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September 7, 2021

More Free Psychic Readings From Dr. Lesley Answering Your Questions UYT307

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Psychic Readings

This episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley Phillips is dedicated to the listeners and giving free psychic readings answering their heart-felt questions. But, of course, they were welcome to ask about anything they liked.

More Free Psychic Readings From Dr. Lesley Answering Your Questions

Free Psychic Readings By Phone And Online

Our radio show’s listeners had an array of queries. They asked everything from career to relationship questions. The following was a selection of just a few of these:

One of the things to remember in visiting psychics for answers or clarity is that you create your reality. So whatever is going on in your life right now, you created it. And whatever it is that you would like to change, or manifest, as the creator of your reality, you absolutely can do that.

And this is one of the reasons why you should not entertain asking a future time question. You all recognize that it is very, very tempting. People always want to know such things from paid or free psychic readings:

  • When will I meet my partner?
  • When will I get married?
  • When will I get a new job?
  • When will I move house?
  • When will my finances improve?

And, of course, that is entirely down to you as you are the creator of your reality. So depending on your energy at the moment, all of those things you want to create can either be more likely or less likely. So if you do have a future time question and you can ask it, but the answer may not come to fruition. You still have free will to chose what happens to you. Do not let someone else control your future.dr lesley phillips gives psychic readings

Yet, a Psychic reading is a great way to uncover answers to personal issues that you may have. For example, relationship problems are one of the main topics people need clarity around and Life Purpose. It could be that you are looking for some more information about something under the umbrella of metaphysics and spirituality. Or you may have past life experiences that you need to be clarified.

Dr. Lesley Answers Psychic Questions

Question 1-Tamara, “I’ve been working on myself for years now since I started hearing voices and feeling things. Five years ago. I’m grounding daily and meditating daily, I see colors and random pictures, but I’m still blocked somewhere in the third eye. I’ve done lots of healing. What’s the main thing blocking me from my Clairvoyance? I know this is my path.”

Psychic Response- “We’ll take a look at that for you, Tamara, and thank you for asking your question. All right, so I’m just taking a look at your energy. And well, I do see what you’re talking about. And it might take me a moment to translate what’s going on here. But, I see a couple of things. One is to let go of any effort that you’re getting into. Because if you approach your psychic abilities through effort, you’re approaching it through the body levels. And so you want to let go of any effort. And you also want to let go of any tendency to be intellectualizing or trying to figure it out, intellectually, so there’s a little touch of those two things. But, still, there’s something else that seems to be the major one.

And, okay, I’ll explain how I see it. It’s almost like there’s a device going across the front of your sixth chakra. And it reminds me a little bit of one of those virtual reality devices, you know, you put the helmet on, and then they play your virtual reality. And it just looks like that device is creating a limit on what you can see and how much you can see. So I don’t know why the devices were there or who put them there.

Sometimes these things can be leftover from a past life, sometimes they can come from another person who doesn’t want you to see or isn’t worried about you. Seeing things sometimes can be an old agreement with a being or an old guide or something. And so that’s what I’m seeing. And perhaps that might be the reason why it’s so frustrating for you that you’ve been unable to figure out what’s going on.

So it’s an energy device, and it’s attached at the front of the sixth chakra, and it feels like it goes around the back to the base of the skull. So this is the kind of thing that you might want to ask for some help clearing out. It’s something that I’d be able to help you with if you wanted to connect with me outside of the show, but that’s what I’m seeing in your case. That it’s just some kind of restriction or limitation device that’s not allowing you to fully open up to the full use of your Clairvoyance.”clairvoyant energy is used in readings

Question 2-FranDr. Lesley, wonder if you see a past life connection with my husband, Greg, is there some kind of plan or issue that we are destined to work together? work on together?”

Psychic Response- “Right? Let’s take a look at you, Fran. And I’m going to just tune into your primary spiritual growth cycle right now.

What comes up for some reason is that there are some dreams that you would like to make into a reality. And, again, I’m seeing you need to be more grounded to make that happen. And it feels like perhaps these dreams are a co-creation with Greg. So let’s take a look at that idea. But, again, from a past life comes context.

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So I’m seeing there are quite a few past lives you shared with him. We’ll just pick one or two as an example. Let’s see what we get here. I’m getting Gone with the Wind as a reference point, which I think is just helping date and locate the past life. So I think that’s set in the south in the United States. Would it be in the 1800s? So let’s take a look at who you were.

Well, I actually believe that you were married in the past life that I’m looking at. So you know, when you’re married to somebody in your past lives, there can be all sorts of different relationships. But in this particular case, I’m seeing that your gender roles were reversed. So you were the man, and he was the woman, though.

And I’m also seeing that you had at least one child. So I’m looking at you at the point that you’ve had your first child together. And it feels like it was a time of war. I can’t remember that movie, but maybe it is that the Civil War timing. I’m not sure, but it feels like there was some kind of war-type stuff going on. And that you created this child together and the experience that the child gave. You know, as they say, a bundle of joy just straight from God, full of love.

Beautiful, you know, or inspiring this new being coming into the world and how much love you both felt for the child. And of just how much love you could feel. And so the co-creation that’s coming up is love on the planet at a time when there was war, chaos, and people hating each other. And yet, you co-created this vibration of love through being together in marriage. And through having at least one child together. And that it looks like that was a really strong family unit that remained strong throughout that bond of love.

And so, if I look in the present lifetime, it looks like you’re wanting to remind yourself of that. Because you’re in a way, or in a similar time. There’s a lot of chaos, a lot of polarities. And how does one navigate that? What can one do? Well, you can be here and be a beacon of light and love. And so it feels like what’s missing right now is that grounding. So that’s what’s coming up.”

develop your psychic abilitiesQuestion 3- Carey “I would like to know which of my psychic abilities is the strongest so that I can focus more on developing.”

Psychic Response-“Well, the theme that’s developing today is, blocks to your psychic abilities. So when I tune into your energy Carey, I’m seeing something similar to the first person I read tonight. But with you, it’s in the fifth chakra and the crown chakra. So some kind of blocking of the crown chakra and the fifth chakra. And, you know, sometimes your most significant challenges can turn into your biggest gifts. But so let’s just take a look at that.

So I’ve seen at the moment that it might be easier for you to focus on your Clairvoyance in some senses. Because I see that your sixth chakra looks brighter and more transparent than your fifth and seventh chakra. But of course, all of your chakras, which all channel different psychic abilities, all work together in an integrated system. And so, at some point, you would come across those blockages that I’m seeing in the fifth and seventh chakra.

And the seventh chakra is to do with knowingness and trance mediumship. And the fifth chakra is to do with telepathy, Clairaudience, and pragmatic intuition. So let’s see if I can give you a bit more information about what it looks like.

The blocks are just like a gag order. You know, it’s not safe to speak what you see. So, on the one hand, you know that if you’re developing your Clairvoyance, sometimes it’s just because you want to develop it for yourself and answer your own questions. But sometimes it’s because you want to speak about what you’re seeing. So I get the impression that it might be hard for you to speak about what you’re seeing because something is going on here at the fifth chakra and the crown chakra.

There’s also energy wanting to come in between you and your divine source and your higher consciousness. So the short answer to the question is Clairvoyance. The long answer to your question is that there’s obviously more than one ability at play. It is a system that works together.”

More Free Psychic Readings

The previous was only 3 of 15 free psychic readings that were given during the show. The responses are only given for three questions due to the length of the readings.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth; More Free Psychic Readings From Dr. Lesley Answering Your Questions where you can tune in to the podcast to hear the rest of the free psychic readings given during the hour-long session.

A Free Psychic Reading

Get Your Free Psychic Reading

Here are the remainder of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Should You Consider Spiritual Metaphysics To Be Important:

  • Tina- Hi Dr. Lesley! I’m continuing to have injuries and pain with my feet, which prevent me from being mobile. I’m curious if this may be related to releasing a soul issue of being mistreated/taken advantage of? Or if it’s something else entirely, like being stuck in life or in my romantic relationship. So if you can take a look and offer any guidance on any action I should be taking, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Njeri – I have been approached by an online company on LinkedIn to deliver a program. I wonder if the company is 100% legit. They are not able to provide me with details on the potential education. They have asked me to provide them with a syllabus without a contract or payment. Could this be a dream opportunity, or are they fishing the market for content for their own gain?
  • Brian – Hi Dr. Lesley, I’m still having issues with digestion and the lower abdominal region. I‘m wondering if you could look at that and tell me what’s going on, if it’s related to my chakras may be or what I could do to resolve it? I appreciate it!
  • Koree – Hello beautiful people! Dr. Lesley, I wondered if you could please give your insight on twin flames or the twin flame journey?
  • Malena – I would like to know what the next steps are needed to level up with my abilities, particularly my mediumship that has been opening up.
  • SG – There’s a year-long class I’ve been looking into taking. I am interested in it, but a part of me is wondering if I really want to do it. What my higher self is saying, is it best for me to take this class?
  • RJ – I would like to know if there is a reason for my aphantasia. Lots of meditation start with visualization, and I just see black, and I feel defeated before even trying. Aphantasia is the inability to voluntarily create a mental picture in your head. People with aphantasia are unable to picture a scene, person, or object, even if it’s very familiar.
  • Aly – Can you tell me if I was an energy healer in a past life? Or anything I should know? I have a difficult time connecting to who I once was. I’m very curious. If I knew, it could help me work through some of my recent challenges.
  • Bianca – I would like to know more about my abilities as well. Which should I focus on more?
  • E Arao – Hi Dr. Lesley, I have a big creative block, and I am having a hard time isolating it. Could you help me identify it?
  • Koree – May I ask a similar question as Fran? I was wondering if Dr. Lesley could reflect on my relationship with my partner Scott.
  • Aly – Can you tell me if I was an energy healer in a past life? Or anything I should know? I have a difficult time connecting to who I once was. I’m very curious. If I knew, it could help me work through some of my recent challenges.

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