is just what could happen if you do not alter your course. True Prophets do not give you a message because this will happen. They do so that you can have the opportunity to change your direction and change your energy in the now.

This is how a good psychic reader will advise you. They will guide you in changing your current energy and vibrations to attract what you actually want. Accordingly, this is the way The Law Of Attraction works.

Ligia’s Question About Her Job

“Hi, there! My job is chaotic right now. I applied for a new job. Do you see me getting this job?”

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

“Do you see yourself moving from chaos to something that feels clearer? I don’t know if this job is it. What I see you doing is almost like changing direction by about 90 degrees. So you’re headed in that direction, it’s all chaotic, and then you turn 90 degrees, and the energy feels better. So I mean, whether that’s a job that’s a bit different, but a bit related. I don’t know if the job you’ve applied for is a bit different or related. But, to me, it looks like the idea of making a change like that is not positive, unlikely to happen. And so if it isn’t this job, it could be another job, but change looks good to me.”

Andarini’s Question Abot you don't need a genie to manifesting financial abundance

“Am I on the right path to creating my abundance?”

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

“Okay, let’s take a look. Well, I want to say the short answer is yes. But we’ll give you a slightly longer answer. Because here’s the long and short of it. So, of course, you’re on the right path to creating your abundance. And there’s no other path that you can be on.

You can be out of alignment with your path or in alignment. So I see that you’re in alignment. But it’s almost like you’ve got a choice for that to happen faster or slower. So it all depends on you. And so, let’s take a look at what’s affecting this.

One thing affecting it is how much you believe in yourself versus how much you doubt or don’t believe in yourself. The more you believe in yourself, the faster you become an attraction point for abundance. The other relates to listening to your own higher being, your own intuition.

Because I see that your intuition from your higher self has good guidance for you, but you are not always listening to it. So sometimes, you get distracted and bogged down in your intellect and weigh the pros and cons of things. This results in you feeling like you’re perhaps in a stuck or untenable situation when all you have to do is tune in to your own higher guidance. It’s always there for you. So I see. The short answer to your abundance question is yes. And the long answer is the more you believe in yourself, the more you connect with your own higher guidance, and the easier that path becomes. I hope that helps.”

Bianca’s Question About Modalities Of Opening Her Spiritual Gifts

“Are there any particular modalities that I should explore to open my spiritual gifts? Or do you see anything around what those might be?”

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

Well, often, when people talk about modalities, they’re talking about healing modalities. And I just think of a modality as a method, technique, protocol, or process. So if you’re looking to open your spiritual gifts, let’s take a look at what comes up.psychic abilities and how to develop them

Your spiritual gifts are part of who you are. And so the more that you are keeping your energy clearer, the more that you can connect with your own higher being and tune into your intuition, then the more that you can be in touch with your gifts. So now, let’s see if anything comes up about a particular modality.

But actually, this isn’t a modality, but it is sort of a tool or a technique I’m seeing in journaling. I’ve seen journaling coming up as an idea for you to have a conversation with your highest self. So, you know, I’ll see if anything else comes up as a cool way for you to get in touch with your own higher guidance.

To me, it does look like you’re potentially interested in healing because you’re showing me this idea of looking at your hands. And you are feeling cut off from your hands. So it’s either healing or the ability to create. It’s sort of like you are believing, ‘I don’t know how to connect my higher being with what I’m creating or what’s coming through me.’ And so meditation and journaling really can help you. So we’re not coming up with go learn this modality or go and learn that modality. What’s coming up is to tune into yourself. Tune into your higher being and clear out what’s in the in-between.”

Intuition Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Abilities Blueprint

Brian’s Question On Creating Energetic Balance

“I wonder if you could tell me what is going on energetically within my body. It feels as if the energy is unbalanced. One side of my body feels as if it’s energized or overstimulated. It feels almost like excitement. I’m not sure what’s causing it.”

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

“That’s an interesting question. Yeah, and I see a difference on one side versus the other. And I think you’re looking at your male-female energy balance. We all have male and female energy within us. And so if we’re in a male body, we’ve still got female energy. If we’re in a female body, we still got male energy. We have both. It’s part of the duality in Eastern philosophy. It’s called Yin and Yang, right? So I’m seeing that one is sort of powerfully stimulated, and the other is almost dormant or asleep.

And so I want to say sometimes I get kind of reversed when I’m looking at somebody. So it looks like the female energy that’s excited and switched on, and the male energy that isn’t. But my intellect is questioning that because I would think that, you know, the male energy is more active, and the female energy is more receptive. what are the differences between male and female energies

I’m going to give you a little quick healing on the side that’s inactive just to see what happens. But it looks like there is very depressing energy over it; very depressed, closed, and invalidated. So the short answer is your male-female energy balance. And your male energy, for some reason, is feeling very invalid and put down. So it reminds me in a big-picture way of what’s going on on the planet. It is kind of like the end of patriarchy, isn’t it?

And so, we’re rebalancing the male and female energy of the planet within the species. And so, you know, there is a lot of invalidation regarding the male energy at the moment, as that rebalancing is taking place. It’s sort of like a seesaw. So that, to rebalance, the energy goes a bit over to one side and then needs to come back.

So it just feels like somehow you’re polarity within yourself of what has permission and what doesn’t have permission to run is coming up. And there’s something to do with your male energy that somehow feels unaccepted or unacceptable. And so it’s all toned down. So it looks like some healing work on your male energy vibration would help. So I hope that helps for now.”

Katie’s Question On Work And Manifesting

“I have been working on manifesting work life balance and being happy with my job again. Some upcoming changes at work are unclear and out of my control. I have chosen to go with the flow and not stress about it. I hope this is part of the process of manifesting. Can you please tell me about my career outlook for this year?”

Dr. Lesley’s Psychic Reading

“Okay, that’s a future time question as well. And youthoughts become things through manifestation.” So your reality isn’t something that happens to you, or that’s done to you. It’s created by you. So the answer to that question is read based on what you are putting out right now. Because you’re going to get right back what you’re putting out, really, but we’ll take a look.

Some changes are happening that are outside of your control. So what comes up to say is that when one door shuts, another door opens. So I do see a door being shut. And I don’t know that it’s necessarily losing your job. But it might be part of what you’ve been doing is changes. But I do see that there is a path forward for you.

And it looks like it might feel for a little while like a path in the wilderness. But that it is leading to something that will feel more. I know, permanent, tangible, solid, and aligned. So yeah, the cogs are turning. And there’s lots of shifting going on for people. And so just seeing that, in a way. We’re all a little bit in quicksand at the moment as the planet shifts, and we are rearranging ourselves.

I’m just seeing that that’s part of what’s going on pretty much for everyone right now. But it looks to me that it would turn out alright in the end for you. But as I said, you create your own reality. So it is ultimately down to you.”

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Psychic Signs And Answers To Your Questions With Dr. Lesley, and you can find more personalized psychic readings on the podcast recording.

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Here is the remainder of the questions from listeners during the broadcast of Psychic Signs And Answers To Your Questions With Dr. Lesley:

  • Maya
    Hi Lesley, I received a psychic reading from you a few years ago. The one thing that I remember most till today is that my solar plexus chakra is blocked. Therefore, the men I tend to meet are either financially broke. Or physically not well? I’m wondering if my chakra in this part is healed by now, thanks.
  • Shane
    I’ve been going through a significant career change in the last 6 months. I have been trying for a job I really wanted for a long time. Finally, I got into the company. But not the position I am trained for, but I want to get back in for the position that I am technically certified in. Will it happen or with a similar company? I did resign from that company recently.
  • Shelby
    What direction should I take to get a career that helps pay the bills that are in alignment with my special gifts
  • Kokiri
    how can I be a more clear channel for the divine and fully realize my divine gifts?
  • LR
    I don’t know if you connect with people who have passed away. But I asked my grandfather to send me a specific sign letting me know he is with me. Do you think that he heard me?
  • Susan
    Would you give me insight into if I should be doing more to have my goals realized? But my mom is on a spiritual journey as well. So she may be the other energy.
  • Romero
    I always wondered if I had a past life. Can you provide insight?
  • Wies
    Could you reflect on young people who suffer from eating disorders? For example, do you think bulimia seems very difficult to treat? Can bulimia be treated with spiritual tools, especially when one is young and doesn’t remember their own trauma?

These have been answered in the actual recording but have not been included here in the article.

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