Just Read Doreen Virtue Article And I Don’t Know What To Do? FCR196

just read doreen virtue article and i don’t know what to do

Have You Ever Had A Personal Hero Let You Down?

A in Somewhere asks the question: “Just read Doreen Virtue article and I don’t know what to do?”

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Gurus

Many of us depend on others to help guide us spiritually and in life as well. There is nothing wrong with seeking out help from more learned individuals especially when it comes to thejust read doreen virtue article and i don’t know what to do psychic realm. However you do not need to. You can actually learn how to develop intuition and use this gift for yourself as opposed to relying on someone else. You can awaken your intuition easily.

Learning how to develop psychic abilities can be done online but the best way is to find a mentor like myself that can help you find the key and tap into intuition, your intuition. Once you unlock your intuition, one of you your spiritual gifts, you will be amazed at what it can offer you. In this response to a free card reading about someone who has been abandoned by her ‘spiritual guru’ there is some great information about the topic of self-reliance in regards to how to put your intuition to work for you and others.

Our listener wants to know “just read Doreen Virtue article and I don’t know what to do?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Do You Fear Loss?

“I have a question from A, not sure where A is from. I recently wrote an article about Doreen Virtue and it got a lot of interest. A lot of people wrote to me and so A is one of those people. She says I just read your Doreen Virtue article and I don’t know what to do. I have the romance angels, the magical messages from the fairies, angel answers, goddess healing with the angel Oracle’s, and I love all of them. But I feel betrayed and abandoned. can I still believe in the messages from the Angels? I am so confused. I also believe in God and am Catholic, unbaptized, but I don’t know how to reconnect with these cards now. It is like they have less meaning now. I don’t know what to do. I feel sad and I feel lost. I don’t want to throw them all away. I want to reconnect with them and still trust them but I feel like they have lost their creator. Thank you for your advice.

Okay! So a card that came up for you is this one (card is displayed on screen) awareness. You consciously create your reality. It’s about developing your own intuition, your own insight and your own perspective. Because what can happen is that people have a tendency to give their power away to their teachers or to the objects that they’re working with. Think about any teacher that you follow as though they are kind of like a tour guide. Someone who’s able to point out the landscape and help you map your course but it’s still your journey. It’s still your course in a way.

What a teacher is doing is helping you remember your own information and helping you access your own information. At least that’s what a good teacher would be doing. So the first thing is don’t give your power away to anybody else, no matter how much they appear to know. lookout for the teachers who teaches you how to connect with your own higher self and how to connect with your own God and your own source so that you can have that as your authority …” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You Will Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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