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December 20, 2022

Need Help With Psychic Or Life Issues – Ask Dr. Lesley Live UYT357

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Do You Need Help With Some Of The Tough Stuff?

Every once in a while may find that you need help. Regardless of what it may be. It could be a health issue, a relationship problem, a simple or complicated decision, your life purpose, or the very common “what do I do next.” It really does not matter how crucial or simplistic the issue is. You may be stuck. So what do you do?

Need Help With Psychic Or Life Issues – Ask Dr. Lesley Live

I Need Help, But I Don’t Know What To Do

When it gets to this point, most people seek help from an outside source. You may go to a religious leader such as a priest, a counselor, a friend, or even a psychic such as Dr. Lesley. She hears cries of needing help quite often. You may even call them pleas such as, “I need help with life problems, I need help with depression, or I need urgent help.” This is not a free therapy hotline but another venue for people to air some of their issues and get a different perspective.

Regardless of the issue, the world can seem like a big scary place where no one understands you. It is challenging to try and sort your way out of a problem, mainly because you are in the middle of the anxiety caused by it. This is where Dr. Lesley can and does help her clients. She can see alternatives and resolutions for life’s small and large issues.

Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Let’s face it he was dead on.

How Do I Know If I Need Help? how do you recognize that you need help

One of the biggest problems you may have is that you don’t realize that you are in the middle of a critical situation until you are deeply into it. Then, as a result, you cannot see it coming. This is why the types of counseling, psychic readings, and mentoring that Dr. Lesley carries out with people just like you is so helpful. She has a special gift for seeing the cause and solutions for some of the most profound issues you may need help with.

Tonight this episode of the Unlocking Your Truth show is dedicated to the listeners and their questions. She is fielding anything they may need help with. You may relate to some of their concerns and the resolutions to them. They were free to ask about anything.

They could ask about things they are curious about or are interested in regarding psychic abilities, intuition, energy healing, or any of that. They could also ask questions about themselves, their own experiences, or even about things going on in their life, like their relationships and such. So it’s an open-book evening.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during this broadcast of Need Help With Psychic Or Life Issues – Ask Dr. Lesley Live:

Question From Corry – What do you feel like when you are in a trance? I would think that people have different experiences of trances.

Dr. Lesley’s response – I don’t have anything sticking out in my mind because I don’t think about it afterward or during. You think that I should be, but I do not. I’m in an altered state of consciousness when I do a reading. And my goal is not to collect everyone else’s information. It’s the opposite. I want to be a clean, clear channel to deliver the information to help them and then walk away with my energy reset to my own energy.

Well, I would look exactly the same. So if you were talking to me while I am in a trance versus talking to me when I’m not, you wouldn’t notice a difference. You would notice a difference if I tried to stand up and walk around because I’m altering my chakra system to focus away from physical reality to focus more on spiritual reality. So it makes me less tuned into the physical reality.

Question From Paige – Dr. Lesley, Could you tell me what I need to work on in general? Psychic blockages and my next steps in life.

Dr. Lelsey’s response and readingPsychic blockages. So I’m assuming Paige is talking about her psychic abilities if she’s saying psychic blockages. Okay, well, let me tune into Paige. Psychic blockages, I’m actually seeing Paige. You have really bright, radiant energy, a lot of power, a lot of energy, a lot of information. But you need to be grounded more.

So you’re not really in touch with it all. And you’re not really channeling, or maybe you’re channeling a small proportion of it, but there is so much more than you’re aware of. And so the biggest thing that can help you is grounding.

So what would we say the psychic blockage is? It’s not exactly a blockage. It’s just that you need a littlelearn how to access your intuition whne you need help bit of guidance. Regarding the blockages, the issue is that you’re ungrounded or not as grounded as you might need to be.

There’s also a very slight misalignment. And I’ll see what that’s to do with. It feels like one of the reasons you’re ever so slightly out of alignment is that you’re projecting all that power, much of that power and energy, into the future. And it’s funny because, in your question, you said “next steps.”

So you’re trying to be in the future. And your body can’t be in the future. Your body can only be in the present time. So it looks like you’re keen to advance and move forward on your path. But bear in mind, you can only be where you are, right here, right now, in the body, in the path you are walking this lifetime.

So we want to say two things, grounding and bringing yourself more into the present time because then all that power is concentrated where you are. And then you become the radiant point from which you are creating your reality.

Now, if your energy isn’t connected with you where you are in the present time, you’re not going to be as powerful of a manifester as you could be.

Those are the things that I would say to Paige. Bring yourself into the present moment. Mindfulness practices will help you with that. And anchor more of your light, power, and energy through your physical system. And grounding will also help you with that.

Paige’s response to her reading – Thank you… I do struggle with being grounded 100%.

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Question From Lorraine – How can you tell if someone’s energy is genuine, honest, trustworthy, or just manipulation?

Dr. Lelsey’s response and readingOkay, I often talk about my psychic development courses. I do teach, within my Unlock Your Intuition course, exactly how to do that. Exactly how to tell if somebody is honest and authentic? Or if somebody is not. But let’s see what we can say to you right here and now.learn to tell if somebody is honest and authentic

Give me a moment (Dr. Lesley needs time to connect to Lorraine’s energy). So this is from Lorraine; how can you tell if somebody’s energy is genuine and honest or trustworthy or manipulative? Well, one simple thing is, you know, how do you feel? If you tune into your heart, how do you feel? Okay, not your thoughts? Do you feel drawn to that person? Or do you feel repelled by that person? So that will give you a clue.

Because what I usually do is take people through a process of helping them develop their clairvoyance. And then teach them some tools and techniques that involve using their clairvoyance to look at the question, “is somebody lying to me?” Or “is somebody telling me the truth?” Once you’ve developed your psychic abilities and clairvoyance, you can easily see it. It would be apparent to you in that case.

But if you don’t have those abilities at your fingertips right now, I would say trust your intuition. So, don’t listen to your thoughts or intellect, but how you feel. And but when I say how you feel, not how you might be triggered or not triggered, but tune into your heart. Your heart is like a magnet. And you know, there are two ends of a magnet. There’s one end of the magnet that will repel and another end of the magnet that will attract. So does your heart feel attracted or repulsed?

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

Let that be a compass for you. Thank you, Lorraine.

Lorraine’s response to her reading – Thank you. I appreciate information on what I can do now until I develop my psychic abilities.

These are a sampling of the questions from people who need help or want clarity.

Your life journey is fantastic regardless of why you help people with your psychic gifts. But, we are all here to experience life together. So, join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Need Help With Psychic Or Life Issues – Ask Dr. Lesley Live.

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Here are more questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Need Help With Psychic Or Life Issues – Ask Dr. Lesley Live. To hear the responses, please listen to the podcast:

  • Carol – How do you know what gets in the way between you and God?
    • Thank you, Dr. Lesley. I feel like I’m going around thinking, and thinking, and thinking over these two weeks, but that gets in the way of me tuning into my intuition.
  • SG – I keep getting signs that I need to do more with my life and start living. But it’s always been hard for me to choose a direction because I’m afraid of choosing the wrong path, whether a career, taking a class, etc. Does spirit have any guidance for me on this situation?
  • Anil – I have a question. It may have already been answered before. Please forgive me if it seems rather stupid. The question is how one can move forward and be happy with what they have instead of obsessing.
  • Nobody ever said accurately about me in such a short time. I could relate to everything you said. Thank you, Lesley, for such great words. Thank you, Corry, for presenting the show for all of us.
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, can you tell me about the trip I’m planning to take this week to go home for Christmas? Though it feels intuitive, I’ve had issues getting all the pieces together. But it’s important and might relate to the vibration shifts and growth I’ve gone through. Of course, I’d like to know if I’ll get up and back ok, but I’m curious if my guides have any messages for me. Anything I need to know about this trip?
    • By the way, as I had my car in last week to be looked at to schedule an appointment for repairs and to make it safe for the trip, I saw the truck outside. Its license plate on the front read ‘Dr. Lesley’, nothing else, no numbers. I thought that was quite a synchronicity!
    • Thank you, Dr. Lesley, yes, it’s a long drive, TN to NY, 14 hours, but there’s a welcoming energy to the trip for sure!
  • Chynwe – How does one combat jealous energy from others even when we go out of our way to be nice to others? Do certain people attract jealous vibes? If yes, is it a fault of their past lives?
    • Thank you so much, Dr. Lesley.
  • Karen – My Ex wants to get back together. Why am I having such a hard time deciding? Can I have a message from my spirit team regarding this? Thank you.
  • Dennis – Any comments about opening chakra Da’at from Kabala? I have not been successful in opening Da”At, and I am looking for a technique.
  • Denise – Who are the hooded figures that appear in the ‘Cinema of Life.’ Whereby spirits watch a holographic life review of another spirit. They seem to take troubled spirits away. Who are they?
  • Shannon – Hello, lovely Lesley and Mr. Corry! You’ve been such wonderful guides in my life. I want to attract and service multimillion-dollar clients. I’ve had some success with Facebook ads and different lead sources. Also, my broker handed me one lead. But what do you suggest to manifest this? I currently focus on and look at clients in the 350-800k range.
  • Lorraine – I’ve just discovered the chakras in my fingers. Have you ever had a show on this topic?
  • SG – I had a dream three nights in a row about my grandmother’s house. She wasn’t there. Most dreams include family or friends, food, a kitchen, and a dining area, and it was Thanksgiving. I have pulled a few messages from the dream, I think, matter, but is there any message I didn’t see with these dreams overall?

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