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July 11, 2023

Parallel Lives – Is There Another Me In Another Universe UYT379

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Are You Living Parallel Lives?

This edition of Unlocking Your Truth is based on parallel lives because one of our listeners, Nicole, asked, “I was listening to some of your podcasts. Is there any way you could do a podcast about parallel lives in a future episode? I’m still new to that subject and would like more insight.” And we are going to include a bit about parallel universes as well. So the first question we need to examine is, “What is parallel life?”

Parallel Lives – Is There Another Me In Another Universe

Parallel Lives Meaning

So the term parallel lives can have different meanings. It depends on which perspective you approach it from. Do you want to look at it from a human standpoint? You being here on planet Earth in your human body, or do you want to look at it from a God-source perspective? Looking at it from a few different angles and perspectives, you will agree that it looks different.

And how you talk about it can also differ, depending on where you are coming from. Yes. So typically, when people talk about parallel lives, from the human perspective, they mean you are alive right here, right now. Then what they typically might mean concerning parallel lives is that there is another aspect of you alive in a physical body on this planet right now. connect with your higher self

This means there could be a little boy in Africa, an old lady in Italy, an Eskimo on the Alaskan tundra, a soldier in Ukraine, or anyone you can imagine who is another version of you alive on the planet right now. And in this context, what is meant by the term parallel life is your projecting your consciousness into another life coexisting in parallel to the life you are living.

And those other parallel lives are not you. But they are closer to you than a brother or a sister would be. They are emanations of the same higher self, your higher self. So that’s one way of looking at the concept of parallel lives. They may be very different from you. They may have little in common with you, or they might. And it just depends. Your soul may be exploring a different theme, culture, or belief system through that other life. Or it could be an overlapping theme with you.

Parallel Lives And Soul Matesis your soulmate a parallel life

Another one of the parallel life examples is the concept of a soul mate. A soul mate can be another emanation, aspect, or incarnation that exists on Earth at the same time that you are. And it is possible for you to meet one of these soulmates, one of these parallel lives.

And indeed, you have heard of instances where this has happened. Where you or someone you have encountered has had the experience of meeting their soulmate. The idea behind this is that, generally, it would be a fantastic relationship. But think about your relationships with your siblings. They don’t always go all that well. And so, it can be a challenging relationship to meet a soulmate, a parallel life. Because, in some senses, it would be like glaring at yourself in the mirror. And that can be rather intense.

Those soulmates who might occasionally end up in relationships with each other can be a recipe for significant potential growth, personal evolution, or a potential for great disaster.

For example, there was an experience I encountered that was odd. As a student enrolled in my Clairvoyant training, I gave psychic readings as part of my curriculum. A lady came to me for a past life reading. And instead of a past life, I read a parallel life. It seemed like a regular reading. I started describing what I was seeing. And then I realized I was looking at her parallel life in which she was my father. And that I was her daughter in that parallel life. And I was seeing all these images from my own parallel childhood and reflecting them back at her to explain this other lifetime, her lifetime.

And it was very fascinating because this lady really liked me but had no specific reason to do so. I remember I was doing artwork at the time, and it wasn’t anything special, but she wanted to buy these paintings. And it was because of this particular connection. There was that special soul recognition, that feeling between us.

That’s one way that you can look at parallel lives. Another body that is alive on the planet and overlapping with your life.

Parallel Lives And Past Livesyour past lives can be parallel life examples

So generally, the concept is that you live for some time, you die, then you come back. You reincarnate as another person. And they don’t overlap. But they can overlap because time is not linear as Spirit.

And so it’s entirely possible to go for a past life reading, and in the life being read, you were living in a specific era. And you were actually alive as yourself at that time. So the idea may seem impossible because you were alive, then. Is it possible? It is possible because that’s a parallel lifetime. So then, if you widen your perspective, what about past and future lives?

Who Were You In A Past Life???

Have A Past Life Reading And Find Out

And so, because we are embedded in time and space reality, we think of them as these separate things. But from the soul’s perspective, your higher being, there is no space or time limitations. So past and future lives are also parallel lives. All lifetimes you have had on this planet or will have on this planet are projections of consciousness from the same higher energy source you come from and are all your parallel lives.

Simply because that higher energy source, that higher being, is not vulnerable to time and space. It sits outside of time and space and is not susceptible to either force. And it’s all happening at once. All those projections of consciousness, those creations entering into bodies on planet Earth, through past, future history, and present time are all parallel lives from that perspective. From your linear perspective, some are present in a human body, some are in the past, some in the future, and some coexist. But from the perspective of your higher being, they are all parallel lives. They are all coexisting. So let that sink in for a minute.

Is There Another Me In Another Universe?

One metaphor for the idea of your higher being and multiple coexisting lives would be a Zoom meeting. You are the arranger. You can see these small photographs, each representing everyone in the meeting. Now imagine you represent your higher being on the show and on the screen, each of those squares with a face. That’s an image of you. Your higher being can interact and communicate with one or all of them at once. You, as each of those images of you, can only see yourself as you. All those creations are happening simultaneously, and you are the essence of a divine fragment.

As this divine fragment, you create lifetimes on Earth, and you also create lifetimes in other realities. So you create lifetimes on planet Earth, but because as Spirit, you are a multi-dimensional infinite being. The creation is going on on this planet. But you are also your higher being and part of the one divine consciousness, so you are also creating other worlds and other realities.

So that could be another planet in a physical body, another solar system, another galaxy. And it could also be other realities that are nonphysical or quasi-physical, for example. And again, from the point at which all of those existences emanate, you could see them as parallel. They are all happening all together, everything everywhere, all at once.

From your perspective, it might appear to be happening at a distance. So it’s another world or planet. But time and space are projections of consciousness that we operate from in this earth-plane reality. And so we as humans think that way, but from your higher being’s perspective, those are common constructs.

They are just the specific set of rules that we operate from on Earth. And, again, you could think of the lifetimes you are creating in other realities as parallel lives. If you want to take that perspective of your higher being and Spirit. And again, if you think about your higher being as a light scattering, light projecting being, ultimately, they are all one. Finally, all of these lifetimes are one life, one creation. Collectively from this higher aspect of your being, all happening, all aspects are parallel.

How Many Parallel Universes Are There?

So we have talked about lifetimes on Earth. And we have talked about lifetimes in other realities that may be physical, quasi-physical, nonphysical. We have talked about past lives, present lives, and future lives. And so you are getting the idea that there are many dimensions of self. There are many dimensions of self-existence in many frequency levels or density levels. So if you think about these many dimensions of self and go back to thinking about yourself, there are many potential timelines and parallel universes you can experience, choose, or traverse.parallel universes and parallel lives

As a human being, it is impossible to think about all the possibilities and probabilities of you and combinations of experiences you might have on different timelines, which you can think of as parallel lives. These other versions of you have made different choices and created a different branch in a timeline. Just think about all the many different choice points that you’ve had in this life.

For example, I’ll use some of my different choice points from when I graduated with my Ph.D. I had three different career opportunities. I took a position that landed me in Denmark. After a year, I could stay in Denmark, or go somewhere else, so I chose to return to England. And then, at some point, I chose to move here to Canada.

And these are all these different choices. But what if I’d stayed in Denmark or hadn’t come to Canada, there are these potential versions of me living those alternate realities. These parallel versions of me can yet again be making different choices. You can go as big and broad or as fine as you would like with an examination like this because it’s infinite.

And regardless of which timeline or reality you choose or create, it all begins in one spot. There is a starting point where all these timelines commence from. That’s your higher being. Because there are parallel versions, there are versions of you that could be born to different parents. That was one point, different versions of Earth. Yeah. So the point that it all emanates from is your higher being.

Maybe specific life options are more probable, but all potentials exist and are possible. Anything is possible. Because that is what the Universe is. It’s, it’s all potentials emanating from one originating point.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Parallel Lives – Is There Another Me In Another Universe, as we go deeper down the rabbit hole of parallel lives and timelines. You can go as deep as you want.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Parallel Lives – Is There Another Me In Another Universe:

  • Zachary – How to traverse timelines?
  • Brian – So, many people identify as empaths and highly sensitive. Is it possible people are picking up on these parallel lives/realities more than they are others, that it hits closer to home, feelings, emotions, and all that entails? People believe it comes from others, from other aspects of ourselves which these others can be from.
  • Susan – Would it make sense if I have a hard time connecting to the Spirit or when I feel far away from the Spirit that my parallel selves also feel disconnected? Hopefully, that makes sense.
  • Carol – Dr. Lesley, just as changing ourselves changes our other timeline, does it mean we will also feel that change when another version of ourselves changes the timeline?
  • Misty – Is that what I will be doing when I go on a trip coming up, connecting to a different life?
  • Susan – Ok, that makes sense because I felt connected with Spirit, and all of a sudden, it stopped, and I feel it with my other selves as well; I don’t know how, but I know that my other selves are also struggling With a connection to Spirit. I need to be patient and keep a positive outlook, which will be my reality. Would you have any suggestions on how I could connect to Spirit again?
  • Cole – Out of curiosity, do I have any other relevant parallel lives going on in this timeline/reality I’m in now as we’re connecting on this show?

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