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May 18, 2021

Do You Believe History Is Bunk, What Is The True Story? UYT291

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The True Importance Of History May Have Been Overlooked

Have you ever wondered whether or not history is bunk? Whether what you are seeing on the history channel is the truth and the whole truth? One of my listeners wonders this exact thing. He has asked the question:

“I don’t know if you are looking for new topics. I’ll propose one and let you change it into something that other viewers might like. I’m not sure who I’m quoting, but you hear it a lot. The quote (that I agree with) is “history is bunk”. Getting an accurate representation of what has happened in the past is nearly impossible. Since you are in communication with archangels, they would have a long view.

I’m especially interested in the last 40,000 earth years. DNA data suggests that was a very important time for the species. Also, the last 8,000 years appear to be even more pivotal for the Earth. I, of course, have my own idea of how things played out, but it would not be well received.

The archangels would be able to put a better spin on it. My feeling is that the last 40,000 years have been very, very turbulent for even the archangels. And hopefully, once we get past the next 10 years, rebuilding can start in the promised Age of Aquarius. ” Dennis

Do You Believe History Is Bunk, What Is The True Story?

What Is Prehistory?

He added one additional sentence to his question:

“And then the challenge is making the scope of the topic manageable.” Dennis

Which is true. How can you cover the entire history of planet Earth but we’ll do our best? Most of the world looks at history from some form of logical left-brain thinking. There is another way you approach this question, an engaging, intuitive way.

I’ve been doing past life readings for about 22 years.

Through those past life readings, I have been exposed to all the different eras and cultures on Earth. People come to me with various experiences, and I estimate that I have psychically read between almost 50,000 past lives.

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Some think humans evolved from the family of apes. The belief is you are ancestrally related to all of the Big Apes, and the Chimpanzees, and so on. But they all have an extra chromosome. We have one less chromosome than they do. And one of our chromosomes is a fusion of two of those ape chromosomes. Many people who think on an esoteric level will suggest that we are genetically engineered by a group of advanced beings. The majority of these people believe it was the Pleiadians.

So that’s my comment on prehistory, over 40,000 years ago.

Ancient Civilizations different eras and ancient civilizations

There is an indication of lost continents from over 50,000 years ago. One of these lost continents would be the historical era of Lemuria. Most conventional history teachers treat some of those things as fantasy. Yet, many more are moving from that rigid concept.

One of those lost continents was Ancient Lemuria, which was the beginning of the human species as we know it. This era was when the event that modified our genetic material occurred.

Dennis mentioned the second date in his query was the time frame of 8000 years ago, and approximately, probably more like 10,000 years ago, was the last destruction of Atlantis. Atlantis actually went through about three different cataclysms, but the very last one was about 10,000 years ago. And so since that previous Cataclysm of Atlantis, we’ve been, I guess, in a way, rebuilding.

Where Is The Lost City Of Atlantis?

Once the subject of Atlantis is brought up inevitably, there is a common question, where is the lost city of Atlantis believed to be. Humankind really interprets history through a set of preconceived ideas. And one thing that you may find interesting is that people go searching for the lost city of Atlantis or the lost Lemurian civilization as though it was one thing.

Both of those societies, both of those cultures, had multiple outposts, multiple cities, not just one. Yet, we search for a single location and argue about where it is.

Just like our current global situation, there is not only one Village, one city. And look at how old our civilization is. Not very old at all comparatively. Those civilizations spend 10s of 1000s of years. If you think of our modern civilization, depending on where you want to start counting, if you’re going to start counting from Christ, it’s 2000 years. If you’re going to start counting from where they take the ancient Egyptians, maybe it’s 5000 years or even 10,000 years.

The Atlantian or Lemurian race were civilizations that lasted a more extended time by 1000s of years. They were long-lived civil civilizations.

Imagine if Atlantis spanned 35,000 years. The people you met 35,000 years ago will not be the same as the people 20,000 years ago or 10,000 years ago. So it’s not just one thing. It’s not just one event. It’s not just one city.

Is History Actually Bunk?is everything in the history book true

In answer to Dennis’s question, if you want to say history is bunk from that perspective, history is. In many senses, history books may have a myopic view.

And you know, so as a present culture, we tend to see history through our limited eyes and worldviews. Because we are sort of blinkered by our own perspective, it is challenging for us to understand what was going on before our awareness. Primarily if we strictly use our intellect rather than intuition. I suspect that most people who are historians and who are recording history use strict intellect. Please don’t misunderstand; I think there are some wonderful historians and archaeologists that do fantastic work. But, often, we look through the lens of our present time culture, and our culture is a very intellectual one.

But many cultures that existed in the past were much more intuitive. And they didn’t operate in the same way or think the same way at all. And I think one example of this might be that many cultures gave powerful credence to their dreams, where their waking life and the non-waking life had equal weighting. Their physical and nonphysical experiences had equal weighting. That is a very different perspective on reality. As an example, the Australian Aboriginals have a very different perspective on reality.

Humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience. You cannot put that aside while considering history itself. Our view of history changes as we evolve. New information becomes available to us at a rate that we can handle and at a relevant and appropriate pace.

As a people, not only will our view of the future change, so will our understanding of the past. I believe that Spirit is not bound by time or space. As we increase our exposure to our spiritual essence, our view of history will also be enhanced.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do You Believe History Is Bunk, What Is The True Story as Dr. Lesley shares an alternative interpretation of history and ancient civilizations.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Do You Believe History Is Bunk, What Is The True Story:

  • That is like there are more views to a story or a period in history.
  • Is that what happened when those 2 women in Versailles, when they were suddenly transported into the past briefly, when they turned that corner (hopefully you know what I’m referring to, it was widely reported) they kind of attuned to that plane of existence we view as the past? It seems like events that are ‘foreseen’ also have a large emotional component to them, like 9-11, or the sinking of the Titanic.
  • That’s hilarious! I do love the ’20’s and travel! I also have had a dream I think was a past life as a man. I would love to know where and when I’ve lived or who I was in my role in society or any relevant information you can tell me, please. Thanks in advance! I would love to know where and when I’ve lived or who I was in my role in society or any relevant information you can tell me, please. I do love the ’20’s and travel! I also have had a dream I think was a past life as a man. Thank you for the reading!Thanks in advance! I teach ancient civilizations to 6th graders. Thank you for the reading!
  • I looked back I don’t know if it was me or someone else. I was a teacher in a white robe and I was poisoned by my husband. I saw people were hot and sweaty. In 890 AD were people in Rome hot and sweaty? I’m trying to confirm a past life reading?
  • The name Carmilla came to me, 890 AD, and Rome. Someone was trying to say that their hygiene was good.
  • Dr. Lesley, I’d like to know what if anything you can tell me regarding any Past lifetimes that may be impacting my current lifetime, affecting it, or has relevance to it?
  • I seem to have feeling memories from previously destroyed worlds and it gives me much anxiety like I have to do something about it this life this earth. Can we have a look later?
  • I also dreamt that my mates from that time are not with me now, they looked for me from the sky with a huge telescope and I miss them.

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