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May 9, 2023

Why Channeling Aliens, Spirits And Other Entities Is Important UYT371

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Channeled Messages From Another Being In Space

Tonight’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley is about channeling aliens, one alien in particular. This is another installment in the informal series about channeling communication from the beyond, including the spirit world and entities from other dimensions and planets. So yes, we are, in essence, channeling ET.

Why Channeling Aliens, Spirits, And Other Entities Is Important UYT

How To Channel: Spiritual Gifts

This series is a lead-up to my new course, which will be a channeling course. Many people who listen to Unlocking Your Truth don’t always realize what I do. There are 1000s of people who listen to the show. And maybe that’s all that you. You just tune into the show. But there’s more than what we discuss on the show. I founded Dr. Lesley’s School of Intuition, which presents many psychic development courses to help those of you who are interested in developing your natural psychic gifts and more.

Beyond teaching people how to do readings and teaching energy healing, I have a few selected students learning how to channel. And one of the specialty sessions I do is to help you understand your unique gifts.

I have shared several channeled messages from my guides. And this week, it would be fun to read a transcript of a session one of my students carried out. This is a chat form of channeling aliens, and her name is May. She has been studying with me for a while. She wanted to try something different. This is the first time we have done this together.

Basically, this was an attempt at the first contact with an interstellar being. This is a really great example of the type of thing that you can experience when you learn how to channel. It’s a giant galaxy and, furthermore, a vast universe out there. There is an infinite realm of things to explore.

What Are The Signs You Are A Channel?learn how to have a consciousness revelation in relation to the cosmic and planetary alignments

And so May said, “I fancy connecting with someone, a new galactic friend.” So that’s what we did. And that’s what we are sharing with you today. One of the main reasons we are sharing it is to demonstrate that you do not need to be someone special or have unique talents channeling energy to be a channeling medium. This is the kind of thing you all can do. You can learn to do it.

A Simple Channeling How-To Method

And so imagine this is you being able to channel. One of the methods you can use, which works quite well when you’re learning, is to have a dialogue channeling session.

This would entail having an assistant. Someone who asked questions so that you, the channeler, can focus on connecting and responding to the questions. And that helps you narrow it down to concentrate a bit more.

Before you begin the connection, a specific meditation is performed. In this situation with May, I’ve talked her through a meditation that gets her into the zone and helps her shift her vibrational frequency accordingly to connect with whoever shows up.

Channeling ET

The following is the conversation with the one that she was channeling. So this is an example where my student May, wanted to discover a member of her galactic family. So we used a unique method, which will be in my channeling course. But it’s also in my Claircognizance course. It is a straightforward and excellent technique that helps you connect with Star Beings or your galactic family.

So here you are; you’re in a physical body on planet Earth. And you’re part of a greater consciousness. So your oversoul creates experiences in multiple realities. And those multiple realities can include life on other planets, not just on Earth.

All right, I first led her in a meditation using specific techniques to help her get into a channeling state. And then, after that induction process, the dialogue begins.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation

Dr. Lesley – See the projected image of a being that will make itself known to you. If you don’t see an image, you can sense it through your “clear knowing.” And then start to talk about what you’re experiencing.

May – I see the extraterrestrial. I see the being.

Dr. Lesley – Ask the beings for information about who they are, where they are from, and how they are connected with you.

May – Years and years ago, we connected with one of these beings in a group. And I don’t remember much about it, but I can ask now. “Yes, we collect plants.” This is what the being is saying.

Dr. Lesley – While you go from system to system collecting plants, where are you located? And if it’s not a star system we know, please describe the star system providing characteristics of the star system.

And the answer is, “It’s close to or part of a nebula. And it’s just beautiful.”

Dr. Lesley – And while May was channeling this information, I was also channeling the same information. So I saw a lot of the same things that she saw. So I said, Yes, that’s precisely what I got. I was also seeing a nebula. example of an alien nebula

May – Is your home in the star system in that nebula? “Yes, out near the rim is what I’m hearing. “And out near the rim is what I was seeing too.

Dr. Lesley – And then I asked May, What’s your personal relationship with this being?

May – Well, I lived there at one time. And it also has to do with my connection to loving plants.

Dr. Lesley – Yes, I agree with that. And I was just wondering if this being who collects plants is that part of what their planet is about? Why are they collecting plants? And what is the purpose of collecting plants?

May – Well, what you are saying is that they are putting them on developing planets or a developing place of some kind?

Dr. Lesley – Wow, is this place under development for them to live on? Or are they just creating a new world? They said they’re creating a new world.

Is that their purpose as a species is to seed new worlds. To attend to the creation of new worlds? Or just his specific individual purpose? And then the answer was, from the being, “mainly most of us are explorers, pulling together this flora. And we do set up worlds for the latest species of what you might call humanity, which takes all shapes and forms.”

So then I asked, “Well, were you involved in originating our planet? Were you involved in setting up the earth?” And the answer was, he says, “We did bring things there, and it was much lusher when it began. Some of the plants are in the Amazon area.

May – That makes me think that maybe there’s a medical connection with them.

Dr. Lesley – Yes, that’s what I was going to ask. Can he talk about the ethnobotany of our world, about the medicinal properties of plants in our world? And what would you like to tell us about them? And the answer was, “One of our main priorities is to ensure that the species has the ability to heal themselves. So we do put things in prime areas that we know will help. The Amazon is a major one. And other locations of indigenous species on the planet.

And then I asked, “Do you still put plants on Earth today?” The answer was, “It’s a little bit more difficult since the Amazon is being harvested so much. And we have to be careful not to be caught. But we have put still put some things in that area.” channeling al;iens who may have seeded the amazon rainforest

I said, “Can you tell us some information about natural plant medicines versus what the pharmaceutical industry does? Which is to extract the active ingredient from a plant and make it into a concentrated, injectable, or pill form? Can he tell us something about the pros and cons? Are plant medicines meant to be taken as a holistic thing? And are we getting off track when we create pharmaceuticals out of them? What is his perspective?

And the answer was, “It’s never as potent as you would have from its growth area. So it’s diluted when it’s made into a pill or a capsule.”

So then I asked, “What does he say about picking a plant from its natural ecosystem to use as a medicine versus growing a plant in a monoculture to use as a medicine versus manufacturing the active ingredient in a factory and putting it in a pill?”

And the answer was, “The primary source is the optimum. So you can grow it in a lab, a home, or wherever, but it doesn’t have the same ecosystems to support it. And so it’s not going to be the same, and it’s less the same if it’s in a pill.”

And then I asked, “Well, why don’t we have a pill? We got one active ingredient, and we have it in an extreme concentration. So it’s like a big hammer. And when we have the plant from its natural source. We have the influence of the energetics of the ecosystem. And we also have everything in the plant, which may synergistically work together with what we’ve determined to be the active ingredients. So can you please speak to me about that a little bit more? How can we evolve our approach to medicine? Can he speak to what we’re doing in the pharmaceutical industry? And also, what has he just told us about the gentle potency of something grown in its natural ecosystem?”

The answer was, “Well, first, they’re not all gentle. Some of them must be merged with aspects of another plant to create the desired resource. And some are a little too strong. At this time, no technology will recreate a plant’s effectiveness from its prime resource. It’s like eating locally. You get much more value from the food you would have grown locally than something shipped from another country.?

So I said, “So each country, each ecosystem has its own flavor. And what’s available in the Amazon differs from what’s available in England, the Canadian wilderness, or the African savanna? Is there a relationship between the people living in an area and the plant medicines available locally? Or are all plant medicines planet wide and meant for everyone??an ecosystem representation

And then the answer was, “Living in the same environment is optimal. But those plants will have a greater effect on anyone in the world. It will just be a little different. You have something called the microbiome that wants plants and foods from their place of origin primarily. But that’s not to say you can’t have a great impact to assist in a condition.”

And then I said, Well, that’s interesting. And what can you tell us about the microbiome? Because for example, the modern human being might travel a lot. They might pick up different bits and pieces of their microbiome from different countries. And so everybody has a unique fingerprint as their microbiome. So what can you tell us to educate us about the microbiome?”

And the answer was, “You’re right. It is like a fingerprint. Most of you move from place to place, and most humans move from place to place from where they were born. And that’s your natural vitamin, supplements, and food resource.”

Dr. Lesley – I think meaning the place where we were born. And when we move to other places, the body must adjust. And sometimes it doesn’t.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of a fascinating conversation with an extraterrestrial as much as I did. There’s much more to this channeling transcript you can listen to on the recorded podcast.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth Why Channeling Aliens, Spirits, And Other Entities Is Important, and listen in on another channeled message from an alien guide who was contacted by a student of Dr. Lesley.

Employ Intuition For Guidance, Healing, And Growth?

Psychic Training With Dr. Lesley

Here are a few questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of A Why Channeling Aliens, Spirits, And Other Entities Is Important:

Tracy – Can you describe what he looked like? Were you both able to see him clairvoyantly?

  • David – Hi, Dr Lesley. What are shadow people?
  • Frederick – Curious to know if he was a particular color vibration?
  • C.K. – Would their chakra system be similar?
  • The Pink Lady – When we get these messages from E.T.’s, are we supposed to tell the world about them?
  • May – E.T. has a brown color, a head on a long neck, and a big heart that shines pink/red. The creator of E.T. dreamed of this species and thus created the movie.
  • Brian – Interesting validation on points I’ve intuitively known about the agreements with animals regarding what we consume. And that much of the plant medicine used to have spiritual experiences is mostly unnecessary. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but these both seem to be such hot topics, more and more people pushing the plant medicines and the whole vegetarian vs. carnivore discussion, which seem to be a right/wrong controversy.
  • Lorraine – How do we find what medicinal plants they brought us?
  • Cole – Yes, the shadow people phenomenon is often talked about a lot more recently, mostly figures, mostly male in form, seen as a shadow, sometimes darker than dark, wearing hats and red eyes. They always seem to be observing us and disappearing when discovered. Lots of theories about them, including extra-dimensional beings, which do resonate!

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