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June 23, 2020

What is the Connection Between Telekinesis and Poltergiests? UYT247

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Are Poltergeists And Other Ghostly Supernatural Phenomena Real?

Everyone has had the experience of encountering a poltergeist, or ghost as they are better known. Whether it is a personal encounter or that of a friend or family member, maybe it just sees a scary movie like the original horror blockbuster film Poltergeist (1982) blockbuster directed by Steven Spielberg with spinning heads and all.

What Is The Connection Between Telekinesis And Poltergeist?

This eerie topic was suggested by several of my listeners’ questions:

“J.S. – Maybe you can explain different types of poltergeists and spirits that can be felt? Good and bad. How can I search your podcasts to find if you have already made one? I have a question. Many times during my life, I have experienced poltergeists and evil spirits. I used to be terrified when I was young. A few years ago, I had 16 floods in 4 locations and two fires. One night I felt my bedroom filled with a crowd of loving spirits. I got their message and realized I would lose three loved ones, one after the other. Then there were two years of electrical interference in my home. I also sense angels and relatives. Here’s the thing. I feel protected now and live in high vibration. The electricity thing didn’t scare me because my Nanna was with me. Nothing is happening now, but many messages have uncovered past family truths that have been healing. What do you make of all this?

S.L.D. – I’m curious, what spirit sounds like a baby kitten? I had a Spirit in my apartment the other night, and it moved all around my apartment. If I opened the closet, it would go in and cry in there. If I opened the cupboard, it would go and cry in there. Is it a fairy?

H.P.L. – I woke in the night to see a boy hiding behind my door. I closed my eyes, and opened them again, and saw a little girl looking at me. I closed my eyes again, then opened them to see another younger girl. I closed my eyes again, opened them, and saw another older girl standing right in front of me staring at me. So four children, three looking at me. I sat up and woke up my husband, which took a little while, the whole time they were watching me. I told him there are kids in the room, and they’re not ours. What do I do? He went back to sleep without looking. I wish I spoke to them, but I was scared. I hid under my blanket. When I finally looked, they were gone. I think about them most days. I wish I spoke to them. Maybe they needed to communicate, and I didn’t help them? I worry about them.

R.D. -This is a family of victims killed in your area and want to move on but can not because these victims cases have not been solved in your area and then all that your help to find who did this to them all girls have the same person, but the boy has a different cold case person. Then I want you to solve two cold cases and get justice for them to move on and go to the other side.

H.P.L – That’s exactly what I thought. That’s why I worry about them so much. I’ve searched online for information about four siblings killed, with no luck, but now I’ll try three sisters and the boy separate. Thank you.

H. – I have woken to what seemed like someone punching my bed right in front of my face, it was loud & I could feel the breeze from it. I closed my eyes & then a bright light shone in my face for a couple of seconds. A few nights later, I felt like they were going to try & communicate again, I really didn’t want that, so I said out loud before bed, ‘ please don’t come to me tonight.’ They didn’t, but in the morning, my son said he was awoken by a strange sound, a bit like an owl & then he felt someone poking his mattress hard, but no one was there. Last night my son slept in the bed with me. An hour later, the TV in my room turned on by itself, and the screen was grey, even though when I last turned it off, it was on a channel. So I’m wondering, what to do? Should I somehow encourage communication & help them so they can move on, or should I somehow ask them to leave? I don’t know how to do either of those things. I don’t know if it’s still the children or someone else, or maybe I’m going crazy. I thought I left all this behind when I moved from my old house into a newly built one, but it doesn’t seem so. I would appreciate any advice.”

What Is A Poltergeist?

Let’s look at what Wikipedia has to say:have you seen a poltergeist or ghost

Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost” or “noisy spirit”) is a type of ghost or spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are purportedly capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people. Most accounts of poltergeists describe the movement or levitation of objects such as furniture and cutlery or noises such as knocking on doors. They are traditionally described as troublesome spirits who haunt a particular person instead of a specific location. They have been reported in many cultures and countries, including the United States, India‚ Japan, Brazil, Australia, and most EU nations. Early claims date back to the 1st century, but references became more common in the early 1600s. The scientific consensus of science is poltergeists do not exist, and there is a rational explanation for people’s experiences. Much poltergeist activity can be attributed to an inaccurate perception of natural phenomena.”

There are other explanations for these types of events. One is that your psychic abilities are awakened, and you aren’t aware of them. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, along with some others, can cause the sensation that you are being haunted, whereas you are just tuning into the spirits that surround us all.

Regardless of how or why you had a personal experience of an apparition or visitation, it most probably made a powerful impression in your life.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is The Connection Between Telekinesis And Poltergeists, when we take a look at these fantastic phenomena.

Here are some of the comments and questions about Poltergeists, ghosts, and other eerie happenings:

  • Thank you for accepting me. I have been listening to your podcasts. I sense spirits and angels but need skills to hear their messages. I need to know how to protect myself from evil spirits. Any tips?
  • The noise I heard wasn’t scary to me. I’m clairsentient and didn’t feel like it was negative energy? Yes, I thought it was in the apartment next to mine at first, but it moved into every room with me.
  • Are all ghosts evil?
  • Could ungrounded energy cause house fires?
  • Could you give me some general advice/reading? I have been trying to concentrate on my third eye-opening and intuition, so I have been grounding, chakra clearing, and doing shadow work. Am I all over the place? I’m wondering if I should focus on one area and maybe even sign up for your intuition course?
  • Can you see if the house I grew up in was actively haunted, or was it residual, or did I imagine things? Things like Radios, lights turning on-off, bad dreams, toilets flushing, and just a bad feeling in a room, if I recall right.

In this podcast, What Is The Connection Between Telekinesis And Poltergeist, you will learn about:

  • The different types of Poltergeist.
  • How psychic gifts like telekinesis can cause you to see spirits.
  • How to deal with and control visitations from beyond the grave?

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