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January 31, 2023

7 Common Blocks That Can Affect Your Psychic Senses & Intuition

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Are Your Psychic Powers Being Blocked?

In our Q&A session today, we are discussing your psychic senses. We will examine how taking a course or working with a psychic advisor can help you advance your psychic development.

I’m Dr. Lesley Phillips, and my passion is teaching people to access their intuition. I’ve been doing this myself for a long time, most of my life. But formally, I’ve been teaching intuition for over 20 years. In addition, I’ve written a psychic abilities book about it, Intuition And Chakras, which provides everything you need to assist you in safely developing your unique profile of psychic abilities. You will also find various psychic development courses on my website. These have successfully helped people worldwide awaken and advance their psychic senses.

Do I Have Psychic Abilities?learn about your psychic powers list

Many of you may be unsure if you have psychic abilities. On the other hand, some of you may feel you do have some form of psychic power. Everybody has psychic abilities, and you started your life journey with 22 different psychic gifts. You may call them different things in your language. There are all kinds of different names for psychic ability, intuition, mediumship, clairvoyance, remote viewing, extrasensory perception (ESP), and many more.

What Are Psychic Abilities?

Many people do not fully understand the difference between the different psychic senses. And that’s the human mind which likes to categorize things. Your intuition, your psychic abilities. Are how you communicate with your higher self, Spirit.

What does this mean? In the world, you communicate with your five physical senses. You can see the world around you and hear what people say. You can feel, smell, and taste things. This is the sensory system that helps you navigate physical reality.

You also have a sensory system that helps you navigate nonphysical reality. And that is what your psychic senses achieve. They are how you communicate and tune in to different energy frequencies, allowing you to connect and communicate as Spirit.

What Is Psychic Energy?

You are not your body. You are Spirit and consciousness, an aspect of divine consciousness. And as such, you’ve decided to experience yourself in physical form, in the setting of physical reality. And what happens is you come into the physical reality setting, and you are all born with these fantastic gifts. These psychic senses come with you from the nonphysical realm into the physical realm. But then you need to orient to your physical reality. So, a shift happens.

You change your attention from being tuned into the nonphysical and get used to being in a body. Then, you begin using your brain and other physical senses to navigate this time and space reality experience that you are having in the physical world.

Why Do I Lose My Psychically Sensitive Nature?learn how to develop psychic abilities

And partly because of that shift of senses, you deemphasize your intuitive senses and focus on emphasizing your physical, sensory apparatus. Much of this is an automatic experience. But it is also partly from the cultural programming that you receive.

Some cultures might validate these psychic gifts, yet many cultures don’t. And so you can be born into a family and a culture that doesn’t believe that psychic senses and powers exist. Or if they believe it exists, they may believe it’s evil or some other collection of negative concepts about it.

And so there can be various reasons you lost touch with your intuitive gifts. They may not be validated. For example, you had an invisible friend when you were a child. And the adults will say, Oh, it’s your imagination, or you will grow out of it. Isn’t that cute? Isn’t that funny? Or you were a little know-it-all, and you knew all sorts of things and were put down for it. And so you learn that you’re not validated for your intuition. But you are validated for your intellect. You are validated for certain things that society, culture, and your family rate as necessary.

So it’s prevalent that we need to reclaim these gifts. And it’s widespread in your timeframe. You wake up in middle age and recognize that you have psychic abilities. And then you need to deprogram all of that forced learning.

In the time I’ve been teaching about this, I’ve learned that there are certain things that I call the common intuition blocks or beliefs that you may share with most people. And then there are certain things that one might say are specific to you.

Common Blocks To Psychic Abilities

Let’s look at some of the common ones. And these standard intuition blocks are one of the levels of information that you can work through in the Unlock Your Intuition course.

Overcome 7 Blocks to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Learn To Unblock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

I invite you to see which ones you resonate with. And it would be shocking if you don’t resonate with 1 or more of these seven blocks.

This is the wheel of psychic blocks. And it represents the seven common blocks to you accessing your intuition and the pathway to transcending or overcoming those blocks. Developing your intuition or your psychic abilities is a joy pathway. It’s not just about learning how to be psychic. It’s also about healing yourself. And if you focus on healing yourself, your psychic abilities will naturally emerge. On the other hand, it is more or less a real struggle if you focus solely on developing your psychic abilities without healing yourself first.The 7 Blocks to Intuition and 7 steps to overcome your intuition blocks

The 7 Blocks To Developing Your Psychic Senses.

So, here are the seven blocks.

    • A Busy Life –You know, I’m so busy, I have all these responsibilities, I have all these people rely on me, I’ve got a busy job, I’ve got family, I’ve got children,” and so on. And another way of saying that is I have no time for myself. And to develop your intuition, you need time for yourself. So it would help if you had time to focus on it. And the way through this block is through meditation. At least, that’s a way to train yourself to recognize it. So you need to set some time aside for daily practice.
    • Monkey Mind – There is a quote from the Buddha where he described the human mind as “being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly.” We all have monkey minds, Buddha said, with dozens of monkeys all clamoring for attention. And you all recognize that mind chatter at times. Your mind won’t stop thinking, on and on. And it can get so distracting.
      • Those thoughts are not your intuition. And this is another thing people need clarification on. They think well, it must be my intuition. It’s not. Your thoughts, and especially your monkey mind, are not your intuition.
      • It’s part of the brain, which is part of what the human body does. And how do you get out of that? To access your intuition, you need to quiet the monkey mind. It will help if you tune away from physical distractions. Meditation is a great way to quiet your mind.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding and Centering
  • Emotional Overwhelm – This is the classic Empath. They can’t go to the supermarket because they feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and energy. And you know, and you’ve all experienced overwhelming emotions such as fear, panic, or anger. This emotional overwhelm can cause you to lose control of yourself. You can learn to become the neutral observer and rise above the emotions.
  • Uphill Struggle – This is related to the effort that you can get into. As a body, everything you do requires effort. Talking requires effort. Lifting your pen takes some energy. And so, because you are used to operating from a body level, you try to approach your spiritual development from a body level. And it doesn’t work. Everything we do as a body takes effort. Nothing we do, as Spirit, takes any effort whatsoever.
    • So if you’re in the struggle of effort, that’s a sure sign that you are trying to access your intuition through the body levels. And it won’t work. Intuition and psychic abilities are naturally part of your higher consciousness.
  • Judging Ego – There are many words for this. But you tend to judge yourselves, criticize others, and compare yourselves to others. You become competitive with others and yourselves, and you expect perfection. You don’t live up to your own sense of perfection. And then you invalidate yourselves. Anytime you are in any form of judgment, competition, or perfectionism, you are not accepting. You do not clearly see reality.
    • So the next step you need to take is to be in a state of acceptance, neutral acceptance. Observe yourselves, your reality, and other people from a nonjudgmental perspective. That allows you to see what it is because it’s the human putting on the filter of judgments and criticism. And it is an essential concept if you’re developing your intuition. Because if you want to give people a psychic reading, it will be biased if you’re judging them. It would be best if you read from Spirit with a neutral perspective.
  • Scaredy Cat Fear – People get afraid of so many things. You can become afraid of what you will or won’t see. “Maybe I won’t see anything. Maybe I’ll be rubbish at this. I’m afraid of that. Or maybe I’ll see something I don’t want to know about people or something frightening. Maybe I’ll have a premonition. Maybe I’m responsible if I see something or find something out intuitively; do I have to tell that person immediately? Am I responsible for it? Will people ridicule me because I see things or I hear things? Will they say I’ve gone crazy? Will I lose my relationships because other people are judging me? Will I be punished?” reduce the effects of fear using intuition
  • So fear can be a big one. And so what are you afraid of? What frightens you about your intuition? It can be fear of your own power and your own capability level. It can be fear of change because if you open your intuition, you may discover things about yourself and your life.
  • You may find out who you are and what you want to do. Then you are going to have to change. You are going to have to let go of some things. You may need to let go of some relationships. That’s really scary.
  • Analyzer – When you think, your intellect takes over and tends to doubt your intuition. So you will instantaneously get the intuition coming in. Then you will doubt it with your intellect. And as soon as you start doing that, you lose, dilute, and invalidate it. So you need to know the difference between intellect and intuition. So let go of doubt and trust your intuition.

If you can shift all these seven blocks within yourself, you will make a decisive step toward your intuition. And, of course, now that you know what your intuition is, you are clear now, and the next step is to actually follow it.

Here are some questions and comments from listeners during this Q&A Session, 7 Common Blocks That Can Affect Your Psychic Senses & Intuition. To hear more questions and responses, please listen to the podcast:

    • Anon – Hi, Lesley. I just came to say hi. We go back 12 years, and I’ve known you to be very intuitive. So as I was listening, I found a word for psychic because I thought the because I was not comfortable using the term psychic. And so I thought, it’s a guidance system.
    • Tracy – So I have five out of those seven. And I’ve been doing your courses for a while, so I’m working on it. But I’m really interested in the Claircognizance course. I want to improve my clear-knowing. So are there any helpful hints? I think I will eventually take the course. When are you running it? And I know I can do the self-study. But what are some things that I can do to improve that?
    • Jacqueline – I am looking for insight into my main abilities and current blocks.
    • Misty – How do you move to the next level of your abilities? Do you stay in classes? Or what’s your suggestion to keep growing your abilities?
    • Harpreet – I’m at a point where many things are coming to the surface on my healing journey. And then I don’t have any problem like I’m centered, and I’m in the state flow. Everything makes sense. And I know that I’m connected to the source. And I don’t need to do anything. I don’t need to make any effort or anything like that. I’m in the flow. And everything works out perfectly as it should. And I don’t have any expectations or anything. But since all these things are difficult. Emotions are coming up to the surface. I don’t know, like, how I can be present. How I can go deep into my meditation. Because it’s hard for me to be present with all these difficult emotions and pain, specifically in my chest, it’s much better now. But the last two weeks, the last two months, have been harsh. And I told you yesterday during that session. So that’s what I’m having difficulty with, like being present and staying in touch with what’s real.
    • Michelle – I have a couple of questions. So, I’ve already had a Psychic Ability Blueprint done. So, you’ve already done a blueprint where you evaluated or rated all of my psychic abilities. And I was wondering, should I get a second one done to reevaluate myself? And if my Clairaudience went up, does that help with any of the other techniques on the blueprint? Or any of the other abilities on the blueprint?

Psychic Ability Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Ability Blueprint
  • Laura – I had questions about the buddy system and the private Facebook group. What are those both about on how they work? Um,
  • Kathy – I haven’t had a chance until today to get on. And then some of questions that were asked, I had similar ones. And I have two out of the seven blocks, I realized. I have more than I thought. And I do meditate every day. And it’s not just once a day. I do a shorter version before I even have my coffee first thing in the morning. And then later in the afternoon, I’m due for that. My body is attuned to that now. So it’s like meditation time. But regarding emotional overwhelm, I realized even though I don’t feel like I have a busy life, thinking about it, I do. I do have a busy life. So, that is at the top of my list right now. Right? Monkey Mind, of course. I feel like it’s never going away.

Psychic Abilities Q&A Periodlearn how to develop psychic powers and psychic senses with me

On the third Thursday of each month, Dr. Lesley hosts an open office call on Zoom.

It’s a complimentary 60-minute group coaching call at 1 pm Pacific Time (time may be subject to change, so please register at the link below).

The call is so that you can ask me about your intuition blocks and psychic abilities and discover if you qualify and are a fit for my Psychic Development Training Courses.

There are a few provisos:

  1. Questions will be answered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. This is NOT so you can get a free psychic reading from me.
  3. I will mention my School of Intuition and Psychic Training courses.

In return, you’ll learn from the answers to your questions and those of others.

Here is the registration link: https://drlesleyphillips.com/free-third-thursdays/

P.S. – It will be recorded, and the video clips on may be uploaded to YouTube and included in a Podcast.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

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