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January 24, 2023

Healing Yourself 101 Using Intuition And Psychic Techniques

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I Healed Myself. Begin Your Emotional Healing Journey.

This podcast will discuss self-healing, basically healing yourself 101 in relation to your psychic development. These sessions are conducted as an open Q&A forum for any of you interested in taking my psychic development and intuition development courses and would like to ask questions. I know from previous events that some of you are a little shy. And so I am doing an introduction.

I’m Dr. Lesley Phillips, and I don’t know how much you know about me. I teach intuitive and psychic development. I’ve been teaching psychic development for over 20 years. Way back, I was a scientist with a Ph.D. in drug discovery. I was very analytical and intellectually orientated. But I was always fascinated by everything to do with intuition.

What Is A Healing Journey? Healing Yourself 101 healing yourself 101 the begining of your healing journey

Let me share part of my healing journey with you. I used to keep a dream diary. And dreams and my dream diary were part of my pathway to developing my psychic abilities and personal healing. I belonged to a dream analysis group. And we used to meet weekly to discuss and interpret our dreams. We also trained ourselves to program our dreams. We even taught ourselves to meet each other in our dreams and have lucid experiences.

And that dream experience is what set me on my psychic journey. I realized there was more than meets the eye in this physical and spiritual world. And so I went on a voyage and took psychic development courses. So that’s how I got to be as good as I am at what I do. I dedicated and committed myself to this new endeavor. I focused much of my time and effort on this new spiritual path. And that is vital to mastering anything.

You might have the desire to develop your intuition, but there is more to it than just a desire. It’s like wanting to be physically fit and joining the gym. You can join the gym, but you need to go to the gym and work out to get fit.

The same holds true with your intuition and your psychic abilities. While you all have them, you must focus on them to make them a reality. And so that’s what I did. And that is part of my way of teaching you how to develop your psychic abilities.

You Can Heal Your Life, Healing Yourself 101 learn how to heal yourself

Included in the curriculum are a unique regular meditation practice and specific tools and techniques that are part of the ancient mystery teachings. And they are designed and specifically developed to help you, on the one hand, heal yourself. And on the other hand, they assist you in activating your psychic abilities. And both of those things go hand in hand. You can only have one with the other.

When you focus on healing yourself, there’s a natural side effect, and that will be that your intuition opens up. For example, suppose you are passionate about developing your intuition and psychic abilities and being good at them. In that case, you first have to be healing yourself. Otherwise, you will get stuck.

Here are some questions and comments from listeners during this Q&A Session, Healing Yourself 101 Using Intuition And Psychic Techniques. To hear more questions and responses, please listen to the podcast:

Jen – I am just new to all this just starting. And my question is, am I doing it correctly if you could tell? Am I training correctly? Are my spirit guides and angels and stuff hearing me?

Dr. Lesley’s response– Okay. So in asking your question, you have brought up two common issues that arise when people want to access their intuition. First, am I doing it correctly? And the second one is how do I know if my angels and spirit guides are hearing me?

So the answer to the second question is your angels and guides can always hear you. So it’s you that has the issue of being able to hear, see and receive their messages.

Okay? Humans often feel like they’re fumbling around in the dark. But if you’re calling out to them, they hear you. Unfortunately, you may not be able to receive an acknowledgment or receive any of their messages.

As for your question, “am I doing it correctly” I’ve got two answers. First, you can’t get it wrong regarding your path. On your path, you can either be in a state of alignment or out of alignment. But either way, you’re learning something.

Now, I don’t know anything that you’re doing because this is the first time I’ve met you in terms of developing your intuitive gifts. I have a particular way of teaching people how to do this, and it is through meditation. And it is through particular meditation techniques which I call the ancient mysteries. So, there are many different paths to achieve the same goal, but that’s my teaching method. So Jen how, how are you going about things?

Open Your Intuition Meditation

Free Open Your Intuition Meditation

(Jen) I purchased your program and am just starting it. I did some study on crystals and a lot of reading. But there is so much. And I didn’t know what psychic ability to concentrate on. How do I know what special ability I need to focus on for myself?

(Dr. Lesley) What course did you buy?

(Jen)You put me on the spot. I purchased your book. Yes, it’s sitting right here in front of me. I’m trying to read everything and take any e-course. But then I feel like, well, does that even apply to me? Is it one of my abilities? What direction do I go in?

(Dr. Lesley) So it’s good to start with a foundation. So you’ve got the Intuition And Chakras book.intution and chakras You should go to the third section, Five Meditation Techniques for Intuition Development, and focus on learning those first. This is like a ‘healing yourself 101′ course in itself. And then, you can go back and read through the rest of the book.

Or you could have a Psychic Ability Blueprint Session with me. This session is entirely focused on your unique profile of psychic abilities. And how they relate to your unique life purpose.

How To Start Healing Yourself, Healing Yourself 101

So I wouldn’t get fixated on what your specific ability is right off the bat. You have many psychic abilities which are channeled through your seven chakras. There are 22 psychic abilities, and your unique configuration is mapped to your life purpose. But the more you work on yourself, the more you meditate, the more you heal yourself, and the more those abilities will open up for you. So I recommend starting with the back of the book, The Five Energy Techniques. This is like learning to walk before you run.

Another thing that I recommend is the Unlock Your Intuition Course. That course gives you so much in terms of healing yourself and knowing yourself. In terms of teaching you some of these techniques that I’m talking about. I guarantee that course will help you make a massive shift.

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

Bobby – Um, you probably already answered my question but two things. Number one, I’m primarily interested in being able to read my Akashic records or do so for a handful of individuals I’m close to. But we’ve also talked several times. And so I’m curious as to, being that you know me, what would be my best next step concerning developing my abilities further?

Kenneth– Dr. Lesley, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the book that you wrote. It gave me a lot of peace this year, and it’s been challenging. And then thank you for the tip on the conference the other day. I received an invitation to that conference on leadership and entrepreneurship.

And that was such an excellent conference that I really enjoyed that. And I loved seeing what people do. You know, they push themselves and use their intuition, sharing those gifts with others. So that was really inspiring. Thank you for that. And then I have a question that may apply to everybody.

When you think of like yourself and blocks that you might have, that you’re born with, maybe? Can they become your biggest strength? Is that a positive way to look at it? Or are we imprinted with these blocks, and that’s gonna be your challenge?

Jane – First, I want to say hi; so good to see you. And anyone who still needs to take Dr. Lesley’s Unlock Your Intuition class, I would highly recommend it and all of her other classes. I’ve just had a phenomenal life transformational experience. So thank you, Dr. Lesley, for all you do in supporting us and for your patience and explaining and guiding us into living our most authentic lives in this body at this time.

And to dovetail off of that, my question to you is twofold. One, it’s this appreciation for everything you’re doing and dedicating your life to teaching us. Some of my aha moments lately have been about realizing I had been suffering and I don’t need to. I am choosing to feel at peace because I can. And it’s mostly that, but it’s not all the time. And is it the same for you? Have you healed that art of your life?

Unlock Your Intuition?

Learn To Unlock Your Intuition With Dr. Lesley

Is it one of the reasons you have so much patience teaching us how to unlock our intuition and psychic abilities and feel that peace within our every day? What kind of realizations have you had that motivate you to continue to teach? And anything that you are open to sharing. I know some of it is probably really private and not easy to explain. But anything you want to share that keeps you motivated to do this work?

Natasha – Hi, everybody. Hey, I wanted to reiterate what Jane was saying. I just finished the Unlock Your Intuition course, as well. And it was an amazing course. And I’m still thinking about some of the teachings every single day. So something will pop into my head. And I’ve also experienced a different level of peace in myself, like you said, Jane.

And you know, I’m blown away that there’s an entirely different way to be. And so thankful to Dr. Lesley for opening some of these new ideas and skills up to me. My question today is more about personal direction. Now that I’ve completed that course, I am interested in the Kundalini course. But I need to figure out what all it entails. And I wanted to develop my Clairvoyance. I was thinking about that while doing the Unlock Your Intuition course, and I have noticed over the last week that my Clairvoyance is starting to open up.

It’s exciting to see some of these new images, pictures, and short films coming up. And so, should I follow the path of looking at Kundalini? Or should I move in that direction of looking into Clairvoyance? Learning more about Clairvoyance, or if they overlap. And I’ll be opening that up.

Beverly – I really need to focus on my healing, specifically reprogramming my DNA, repatterning myself, and clearing my ancestral lineage. In my heart of hearts, that’s something I need to work on. So I’m interested in the Clairsentience. But eventually, I’m one of those types of people that people who don’t even know me come up to me and tell me all their stuff because they feel comfortable.

Take A Clairsentience Test

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

And I listen because my heart, you know, obviously, they feel comfortable. So I listen. So I want to focus on that eventually. But mostly, I want to focus on healing my DNA, myself, and my lineage. I could benefit from a past life reading. I’ve never had a reading before. And I do have some blocks that I’m aware of. I need to learn how to fix them. Yeah. And I’m still unclear about what my purpose in life is. Yeah. So my question to you is, is it better for me to focus on the coaching? And within the coaching, focus on healing and healing my DNA. Or is there a course you have that will touch on all those topics?

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Psychic Abilities Q&A Period

On the third Thursday of each month, Dr. Lesley hosts an open office call on Zoom.

It’s a complimentary 60-minute group coaching call at 1 pm Pacific Time (time may be subject to change, so please register at the link below).

The call is so that you can ask me about your intuition blocks and psychic abilities and discover if you qualify and are a fit for my Psychic Development Training Courses.

There are a few provisos:

  1. Questions will be answered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. This is NOT so you can get a free psychic reading from me.
  3. I will mention my School of Intuition and Psychic Training courses.

In return, you’ll learn from the answers to your questions and those of others.

Here is the registration link: https://drlesleyphillips.com/free-third-thursdays/

P.S. – It will be recorded, and the video clips on may be uploaded to YouTube and included in a Podcast.

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