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February 3, 2023

You May Have An Intuitive Aptitude Toward Psychic Mediumship

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Learn About Your Intuitive Strengths At The School Of Intuition

Do you have questions about improving your intuitive aptitude, including psychic abilities such as Clairvoyance or Mediumship? This Q&A session will allow you to ask questions about your personal psychic development and your own psychic experience.

It is about a consultation with me as an intuitive counselor And intuitive coach about your interest in participating in some form of psychic development training. You can find out more about different psychic development courses available to you. expand your intuitive aptitude at the school of intuition

As most of you know, I am Dr. Lesley Phillips, a psychic, healer, psychic development trainer, and author. My passion is to help people open to their intuitive gifts. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and have written books about the subject. My latest volume, Intuition And Chakras, provides everything you need to know to develop your unique profile of psychic abilities safely. In addition, it features foundational techniques and exercises in an easy-to-follow guide. It also helps you find your inner guidance, overcome challenges, and develop your intuition into a practical tool that helps you lead a purpose-filled life.

How To Expand Your Intuitive Aptitude

Also, the School Of Intuition provides multiple psychic development courses to take you on a psychic awakening and development journey. The course that most people are initially attracted to is Unlock Your Intuition.

Here are some questions and comments from listeners during this Q&A Session, You May Have An Intuitive Aptitude Toward Psychic Mediumship. To hear more questions and responses, please listen to the podcast:

So let’s begin with questions about your intuition blocks and psychic abilities and convey validation from experiences that you’ve had concerning your psychic senses.

Tracy – Okay, I am most interested in the trance mediumship course. And so I wanted to get a little background about that. I have looked at it on your website. I have some clarity questions, but I’m very interested in trance mediumship. And we’ve only discussed it a little. I know what it is. But I don’t know, tell me something exciting about trance mediumship. And my question is about the course itself. I noticed it’s ten modules. Is that going to be once a week? Or is that once every two weeks? Or how does that work?

Dr. Lesley’s response – So, that course is being renovated at present. And it may have its name changed. Okay, so before I answer your question, Tracy, I’m just curious to get more information about what excites you about that subject and what it is you’d be hoping to learn.

Tracy – Okay, well, definitely to communicate with the other side. The biggest thing for me ischanneling messages using your intuitive aptitude recognizing and feeling Spirit from the other side. I need help recognizing someone else’s guides. And in a mediumship course that’s taught. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, to better understand my guides and their guidance. I have many guides, and I only sometimes know who they are. I try not to get wrapped up in that, and I’ve been told it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to know all that, but sometimes I want to know who’s guiding me.

And how do I know if I’m working with the Archangels and other spiritual entities? I would like to know who I’m working with. I take Dr. Lesley’s Medical Intuition course for those who don’t know. Love it! It’s a great course. Mediumship opportunities come up for me a lot when I’m doing readings. Things come up in someone’s field that has to do with past loved ones. Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean it’s not going to come up for them in a medical intuitive reading. And when people can work through that stuff, it just is so powerful. And so yeah, tapping into the other side to help people truly excites me. And that’s what I want to do. Thank you.

Improve Your Intuitive Aptitude Through Trance Mediumship, Clairvoyance, And Clairaudience Courses

Dr. Lesley – So you’re correct. The old trance mediumship course was 10 modules long. The new one might be longer and will include all of the things that you mentioned.

And I’ve been meditating and talking to my Spirit guides about this particular course. When I work, I have specific guides that I connect with. And some of them have come and gone over the years, and some have remained the same. And I also work with angels, Archangels, galactic consciousness, and the Ascended Masters.

And so, if you’ve taken any of the courses, especially the Clairvoyance course and the Claircognizance course, we spend a lot of time learning how to tune our frequency. Both of those courses are very rich in that. And so I’ve been watching a lot of channeling. I found a really great podcast. It’s all these people with a variety of channeling. So examples would be Daryl Anka channels, Bashar and Esther Hicks channels, Abraham, etc. You have all seen that. And so I’ve been meditating with my guide because I know when I’m in a trance, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not saying I anymore. I’m using the term we; “we would like to say this, we see this, we’re suggesting this.”

And I see my guides, and I know some of the spirits I talk to. And so what my guides told me is, well, you’re not channeling an individual. You’re accessing and channeling the infinite consciousness of self. And they thought that that was quite funny and quite paradoxical. you can learn how to develop clairaudience and your intuitive aptitude

Because when you think about, well, what is the infinite consciousness of self? Everything, everyone, anything you want. And really, that’s what I do. And that’s what I’ve been teaching other people to do. So, for example, in the Clairaudience course, there is a module where you connect with Ascended Masters. And there is another module where you connect with your own guides. So you learn to connect with a whole bunch of different groups of beings. And so this is the flavor that underpins the work and the courses I teach. And they’ve framed it, calling it the infinite consciousness of self.


Tracy – So would there be channeling taught in that course? Is that what you’re saying?

Dr. Lesley – Well, it depends on your definition of channeling. I may be a little early with this, but I may offer a separate course based on channeling. But for now, I do some channeling in my other courses. And I definitely want to enhance that as well.

It may be a longer course because there will be different modules on everything we’re talking about. For example, modules such as conventional mediumship, where you communicate with loved ones on the other side. And that still is considered an aspect of communicating with the infinite self.

Overcoming Fear

Anon – I don’t really know how I found you. I have yet to take any classes with you. I think a friend referred me, but I’m not entirely sure. And my question is more along the lines I’ve had moments of such clarity. I’ll say something, and people will respond with, “where did that come from?” And it helps move people forward. Or even in my own life, I’ve heard things where I become a little frightened.

I didn’t do anything with it. And I feel I shut it down a little bit. So I’m, I’m a newbie here, and I’m curious how to tap into that. What is it that I’m tapping into? And I don’t know, really?

Dr. Lesley’s response for Anon – There is a dawning awareness of your intuition coming through.The 7 Blocks to Intuition and 7 steps to overcome your intuition blocks But what’s the next step on that? Let’s talk about this. Here is And you can find this on my website. It is a diagram of the 7 Common and Specific Intuition Blocks.

And hopefully, this will help answer your question. It gives you a roadmap. And you’ve talked about this idea, too, which is one of these blocks. You said you were afraid you heard something. And you shut it down. That would be a block fear. How do you transcend that fear? Another area for improvement is that it just happens at random. And you would like to have some control over the occurrences.

So I have two suggestions for you. First, you need to define the psychic abilities involved to understand what is happening to you.

One consideration is that we do your psychic ability blueprint. And that is a consultation where we go through your unique profile of intuitive gifts and how they relate to your life purpose.

If you are serious about understanding what is happening to you, the other recommendation is to take the course we are talking about, Unlock Your Intuition, Overcoming Seven Intuition Blocks. And the course title doesn’t do it justice because there’s so much more in it.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

But this is one snapshot into what’s in the course. And it’s talking about what can block your intuition. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and I observed that some common things cause people problems.

And then I also observed specific things relating to the individual and their specific life path. So Unlock Your Intuition has been designed around a few key pillars. One of them is recognizing the seven most common intuition blocks and helping people transcend them.

Each module also introduces you and helps you understand more deeply the chakra system and how the chakras relate to psychic abilities. This is key because psychic abilities are channeled through the chakras. And most people think that this involves your crown chakra or your third eye solely. But there are psychic powers channeled through each of your chakras.

So you take a little journey as you go through this course. You are learning about the chakras and the different psychic abilities that exist and their interaction, including examples of experiencing that.

And also, as you progress in this course, you learn energy techniques. My lineage is based on ancient mystery school teachings from past lives and the current incarnation. And so you are being exposed to ancient mysteries. And these are Foundation Energy techniques that do two things for you. Well, more than two things. One of them is they help you heal yourself and clear the blocks. And the other is they show you how to start consciously accessing your psychic abilities.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

It teaches you many powerful things:

  • How to be more in your body.
  • Where to seat your consciousness
  • The difference between your intellect, intuition, emotions, and intuition.

So you’ll see, for example, the one block you mentioned was fear and shutting down. So that’s one of the things that you will deal with in one of the modules. So each week, you are building on your toolkit of energy techniques. You learn to use them to actively work on clearing what’s in your way and practice using intuition.

And my courses are intimate. I’m not a teacher that’s got hundreds of people, and you never get to talk to me. You will receive personal help from me. Each student has the opportunity to report on their experience and ask questions about any issues. So you do get personal attention.

Psychic Ability Blueprint

Get Your Psychic Ability Blueprint

Psychic Abilities Q&A Periodlearn how to develop psychic powers and psychic senses with me

On the third Thursday of each month, Dr. Lesley hosts an open office call on Zoom.

It’s a complimentary 60-minute group coaching call at 1 pm Pacific Time (time may be subject to change, so please register at the link below).

The call is so that you can ask me about your intuition blocks and psychic abilities and discover if you qualify and are a fit for my Psychic Development Training Courses.

There are a few provisos:

  1. Questions will be answered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. This is NOT so you can get a free psychic reading from me.
  3. I will mention my School of Intuition and Psychic Training courses.

In return, you’ll learn from the answers to your questions and those of others.

Here is the registration link: https://drlesleyphillips.com/free-third-thursdays/

P.S. – It will be recorded, and the video clips may be uploaded to YouTube and included in a Podcast.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

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