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June 24, 2017

Crop Circles Explained! UYT012

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What Are The Origins Of Crop Circles?

Have you ever had Crop Circles explained to you by an expert? Are they real or hoaxes is the big question everyone asks? Once you have lived long enough you figure you have seen and experienced just about everything. Then something totally weird shows up. Then it’s time to rethink things? Stonehenge, the pyramids, the Sphinx are just are crop circles alien messagesa few and there are many more. Some of these are man-made, and regardless of the reason for their existence, are just basic structural. Some are nature’s way of saying “look what I can do.”

And then there are the spiritual or supernatural marvels that keep mankind guessing and pondering for years if not centuries. Regardless of what your opinion of these is in most cases they still exist. I will attest to the fact that not all so-called mystical creatures have credence. One example of a wonderful unexplained phenomenon that has people still conjecturing is Crop Circles. Whether they are man-made, nature’s creation, or something from beyond is they not fun to look at and ponder but the question still exists, are crop circles real.

Alien Or Not?

An intricate design just seems to appear in a field. Many may think that it is a communication from alien sources. Of course, the other side of that is those that feel it is all a scam, a hoax. Regardless of how you look at them, they are a total mystery. Crop circles are real, you can see them. They are as big as life. The real question is who has made these and how as well as why.

Nonetheless, they are very intricate intelligent designs highly symbolic in nature, geometry, symmetry, and mathematics. Have you ever come across crop circles decoded to your satisfaction? There are many crop circle theories and folklore floating around. Many people feel that they are communications or messages from beyond our solar system. Alien in origin is the most popular belief and explanation for these amazing creations.

Crop Circles Explained

In today’s episode, we speak to Gary Borborff an expert in these unexplained crop circles and author of “Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine.” You can see some of his new crop circles pictures online http://www.jungandcropcircles.net/.

He has some very interesting things to say about these figures and symbols in farmers’ fields and whether they are a true phenomenon. He talks about crop circles being made caught on tape as well as what he determines are real crop circles and hoaxes. He even has some evidence about crop circle makers caught red-handed.

What do you believe? Are crop circles real? Who or what creates them and why? Join us and hear what other people have experienced and what they have to say about this mystery.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What are some of the theories of what they are?
  • Who creates them and why?
  • Authentic circle versus hoax & how to tell the difference

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Crop Circles Explained, and make up your own mind.

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