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July 25, 2023

If The Universe Is A Hologram What Are We In Relation To The Oneness UYT381

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Quantum Hologram Theory Of Consciousness

Are you part of a holographic universe? If the universe is a hologram, what are we with the oneness? Many of you try to understand this idea of the universe being a hologram and how you fit into it. So many of you in the metaphysical community have heard the holographic theory of the universe and taken it to heart. Yet, you cannot wrap your head around it. This may be because it is more of a spiritual concept than an analytical one.

If The Universe Is A Hologram, What Are We In Relation To The Oneness

Holographic Universe Theory Spiritual Or Analytical

There is a difference between the holographic universe theory as examined through physics and that examined spiritually. I will not be scrutinizing or talking about the holographic universe theory of physics. That would probably take several years to acquire another Ph.D. as well as years of research. If you desire more information on it, you can Google it and find intellectual-level information on that subject.

What Is A Hologram?

The Wikipedia definition is, “Scientifically, a hologram is described as a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.” But that’s not what is meant when talking speaking in metaphysical terms. Metaphysically you are saying that every part of the universe contains a record, imprint, or copy of everything else in the universe. Or whatever word you can find to describe it that makes you happy.

So every particle of the universe contains a record of everything else in the universe. I’m going to start by declaring some statements that answer the question if the universe is a hologram, what are we, and going into more detail about some of it from a metaphysical perspective. This stream of consciousness initially came to mind when I looked at this question earlier.

If The Universe Is A Hologram, What Are We?

So if the universe is a hologram, what are you in relation to

you are an aspect of divine consciousness
Woman On A Telephone Connected To The Sky

the oneness? Are you an AI within the Eye of God? No, you are an aspect of divine consciousness. You are a unique perspective of Divine Source Energy. You exist within God, and God exists within you. And therein lies the paradox.

Only God is whole because only God is everything. If you don’t like the word God, substitute it with Divine Source. So only Divine Source is whole because Divine Source is everything. You are the Divine Source. But you are separated from The “all that is” by frequency. Let it land in your crown chakra.

So you have in your historical, mystical teachings references to this, such as in Genesis in the Christian Bible. Segments or the whole of this spiritual writing can be found in other religious texts because the events depicted in Genesis are common to other faiths. The same idea you are Divine Source, or you are the light of the world, is found in this quote, “God created man in His own image in the image of God created him. Male and female created he them.” So God created man in His own image. And this refers to the holographic nature of the Universe. Okay, so God is all. And He created man in His image, as a reflection of God.

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Quantum Consciousness, The Great Hologram Projector

Also, in reading Lao Tzu, you will find that he talks about the one thing and the 10,000 things. And that can refer to this idea of the holographic nature of man and God, the Universe. Here are some quotes from Lao Tzu for you to ponder.

“The one that is whole does not know itself and can’t be named. The one that is fragmented can know itself and can be named. The Nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth, the name is the mother of 10,000 things.” This can allude to the creation story in that there is one. And when there is one, just one, there’s no reflection. There’s nothing. It’s just this wholeness, this oneness of everything.

And then there’s this idea of the one fragmenting into the 10,000 things. So those 10,000 things, each having a unique perspective. They are all fragments, aspects of one thing. But they now have a different perspective because they can reflect off of one another and interact with one another.

So now, from the perspective of the 10,000 things, the one can be named because the 10,000 thing has a perspective. So this is also referring to the holographic nature of things, the idea of the one fragmenting itself into many things.

The Metaphor Of The Hologram Universe Theory

There’s a great metaphor channeled from Bashar that went something like this. Imagine a room, just an ordinary room. It has furniture and things in it. You can see the chair, the table, the light fixture, a mug of coffee, and more. You can see all those things, and they look separate from you. But now imagine a single particle moving so fast that it’s appearing in the guise of everything in the room. But it’s moving so fast between those things.

Alright. So the idea is the one thing creating many things. It’s the same single particle in everything. Shifting frequency and becoming the many 10,000 things, but it’s the same particle.

The Five Laws Of Creation

There are “the five laws of creation” from a session where Darylhologram universe theory and the laws of creation Anka channeled Bashar. The first of the laws is “The One is the All, and the All is the One.”.” Once again, that closely reminds you of the one thing and the 10 1000 things from Lao Tzu. It resembles the idea of the creation story where you have the one, which then creates heaven and earth, and all the people and everything.

So it’s worth listing out those five laws of creation:

#1 – “You exist…you always have, and you always will. You are eternal.”

The first law is you exist, which you can’t deny. Since you are reading this, you exist. You are one of the many eyes of God. You know that for sure. You can’t question that. You are not-not you. You are you!

#2 – “Everything is here and now.”

And then the second one is everything is here. And now. Well, that’s true. Have you ever not been here and now? Exactly. You know, you can’t. You can’t take your body and go into the past or future.

#3- “The One is the All, and the All is the One.”

Which was examined earlier in detail.

#4 – “What you put out is what you get back.”

This is basically The Law Of Attraction, regardless of the name you call it. manifesting abundance and changing reality with thoughts what you put out is what you get back

#5 – “Everything changes except for the first four laws.”

Those first four laws are like the foundation stones of your reality. They are immutable. Everything else can change. So anything else you believe is just a belief you are choosing to adhere to, and it’s not real. It’s only real because you decide it’s real by believing it.

(taken from the Five Laws Of Creation, by Daryl Anka Channeling Bashar as copied from the website Actualized.org)

The idea of the holographic universe is contained in the seven hermetic principles:

  • The principle of mentalism.
  • The principle of correspondence.
  • The principle of vibration.
  • The principle of polarity.
  • The principle of rhythm.
  • The principle of cause and effect.
  • The principle of gender.

One of the seven laws is the law of correspondence which says, “As above, so below, the all is one, and one is the all.”

It’s really a challenge to explain deep spiritual concepts in simple human language. Because all you can do is point at an idea and let it go, allowing it to land and hopefully settle in. To become a belief. So it’s easier and more effective to talk through metaphors.

Are You A Drop In The Holographic Ocean?

One metaphor that is used very often is the drop and ocean. Theyou are part of the quantum consciousness ocean represents the cosmic consciousness, the oneness, all that is, God, divine source, all of those different names you can use to describe it. That one ocean can become many drops, and you are one of the drops. And it’s water. Whether it’s an ocean or a drop, it’s all water. Taking the next step and recognizing the ocean as being holographic in nature, it’s still water.

The ocean is water, and the drop is water. Then the drop experiences itself as separate from the ocean. Yet it still is in the image of the ocean. And they are the same because they are water. And once again, the drop will return to the ocean, where it once again becomes the ocean.

Another metaphor is the idea of a musical symphony. And the many notes in the musical Symphony together are the one Symphony. That can be used to describe us as individuals. You are a note in the divine Symphony. You are a unique note in the divine Symphony. And you have a unique perspective and place within the divine Symphony. Alone you are a lovely sound. But as part of the group of notes, even though you are still an individual and are played individually, the result is terrific.

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Theories Of Consciousness

So looking back to the creation of the 10,000 things. Each one has a unique frequency and perspective. A unique focus, angle, and way of seeing, experiencing, choosing, and exploring things. And that uniqueness, allowing that unique expression, is what expands consciousness. This, in turn, is what expands everything.

Another way of looking at this is back to my favorite disco ball analogy, which I often used to talk about the divine soul or the oversoul. But you could equally apply it to this concept. The disco ball is the one. The lights traveling around the room are many; again, they are in the likeness of the one. It’s light. It’s all light.

So from the human perspective, the human experience, who are you in relation to the universe? Who are you in relation to the cosmic consciousness? Who are you in relation to all that is? Who are you in relation to what some people call God and what can be called divine energy?

And at the beginning, it was noted that you are an aspect of the oneness. You are an aspect of the oneness. You are an aspect of God. You are an aspect of divine consciousness. You are a unique perspective of God’s source. One of the many eyes of God, one of the 10,000 eyes of God, one of the 10,000 things Lao Tzu talks about.

So, as you may have gathered, it’s challenging to bring this idea to the intellectual mind in an understandable way. This is why we have been using metaphors. It is quite a paradoxical concept. There lies the holographic duality, you exist within God, and God exists within you. Okay, can both be true?if the universe is a hologram is there a holographic duality

So, who are you in relation to oneness? Oneness is all frequencies, all energies, everything. And you are:

  • A unique frequency.
  • A unique frequency pattern.
  • A unique expression that’s part of the whole but is not the whole.

Yet you have access to the whole. So you, from your human perspective, can have access to the oneness.

But you can’t look at things from the perspective of oneness. Only from your perspective of the oneness. Because the moment that you merge into the oneness and are able to see the world as the oneness, you would cease to be you. You would be the ocean instead of the drop.

This is why it’s hard for you to really talk about it. You have a limited mind to take all this in. You are just mere humans with godlike tendencies. And you do have a limited human brain. And it’s challenging. People take everything so literally. If you’re a hologram, why can’t you get skinnier? You want instantaneous gratification and results. And again, the paradox is, as the controller of your hologram, you can have these instant outcomes. But only when you reach that frequency, that vibrational state, where you can. You are the hologram but also the laser creating the hologram. And that laser takes a lot of power, a massive amount of power, to create that hologram. And so you have to, as a human person and spirit combined, access much power to make an instant physical change. But it’s not a lot of physical power. It is a lot of spiritual power, just like Jesus and the other masters have done. It wasn’t forced, but they, too, had to reach that vibration.

It really has to be experiential. The mystic’s journey is to experience God within yourself and directly experience this oneness within you. It can’t be talked about, but it must be experienced. And your life purpose is to be that unique expression of the one. Your mission on earth is to find that unique frequency of light in you and express it here all the way in physical matter. And when you do that, you can change the world. You can bring the light into the dark. You bring heaven to earth. As the controller of the hologram, you can change illness to wellness, blindness to vision, and yes, even water into wine.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, If The Universe Is A Hologram What Are We In Relation To The Oneness, as we delve into a path less traveled and beyond the quantum, the quantum hologram theory of consciousness.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of If The Universe Is A Hologram What Are We In Relation To The Oneness:

  • Jennifer – I couldn’t hear the answer to my question about seeing an eye during meditation. So I guess that’s my question. What could that mean?
      • Jennifer -Thank you for your response. I asked the question because I couldn’t attend the Unlock Your Intuition Q & A last week and haven’t seen the recording yet.

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  • May – Could we say everything is contained within a blob of plasma?
  • Denise – I awoke one night to see holographic images of the past. & continue to see the images 24/7. Why did this happen?
  • Amber – Regarding a drop in the ocean, I seek understanding on the subject of those that have transitioned and are still very connected and communicative to those loved ones still living on earth.
    • Amber: Thank you, Dr. Lesley, for your explanation of this. Pieces of the intellectual puzzle/riddle snapped into place for me!
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, I’ve gotten a strong impression lately that some of the things I’ve been seeing out of the corner of my eye are the underlying structure of reality/timeline shifting. If that makes sense? It‘s like Star Trek, the holodecks, which are hologram-created realities. Still, occasionally there would be a tech problem, and they would see the underlying grid lines, the actual structure of the holodeck, beneath the illusion. I’m wondering if maybe you could take a quick look at what I’ve been glimpsing and give me some insight.
  • DG – I finished the Midas Tree and passed it to my Granddaughter! On part 3 now of Intuition and Chakras. Felt so peaceful after the Grounding meditation.
  • Zachary – Have you found others like me who know when others will be born or those who are about to pass? I call it them knowings.
  • Amber – Thank you for the 5 laws of creation tonight!

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