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October 5, 2018

Is Kavanaugh guilty? Kavanaugh v Ford And Sexual Assault!

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Kavanaugh v Ford And Sexual Assault: Is #Me Too Good for You?

How many people have been thinking, ‘Is Kavanaugh guilty‘? While I don’t normally get involved in politics, I am interested in how each of us creates our reality and the nature of mass consciousness, global events, and the planetary shift which is currently underway.

To this end, I watched the #MeToo Movement with great interest as one story after another has made the international headlines: apparently, the latest one is Kavanaugh versus Ford in the United States. Occasionally a client will ask me for a spiritual perspective on a political situation, and this judicial confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court has triggered those questions. Trump has also been a very popular topic, but now the Kavanaugh sexual assault accusations are consuming the masses.

Is Kavanaugh Guilty: Questions about the Kavanaugh Sexual-Assault Accusations!

So when a client asked me this week to comment on “Did he do it?” I thought to look at this above the mental and emotional levels and give a spiritual perspective on the situation. I am going to start with some big-picture stuff before digging into the juicy, gossipy details, so stay with me here.

Shining a Light in the Dark!

We live in interesting times. No statement has ever been truer. The vibration we live in has increased exponentially in our lifetimes. If you are in a body on this planet right now, no matter how old you are, you have lived through a massive frequency shift, and it isn’t over yet!

What this has meant for us on a mass consciousness level is several-fold.is mass consciousness coming

Imagine you have been living in a place called “Shadow World” all your life. It is normal for you. You experience contrast because there is light and dark within the shadows. Then one day, a light appears. You begin to see things you didn’t see before. At first, they tickle your awareness. You are not sure if other people are also noticing them. You shrug your shoulders and carry on as before.

This new light is on a dimmer switch, and someone is slowly turning it up. Each day the light gets a little brighter. The nagging sensation in the back of your mind is increasing. You start to question what you see. You meet the odd person who mentions their dissatisfaction with the status quo. You begin to feel that perhaps there is something wrong here. Still, you don’t know what you can do about it. As you look around, most people still seem to be scuffling in the shadows, too afraid to walk into the light.

Then the light gets even brighter. You look around, and there are some glaringly obvious issues with the way your world is constructed. You see the imbalance, the injustice, the cruelty, the greed. Times when you are on the wrong side of things flood your awareness, and you start to feel angry. There seem to be a lot of angry people these days. You realize some of them are angry at the same thing as you, and you start a support group. There is strength in numbers. Finally, you have the confidence to stand up with a collective voice.

#MeToo is Part of the Global Shift!

The #MeToo movement is a great example of this global enlightenment process. People started to see that what had been going on was not isolated incidents but an endemic disease within the core of our society. Many of them became angry enough to blast through the fear of speaking up.

Fear has been lingering in the dark shadows of our world. Fear leaves you stuck like a rabbit in the headlights. Anger gets you activated and motivated. Once there was the first, then the second, and then the third, people felt safe to speak about their personal experiences and the guilt, fear, and shame that had kept them stuck in the dark for so long. Finally, a large group of people all fell in line to support a new world where human sovereignty is rising and the power mongers, who intimidate people to satisfy selfish desires, will no longer be tolerated.

This planetary shift in vibrational frequency has led to polarization within each of us individually. As the light gets brighter, the darker elements in our world can no longer hide in the shadows. This disruption is showing up in mass consciousness creations such as politics, healthcare, the financial industry, big businesses, international relations, devastating mass events, and more.

How Can You Cope?

If you watch the news about the Kavanaugh hearings, extreme weather events, corrupt how do you cope with news about the kavanaughpoliticians, and other upsetting stories, it is difficult not to witness situations that incense fear, anger, and judgment, as well as a passion for change. As the light is turned up, it appears to be getting worse. The brighter the light, the more polarized it gets, and the more the dark side fights to retain its dominance. Not only are things heating up in your outer world but also in your inner world. They have to. You are not an island. You are part of this world, too and have light and dark within. Your dark is coming to the surface, so you can choose to transcend it.

How does bad news affect us? What can we do to stay sane? I have always advocated specific meditation techniques to stay grounded and centered. They help you be above the emotions, apart from the rhetoric, and in touch with your inner wisdom. If you are in emotional pain or mental anguish about this particular situation, then look for the pain triggers and use meditation to release them.

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Perhaps you have been wrongly accused of something you didn’t do. Maybe you were sexually harassed and too afraid to speak up (this is true for both men and women). Or you just can’t believe how much time and investment goes into such a circus when the money could be better spent helping people? Or do you wring your hand at how politics has degenerated into a gong show? Or you are did something in the past that you are now ashamed of? Whatever the trigger for you, meditation has the power to help you deal with what comes up.

Kavanaugh v Ford Players on the World Stage!

Before I comment on this, I want to make it clear that I haven’t watched any news reports on this particular story, and I haven’t been analyzing the logical arguments. I skimmed three articles from The Guardian, Vox, and Huffington Post, to get an idea of what this was about. Then I thought it would be much more interesting to read the energy of the people involved from a neutral spiritual perspective.

Christine Blasey Ford – Alleged Sexual Assault Victim!

She has put her pain on display for the world to see and, in doing so, has been bringing up and blasting out her shame, guilt, fear, and more. I see her being very determined and committed. Her energy signature shows a woman emerging from her pain. I see a dark shell that used to engulf her dropping away. She is currently about halfway through this process. The top part of this shell is gone and reveals a bright light. The bottom half of the shell, representing her pain, remains. As the shell continues to fall away, there is even more bright light underneath.

From her spiritual growth perspective, this has been about self-transformation and raising her vibration. It has been about asserting her truth. It is such a big growth cycle that on its completion, there will be a massive adjustment. It will have changed her so much that she won’t recognize herself. She is a very strong person. One thing I see that surprises me is that she isn’t being pushed around by others, which can often be the case when politics are involved.

Has Kavanaugh Been Appointed: Brett Kavanaugh (Supreme Court Nominee)

He looks completely overwhelmed and swamped with foreign energy, meaning that all the should he be a supreme court nomineepeople around him are encroaching on his personal space. I see that this is mostly his advisors and other male energies, but he is also dealing with hate being thrown at him by the masses. That is one reason why he has been so emotional.

Having other people’s energy in your space, as any empath will tell you, is always unpleasant. He’s feeling trapped in a cage with no way out. I am also seeing he is angry, and the anger is the only thing helping him remain somewhat in his own space.

He is relying very much on the advice and opinions of others. It is extremely stressful because he doesn’t know his own mind. I am seeing that what he is learning from this has to do with owning his own space. It looks like a lifetime of peer pressure and being embedded in the “old boys network, “and that is an institution that is beginning to break down. It is not going to be a place of refuge for much longer, and the individual will have to know who they are aside from the pack.

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What Are We Learning From All of This?

Apart from what is going on within their inner beings, what are these two symbolizing for us and the shift in mass consciousness? In one way, it is about the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine. Ford could be seen to represent the resurgence of the powerful feminine energy. This energy exists within everyone but has been repressed in our societies for a long time.

Kavanaugh is representing the trauma that is in each one of us when we are accused and when part of who we are is repressed. They are both representing the pain of not being seen for who we are, being judged, manipulated, controlled and used as a pawn. They are both helping draw our attention to what is acceptable, what is ridiculous, and what is distorted and unbalanced in our world.

Does it Matter that we Know “The Truth?”

From a spiritual perspective, as human beings, we live in the present moment. When painful past events have occurred, we carry them into the now through our emotions, memories, and choices.

Historical accounts of past events can be very different depending on who is doing the telling and how much time has passed. Even an individual’s perspective has been shown to change as their spiritual development takes place and /or as the years go by. Our favorite legends are recognized to include both reality and fantasy, and the best stories are the ones that teach us something.

Any event witnessed by multiple people has as many versions of the truth as there are witnesses. This is because everyone sees things through their own filters and from their own perspective. Any human’s truth is subjective, and it can change over time. The only being in the universe with all knowledge is Source Energy. The rest of us just have our version of it but have the ability to connect with the universal consciousness as we evolve.

Is Kavanaugh or Ford Telling the Truth?

To answer my client’s question, from my perspective, I can see that Ford definitely believes she is telling her personal truth as it is at this moment. Kavanaugh also believes he is mostly telling his truth, though there may be some selective omissions for items that might not help his case. He believes he is blameless and being treated unfairly.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Remember that this is my perspective. Look at this for yourself, get your own information, and make your own mind up. If you want to know how to examine this issue psychically, take a look at this video, where I explain how to intuitively tell if someone is cheating or lying. The video is about relationships, but it is a technique that you can use to look at any situation.

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