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May 2, 2023

A Channeled Message From Numan – How To Have A Consciousness Revelation UYT370

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How To Achieve Higher Consciousness?

Many of you have asked for some form of training on many different topics, including how to have a consciousness revelation and how to raise your consciousness levels. Another popular request is a formal course on entity and Spirit channeling. In response, I am in the final process of formulating and preparing to present a channeling course.

A Channeled Message From Numan – How To Have A Consciousness Revelation


Because people are unaccustomed to channeling in itself, never having had the experience, they have many questions. One of these is how long do sessions usually last? In the examination, the average time frame of channeling sessions varies. They generally run half an hour to an hour but can be longer or shorter. When you are channeling, you are in a trance state. Being in a trance state for longer than an hour can make returning to this reality a little more complicated. It can be challenging but by no means dangerous. I don’t stay in a trance state for longer than an hour.

Heightened Consciousness Sensations

How does channeling in a trance state affect one physically? In most cases, it makes the individual feel a sense of bliss and very happy. Because to do a channeling session, you have to enter into man’s higher consciousness. You have to raise your frequency, entering into the realms of what would be called unconditional love, bliss, and ecstasy.

You need to match the vibration of experiences and things to attract them. So while channeling, I’m feeling happy. After finishing, I will return to your normal 3d physical reality perspective. One of the essential things to learn when you are channeling is how to navigate those different states of consciousness. Because if you stay in a trance state and try to walk around your ordinary reality, it’ll be a bit like you are drunk, crashing around and tripping over things.

You will not make sense when talking to your friends and relatives. This is because they wouldn’t be on the same vibrational wavelength you are experiencing. It’s literally a different wavelength.

Developing Consciousness Can Include Channeling

channeling messagesChanneling is something that everybody can do. It is something that you are doing all the time anyway. However, what you’re channeling may or may not be helpful. For example, you are all here in this physical world channeling yourselves. The personality that you have is a channel personality. It is a fragment of your greater being, your higher self, Spirit. It’s an arrangement of different characteristics.

Another example of involuntary channeling will be if you’ve ever said something. Then you caught yourself and realized, “Oh my goodness, I sound like my mother, or I did that just like my dad.” So that is a form of you channeling.

So, you all do it. You all channel in some form, such as:

An artist in that state of flow of their creativity is experiencing a form of channeling.

A musician in the middle of writing or playing a beautiful piece of music is a form of channeling.

A writer writing a novel or a work of nonfiction that brings forward a new perspective on a subject with a particular flavor can be a form of channeling.

And so again, as I always say, everyone’s intuitive and has psychic abilities. Also, everyone can channel. So it’s not as out of reach as you might think.

What Is Consciousness In Spirituality?

As you listened to the things stated previously, you may be pondering something anew. You may be reconsidering the term consciousness. One person’s definition of consciousness is not always another person’s. And that of an entity or Spirit again may be so very different and far advanced as that of Numan, who you will hear from shortly.

Consciousness is one of those mysteries of Spirit that mere mortals cannot conceive. Consciousness is everything, and everything is consciousness. Consciousness is the substance that underpins all creation. Consciousness is God. It is a Source expressing itself through form and in different ways.

So consciousness is the Am in the great I Am. And ultimately, you all are a spark of this great divine consciousness. And this spark of the divine consciousness that you are is holographic in that it’s you in your unique individual aspect of God. And it’s also you connected to everything else.

Conscious Life And Energy

And in my work, when I teach, there are only two things: energy and consciousness. So when you are healing and working with energy, you are directing energy with your consciousness. When doing a psychic reading, you adjust your energy frequency, connecting and using your consciousness to observe things. So you are observing energies and communicating about them. So consciousness is a fundamental underlying principle of everything.

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Your consciousness is different from your brain, which is different from your intellect and thoughts. And so, Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore, I am.” You could say you actually can exist without thought. Thought is a human thing. So you often define yourselves by this collection of human things such as actions, thoughts, and beliefs. However, you are beyond deed, thought, belief, and feeling. There is an eternal isness to you, and that’s your consciousness. And your consciousness is not inert. It has what can be said to be propulsion, attraction, or desire that allows it to move through realities and create “your map of consciousness.”

The channeling being discussed is much more than just a way to speak to the spirits or angels. It is a connection to consciousness itself.

How To Have A Consciousness Revelation

And now, I will share a channeled message from one of my guides. And next week, I might share a channeled message from one of my students who has been learning to channel, so that would be interesting.

And Numan, you can think of as a higher dimensional consciousness, a highly evolved consciousness channeling messages for humanity’s evolution. Some of my guides are extraterrestrials. For example, my leading healing guide is, you know, associated with the star system Sirius. But this one, who I call Numan, is more of a higher dimensional consciousness. I have shared one or two messages from Numan before. And we might start doing it a bit more frequently.

I didn’t necessarily ask a question to get this channeling, although I did at the end. Because last week, somebody asked a question on the show. And we were not disrespectful to the question, but we somewhat passed it over. The listener asked about the Eclipse. So I asked my guide at the end of this channeling to give us some information about planetary alignments and other relative things.

Now let’s allow Numan to answer this question of how to have a consciousness revelation and more of your questions before you even know you have them.

Numan’s Message

channeled messages from the archangels“The earth is shifting. Humans are changing. Your consciousness is becoming more malleable and flexible, so you can experience nonlinear multi-dimensional reality. The most significant guidance we can give you is to avoid getting stuck on anything. Allow the new experiences without resisting them.

There literally isn’t time to pause and figure things out the way you used to. By the time you explain it to yourself, things have already gone beyond what you stopped and paused to explain. Qualities to cultivate at this time include trusting, accepting, and allowing.

Imagine you are suspended in midair in a wind tunnel. Now imagine that the wind, instead of being air, is reality shifting. That’s kind of an interesting visual. You’re suspended in a wind tunnel, and the wind is rushing past, except what’s rushing past is reality. This is where you and your planet are right now. It is very exciting as long as you go with it.

If you go against it and start resisting it, then it’s more challenging. Struggling against it is a bit like a man standing in quicksand. He becomes even more trapped in a limited reality. The old earth is truly dissolving, and a new one is being born.

It’s more like a coming forward of a potential that’s always been here. One form of expression gives rise to or makes way for another. These Earth changes are also part of a greater cosmic cycle, which includes the Earth in relation to the larger Cosmos and the greater cosmic consciousness.

Signposts embedded in your reality are many. On an individual level, you see number sequences, which are awakening codes and symbols to make you aware of your shifting reality. On a collective level, you see the old ways exposed as not working, and new systems are forming to take their place.

the cosmic shift and consciousnessOn a cosmic level, cosmic and other planetary alignments push and pull like levers on your consciousness. They change you. They change your planet, inviting you to move into a new era of peace.

If you pay close attention to the world inside you, you will notice that you don’t experience time as before. Your reality is no longer linear. Instead, it can be experienced more as an event-based reality where you occupy certain scenes. And while your clock time may show a day or week has elapsed. Whereas, experientially, there is little time and space between them. They no longer seem like separate events. But they seem to be one eternal experience, a creative space that you occupy outside of time, if you will.

When you use clock time, it no longer feels equally spaced between years, months, weeks, hours, minutes, or seconds. A week can feel like a year. A day can feel like a month. And paradoxically, the days and weeks pass quickly, even though the content held within them feels immense.

Your memory of the past and past time events is not as solid as it once was. It feels like an elusive dream that you struggle to keep hold of. As you wake up in each new moment, the present moment can feel hyper-real if you are grounded and anchor yourself here. Or it can feel like nothing is real if you don’t ground and anchor yourself here.

As you open to multi-dimensional awareness, you can start to feel overwhelmed, fragmented, or even insane. It would be best to learn to hold infinite awareness and momentary focus as coexisting states of consciousness. This, in part, is what Jesus meant when he said, “Be in the world but not of the world.” In the higher dimensions of consciousness, you can have simultaneous experiences in multiple timelines all together, all at once. You can participate in them without needing them to be one at a time.

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Your larger being is already doing this. Your human aspect is beginning to get a glimpse of this now, after being segregated for millennia. This separation is not a weakness of the human. It is intentional and natural. You chose it to have an intense focus on duality. Because this is an excellent mechanism for expansion. Pinched off from the greater Cosmos, in ignorance of your infinite being, you created an imaginary world where cause and effect were separated by time and space.

Then you traveled along your linear path, making choices, like a labyrinth or maze; you sometimes reached dead ends or came face to face with the monster in the labyrinth. It seemed like this was done to you. But it was done by you. And the monsters were you looking in the mirror. And the challenges were you fighting with yourself. You couldn’t see this at first until you finally started learning. Everything in your life is caused by you.

In fact, everything is you. But then that’s another story. And in the old reality, you were in the maze. In the new reality, you can view the maze with a bird’s eye view. So you’ll be able to consider different routes and actions and choose what excites you most. As a result, you will connect more with your higher being who already has that perspective.

(Aside from Dr. Lesley – Okay, and now, last week, a listener This is me. Last week a listener asked how should we prepare for the Eclipse. And this is the answer I received from Numan?)

how to meditate for beginners and prosThe Eclipse is an opportunity for expanded awareness. It is a potential portal or threshold-crossing event, should you choose to use it that way. Some of you will. And some of you won’t. You don’t need to prepare anything specifically unless you want to do a ceremony or ritual. And that’s a personal choice or preference that you can make. You won’t lose out if you don’t do this because you are immersed in the energies of the changing world. And you’ve already chosen the New Earth to train or not. Depending on the person, you can use the energy patterns of the cosmos to help you anchor your new consciousness if you wish, but it’s happening anyway. And there are other permission slips that you could choose from.

We will say this, if many of you choose to focus together, it is very powerful indeed. So the idea of meditating on specifically chosen days as a group works wonders. And meditating to anchor specific energies that are more powerful and are more easily accessible during an astrological alignment or event are signs that you are consciously choosing a particular path together as a mass consciousness.

In Love and Light, we bid you farewell.”

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth A Channeled Message From Numan – How To Have A Consciousness Revelation as Dr. Lesley shares a channeled message from Numan, an extra-world entity.

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Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of A Channeled Message From Numan – How To Have A Consciousness Revelation:

  • CK – Define consciousness in your own terms.
  • CK – Can you increase consciousness?
  • CK – How do you achieve higher consciousness?
  • Tracy – When you are channeling, do you decide who you want to channel, or do you set the intention that you want to speak to an entity or group?
  • Omyda – How does it work when communicating with your higher self? What level of consciousness is that? (Sorry if this question is unclear) Wow, I didn’t realize that our higher self-conciseness was so high; I assumed it was more dense / just a few steps above our human consciousness!
  • Monotone Maiden – Do you think some are born with the natural ability to communicate with them? My brain moves at the speed of light.
  • Brian – I have an unrelated question, Dr. Lesley, but something I’m curious about. Last night I felt something leave me, I felt it on different levels, including physically, but I don’t know what it was. Still, I was very aware of it, and I feel different. Would you mind looking at it for me?
  • Omyda – My daughter talks about remembering being conscious without a body. Especially from ages 3-5 (she’s six now), she would share vivid memories of being consciousness and being around during various stages of the earth’s evolution. She draws about it. It gives me chills b/c she talks about it with such certainty. I try and foster and validate that as much as I can. What can I do to continue to help her develop/maintain her connection? (I want her to retain it as she gets older / becomes more socialized). She also shares that she feels she’s not from this planet but loves this planet and is here to do a specific task. She says she feels distressed and can’t remember all the details of the spiritual tasks she set out to do in this lifetime. It’s a lot for a little child to be thinking about! Can you take a look at this for her? Her name is Kaleila.

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