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January 30, 2024

What Is The Truth Behind The Many Popular Mythical Creatures UYT394

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Have You Encountered A Creature From The Mythical Creatures List?

You have heard of popular mythical creatures and places like Sasquatch and Stonehenge. And many of you have had your own personal experiences of some form of mythical creatures or mythical places. Not all experiences are created equal, though. Let’s examine some of these encounters. For the purpose of this podcast, the term mythical refers to mythical and legendary creatures that may or may not exist in our reality.

What Is The Truth Behind The Many Popular Mythical Creatures?

Types Of Mythical Creatures Encounters

These encounters with mythical creatures can fall into three categories. The first of these would be physical creatures. They seem to be physical creatures, still under the mythical creatures umbrella, that people say they have experienced with their physical eyes and physical senses. The next category would be nonphysical creatures. And then there’s something in between them: a semi-physical or an interdimensional type of being.

Physical Encounters With Legendary Mythical Creatures

So, the first type of encounter is physical in nature. And the name that’s commonly used for these types of creatures is cryptids. A cryptid is considered to be an animal that cryptozoologists consider to inhabit the wilderness, but science disputes their existence.

In examining a list of cryptids, the mythical creatures, it boils down to three possible kinds: air, land, and sea entities. So, there are rumors and sightings of mythical creatures from around the world.

Water-Based Mythical Creaturespopular mythical creatures such as the, loch ness monster

Being from the UK, the first example that stands out is different versions of the sea serpent, known as the Loch Ness Monster. But worldwide, there are different examples of lake monsters and people’s reports of sightings or beliefs about them. Here are just a handful:

  • Ogopogo in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Selma, which is what they call it in Norway.
  • Mokele-mbembe in the Congo.
  • Mamlambo in South Africa.
  • Cressie of Crescent Lake in Robert’s Arm, NL.

And many of the pictures taken or sketches people have drawn of them look similar. One theory is that these lake monsters could be a leftover from dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. So they look like the Plesiosaurs in people’s renditions of them.

And there’s more of them. So, stories and sightings of these mythical creatures and monsters exist worldwide.

Popular Mythical Creatures Of The Air

Of the flying creatures, a few more popular mythical creatures are the Moth Man and the Jersey Devil. Other mythical creatures going back to the days of King Arthur would be dragons and flying dragon-like creatures, mainly of the fire-breathing variety.

Legendary Creatures Of The Forestlegendary creatures such as bigfoot

And then there are the forest or wilderness-dwelling earth-based mythical beasts, which fall into two categories. First are the hominids, like us, like Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, and Yeti, or the Australian name for it is Yowie.

There are examples of these legendary creatures worldwide in different cultures. And then there’s a number of other ones that are like cats.

Of all those listed, the only one I have had personal experience with was a Sasquatch. I’ve definitely seen a Sasquatch. But I question whether it was in physical form or the form extra-dimensional beings take. Not necessarily occupying the same dimension as we are. Interdimensional creatures can bleed through into our dimension occasionally. People have said that they are one of the original hominids of the planet that evolved to be in a different phase or dimension.

So we were a form of hybrids, genetically engineered hybrids, the theory goes, and they are more like purebred Earth creatures. So I’ve seen one of them with my clairvoyant sight. I can validate that one from my own experience.

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Evidence Of Mythical Creatures In Real Life

People have stated that they found things like footprints and feces and heard calls they attribute to the Sasquatch and other mythical creatures from around the world. Those are some of the popular mythical creatures supposed to share the physical realm with us.

Non Physical Mythical Beings

The other realm is the nonphysical. These include the angelic kingdom, the devic realm, and maybe even what might be called the demonic realm. So, these are occupied with nonphysical beings. The angelic and demonic realms are occupied by forces of nature. These great mythical beings tend to be nonphysical but serve the physical realm. So, this is a separate evolutionary pathway from the physical realm.

They include everything from the great Archangels, who are more like the forces of nature. You can have an angel that looks after the magnetics of planets or the element of fire throughout the cosmos, down to a tiny devic creature who tends to flowers or a particular type of plant.

So, in some ways, we consider angels separate from what we call them. There are so many names for the occupants of the devic realm. There are fairies, elves, and brownies. One thing that they all have in common is they are nonphysical beings. And they relate to nature and the forces of nature. They tend to be guardians of different aspects of nature, whether that is a single plant, tree, volcano, waterfall, an entire planet, or even an entire solar system.

Mythical Placesatlantis and bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is related to some advanced technology from pre-Doluvian times that ended up under the ocean but is still active. You have all heard of the mythology of Atlantis going under the water and how there may have been an advanced society on Earth that pre-existed the written history of the planet and to which the explanations of the Bermuda Triangle are attributed.

The Mythical civilization possessed some technology that continues to function and create distortions. You can consider these to be dimensionality distortions or time-space reality distortions. But that is what is happening in that area.

There are so many stories of strange places around the world that offer unusual energies. Places like Stonehenge and other Stonehenge-type stone formations, the Pyramids, Aztec Temples, and many other locations around the globe.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Truth Behind The Many Popular Mythical Creatures, and hear about some strange creatures, places, and occurrences. To get the whole picture, listen to the podcast.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is The Truth Behind The Many Popular Mythical Creatures:

  • Brian – I am interested in hearing about the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Brian – There is a creature, some sort of dog man, referred to as the creature of the land between the lakes in KY, a cryptid like Bigfoot. One story is for a witness who watched it disappear; perhaps, as shifting between dimensions would explain why no one known has captured a sasquatch!
  • Denise – I have a theory. I’ve heard stories of encounters from my elders. I think these encounters are rare today because of the electrification and moving further away from the natural world.
  • Lea – Cressie of Crescent Lake is in Robert’s Arm, NL.
  • DG – Portals are interesting. I read that there is an Alaskan triangle. Please expand on these occurrences.
  • Chrissy – What about all the rich like Bill Gates? Why are they all building elaborate ectopic tunnels underground?
  • Davis – I live on a famous Buffalo kill site.
  • Zachary – In the Bermuda Triangle, I’ve heard of a giant crystal. And they used weather manipulation tech. Do you see a giant crystal?
  • Brian – I had an experience when I was younger, but I don’t know what it was. It looked like a giant snake coiled up relatively peacefully in a fenced-in area by our garage. It seemed dreamlike. I know I ran back and told my parents, and they immediately searched the area but found nothing. And there was nowhere for a snake or animal to go due to the area it was in and the time. It still seemed dreamlike. I’d love for you to look at that. I’ve always wondered about what I experienced. I still remember it so clearly!
  • Brian – I experienced a portal; you looked into it for me on the show a while back. It was a really cool experience, definitely high vibration!
  • Omyda – Can you speak on Centurs & Pterocentaur? (A Pterocentaur is like a centaur but with wings). I have a spirit guide who has shown up as a Pterocentaur, and I was curious about why they showed up in this form. In general, I’m curious about these.
  • Denise – Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. BC has an intense atmosphere. That’s why they film a lot there.
  • Denise – I had an experience with my sister right here in Maple Ridge many years ago. We were driving down Dewdney, turned off the road, and ended up in this deserted area. Almost like an abandoned factory. Felt like a strange place. We turned around to get out of there and encountered an older woman dressed in black. She extended her hand and reached out to the car. My sister drove away quickly. I turned around, concerned for the lady, and she had gone. A black cat was in her spot. We never saw that place again. Strangest experience.
  • Davis – I have a portal on my property, and I’d like to know how to close it. But I’ve been told it’s evil and cursed.
  • Denise – Many planes and people have gone missing over the years in the Bermuda Triangle. Just disappeared, never to be heard of again.
  • Goodall – One story of a marathon runner 200 feet from the end of the race was marked off before reaching the finish line. He turned around a bend and never reached the finish line.
  • Hernandez – I also once had a man I talked to in London disappear before me! I thought he was real until he vanished – it was surreal. I was in my early 20s at the time. I assume he was a highly evolved being taking form to talk to me for some reason. But I need to figure out what that was about. Either way, it was very cool!
  • BC – I believe the Navajo Indians have skinwalkers, shapeshifters, and in the Philippines, a creature called an Aswang I believe. These are supposedly shapeshifting humans or some sort of blend.
  • Collier – Do any of these creatures result from a timeline cross, as in the legend of King Arthur?
  • Cole – There is a creature like Nessie in a Michigan lake called Champ. More than one has been spotted. It is like a family.
  • Omyda – Is the North Pole and Santa Claus real? In my heart of hearts, I genuinely feel that the Santa Claus-style North Pole actually exists in another dimension! Thoughts?
  • OH – Speaking of energy deposits, can you look into the energy of Napa State Hospital? I work there, and I feel like there is a lot of wonky energy stuff going on there that affects the state of mind of the staff members energetically on mass levels. Curious about what you see there.
  • May – In one of my classes, there is talk of an Atlantean crystal that is leaching info from Atlantis in the form of fumes. If everything is happening now, there could be bleed-throughs.
  • Cole – If enough people believe in something, it can physically manifest like a Tulpa.

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