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April 25, 2023

What Is Déjà Vu – Is Deja Vu Good Or Bad? UYT369

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Theories On Deja Vu

Is déjà vu good or bad? Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Why does déjà vu happen? Is deja vu a warning? Somewhere under the umbrella of metaphysics and spirituality are the answers to these deja vu theory questions. But first, let’s begin with a definition of what déjà vu is or at least what it seems to be.

What Is Déjà Vu – Is Deja Vu Good Or Bad?

What Is Deja Vu?

Déjà vu is a French term. It means “already seen.” It refers to the uncanny sensation that you have already experienced something currently happening to you. The intense feeling you’ve done, seen, felt, some form of experience of the event before. It’s a common experience.

Most people have experienced deja vu in some form. I know I have. And there’s lots of research on it. The numbers are somewhere between 60 – 80% of the population who have experienced deja vu. And curiously, it’s much more common in people under 25. So you may find that an interesting finding.

So this caused me to reflect. I experienced deja vu very recently. And I’m over the age of 25 by quite a bit. So when was the last time you can remember experiencing it? It is common to have a challenge recalling the last time you had a deja vu experience.

My Last Deja Vu Experience

My latest deja vu experience was last week when I visited my dad in England. I was finishing off some of the things to help him settle for his twilight years on his own. While there, I went through a review, a mental checklist, and a wrapping up of many of his affairs. I reflected on whether I had done this and had I done that.

I then experienced deja vu. I felt like I’d been in this exact moment feeling this exact way before, including thinking these exact thoughts. So that’s what deja vu is.

Deja Vu Examplesis deja vu good or bad

Deja vu is related to any specific experience you are having. It can occur at any time. It can happen in any situation. Those of you who are listening live must have some deja vu examples of your own. An example can be something straightforward. You may be making a cup of tea, and you think, oh, I’ve been in this exact making a cup of tea moment before.

Some typical experiences of deja vu relate to visiting a city you’ve never visited. And you have this uncanny sense of familiarity. And some people would call that deja vu. Sometimes this is a powerful sensation. The effect of deja vu can have a tangible impact on you. It can stop you in your tracks. “Whoa, whoa, I have been here before. I did this before. ”

Many people ask, “Is deja vu good or bad?” Well, it is neither. It is simply a recognition. No different than recognizing an ice cream cone while you are eating one. Simply, it is an ice cream, and it is neither good nor bad in itself. The flavor may be appealing or not, but that is not the same type of issue. That is a comparison based on your tastes.

Why Does Deja Vu Happen?

Is there a specific reason for a deja vu experience? There is no solid proof or explanation for these occurrences. However, they do touch upon other specific experiences that you can look at, like a premonition.

A premonition is sensed, in some way, in advance of the experience itself. But they are both this idea of experiencing something twice. or there can be. So there are many different explanations of deja vu.

What Does Deja Vu Mean Spiritually/Metaphysically/Scientifically

Let’s look at a few more metaphysical explanations for deja vu. And then it would only be fair to also look at some of what the scientists think it is.

So deja vu can be that you have experienced this situation before. But you have experienced it in some other form or mode of experiencing reality.

For example, when you are asleep and experience a dream. Then once awake, you live through those experiences. You dreamt of the exact circumstances before they happened. And I’ve definitely experienced that.

Deja Vu And Premonition Dreams

I have a period in my life where I had many premonition dreams. And they were often about very everyday reality. For example, I have dreamt about a meeting I would attend and the people I would meet there. Then I would get to the meeting in real life and meet those people in the meeting. I would feel like I’d already met them before because I had already dreamed of it.

And so, as human beings in physical reality, you have a limited scope of experience to some degree. But when you dream, you are in your astral bodies, having astral experiences. So then, you are not controlled by time and space to some degree. And you can explore different timelines and different potentials.

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You can pre-experience a situation that you are going to live through. You could practice it. You could experience it in a few different versions as a way of helping to then manifest it in physical reality. This helps you choose which version you want to manifest in physical reality.

And that’s always a form of the metaphysical explanation I give when people ask me, “What is deja vu?” However, a premonition dream and deja vu are related. Because often in a deja vu experience when you have that sensation of “I’ve been here before,” You also can have that sense of “I know exactly what’s going to happen next,” or “I know exactly what that person is going to say next,” because I’ve experienced it before.

Another Deja Vu Explanationone deja vu theory is related to past lives

Some of the other deja vu explanations from a metaphysical perspective can be things like you been in a place before, in a past life. So you visit a historical site, a city you’ve never been to before, and you feel like I know this place, I know what’s around the corner,” or “I know what happened here.” And you could have lived in that city in a previous life. That sense of familiarity you’re feeling, which might feel a bit like a deja vu experience, could be explained by that.

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Deja Vu And Multiple Timelines

There is a deja vu theory that may be interesting to contemplate. That is the concept of experiencing multiple timelines, causing a sense of deja vu. If you’re involved in the metaphysical community or a similar belief system, then the idea of multiple or infinite realities existing would be familiar to you.

You may have considered that you can connect from one reality to another. What happens is that you have crossed the dimension of one reality to that of another/ And the experience from one transfers to the other with you. The same thing happens in one edit.

The same experiences do not necessarily occur in different realities. But sometimes they might. One reality is bleeding into another. And that might be the time that you connect with that, that deja vu feeling. This is similar to the idea of it happening in multiple timelines in the dream state but happening while awake.

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Deja Vu And Psychic Experiences

You can observe anything that’s ever happened to you with your psychic abilities. This is recorded as part of the Akashic Record. And everything that will happen to you in the future is also recorded. So all possible and probable future timelines exist. And so you can tune into those and observe them using our psychic senses.

So, for example, I often work with people doing healing work related to their healing of some past trauma. And so we will scan their timeline from this lifetime. And then, we will look at what is almost like photographs or videos of the experiences that they have lived.

And so it’s not exactly like a deja vu experience. Because it’s one step removed. You are more like a witness or an observer. But yet, there is a flavor of tasting something from the past. And it can be something that you’ve forgotten, that you haven’t thought of in 30 years, and then suddenly, you are looking at that again.

Scientific Deja Vu Meaningwhat is déjà vu

What does science believe about deja vu?

“So one scientific theory is called split perception. And it suggests that deja vu happens when you see something or register it twice. The first time you see it, maybe it’s the corner of your vision, maybe it’s just peripheral, and you don’t fully consciously recognize that you’ve seen it. But your brain starts to form a memory. ” (Source quoted from the Healthline website at https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/what-causes-deja-vu#causes”

And then you actually get to see it again. And it is a more it’s more completely got your attention. But the fact that you had a peripheral experience of it before makes it feel to you like you’ve experienced this twice. So it’s like, you see something and don’t give it your full attention. Your brain registers it, although it’s not at the full forefront of your consciousness. And then you see it again and give it your full attention. It feels like you’ve seen it before. Right? So it’s registered twice in the brain.

More Scientific Deja Vu Meanings

Another theory they have is it is a brain circuit malfunction. So your brain glitches. It has an electrical malfunction. And then, it will have both the part of your brain that tracks events happening in real-time and the part of your brain that recalls memories, both active simultaneously. And your brain falsely perceives what’s actively happening now as a kind of memory. So that’s another scientific theory.

And then there’s a scientific theory that relates to delayed processing. You observe something. The information you take in through your senses is transmitted to your brain along two separate routes. One of those routes gets the information to your brain faster. So there’s like a double registering of the event.

Another explanation is based on memory recall. That it’s to do with the way you process and recall memories. Meaning that the deja vu experience is because some things have happened to you before that resemble what’s happening to you, appearing as a deja vu experience.

For example, you’re in a room with a desk reminiscent of the desk you knew from childhood. Or there’s a potted plant in the corner that reminds you of a potted plant you knew in the past. And a few ingredients in the situation map to previous things you’ve experienced. So then it gets registered as deja vu.

Is Deja Vu Good Or Bad, Real Or Hogwash?

So is is deja vu real? Is it spiritually, psychically, or scientifically based? Do you buy into one of the scientific explanations of deja vu? Or does one of the metaphysical explanations of deja vu seem more plausible to you? Or a little bit of both? Regardless of how you lean, these experiences can still impact you and make you think.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Déjà Vu – Is Deja Vu Good Or Bad, as we explore the strange world of deja vu.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is Déjà Vu – Is Deja Vu Good Or Bad:

  • Brian – I believe it’s more metaphysical! There’s a feeling of familiarity with some of the physical symptoms/sensations I’ve asked about before. However, I need help remembering how or when?
  • Andarini – I think I had a lot of Déjà vu when I was kid/ young. Not anymore presently. How do you explain that?
  • Brian – You’re kind of describing the Mandela effect, Corry, where many people believed he had died when he hadn’t at that time. It applies to things!
  • Cole – I had that experience too, where I had heard a Whitney Houston song that I didn’t know she had recorded and, for some reason, believed she was still recording. Then I remembered she had already passed on years before. It was so strange because I was sure she was still alive then!
  • Tammie – In certain day-to-day situations/ conversations or gatherings with family, I feel like I have dreamed of the events before. Just a strange sensation, and I think I have dreamed of this before.
  • BC – Yes, I wonder if these types of experiences will increase with the world shifting since it could go in two different directions right now, and people can choose which reality to be a part of! They may be able to ‘see’ both.
  • Karen – Is deja vu a different experience for everyone? It always stops me in my tracks, and my head gets this strange energy surge, which is hard to explain.
  • Brian – Great example. That was my experience with the pandemic. I lived in a rurally isolated area but was somewhat aware of what was happening in other areas. Still, it didn’t affect me the same, nor did it have the same effect on me. In fact, that was a deja vu experience for me from when I was young. In some ways, I knew this was coming, not in the deep description, but the feelings, the awareness! I was almost prepared for that isolation, and it was something I looked forward to.
  • BC -Sure, I would love a mini reading about my finances/income. I’ve had some concerns.
  • Shelby – What are you doing to prepare yourself for the eclipse?
  • Karen – When younger, at an Easter egg hunt, I saw a huge tail coming out from behind a tree, and then it disappeared. What was this?

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