October 30, 2018

Can Dreams Come True? UYT179

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Are Dreams Signs Of The Future?

Today’s topic is going to be about dreams and more specifically can dreams come true and can dream predict the future. I’m sure; if the statistics of the scientific studies are correct then most people have had an experience of a dream coming true. because depending on the study that you look at between and even up to a hundred percent of people have had at least one precognitive dream if not more which is definitely evidence that dreams come true. In fact, John Hopkins University in the United States did some research.

They worked with pregnant women and it was to see whether pregnant women could predict the sex of their child without having an ultrasound or anything like that. They were just relying on their gut feeling. In that study, a large percentage, 70%, of the women knew and accurately stated what the sex of their child was. In that study, some women dreamed of the sex of their baby and when they looked at that subgroup of women who dreamed of the sex of their baby 100 percent of them were correct. They all got the sex of the baby right. That’s interesting, isn’t it? You could say they were precognitive in one way. But when you look at it you know seventy percent versus a hundred percent that’s a big chunk of difference. So can dreams predict the future? You be the judge.

Can Dreams Come True

So what is happening when you’re dreaming? You’re entering your own inner psychological can dreams come truedimensions. In another way, you’re entering the deeper dimensions of reality. You’re moving outside of time and space. You can either look at it from a purely metaphysical perspective or you can look at it through the lens of quantum physics. You can look at it through spiritual representation as well where you’re actually in tune with your own spiritual nature. This is when you become part of the whole.

The differences between when you’re asleep and dreaming and when you’re accessing information from your waking consciousness are when you’re awake your intellects are engaged. When you’re asleep you can bypass the intellect. The intellect is such a dominant aspect of the human condition. It’s linear because we are human beings. We’re in linear three-dimension time and space and that’s how that intellect operates. It operates linearly. When we’re asleep it’s having a rest. It’s not the dominant force that is informing our experience of reality.

Instead, we’re traveling through our inner psychological landscape outside of time and space. you know from my perspective as a spiritual teacher precisely what we’re doing is we’re just experiencing the multi-dimensional reality which is our true home as opposed to the projection of consciousness that we are when we’re in a human body in time and space. I’m sure most people can identify with a whole range of different types of dreams. Dreams can be quite common because often what we’ll be doing in our dreams is working out our problems and tuning in to what we really know about a situation or how we really feel about it.

When we’re awake we analyze it with the intellect and dreaming is such a necessary thing. You must stay sane. They’ve done studies of people deprived of sleep and they start hallucinating and having all sorts of strange things happening. So it’s necessary to help you heal and grow and integrate your life experiences. But it’s also giving you access to the unconscious, the unknown, and the eternal multi-dimensional aspect of who you are. Of course, dream language is a little bit different as well it’s highly symbolic. Sometimes you know what you dream of is not explicitly what ends up happening in real life and yet it can symbolize and represent it.

Great Examples Of Dreams Coming True

One of the things that I really love about dreams and especially the idea of dreams coming true and because I have a scientific background is when you look in the annals of science even our most famous scientists and inventors have had their breakthroughs by bypassing their logical minds and get their answers and their ideas in their dreams. E=MC2 came to Albert Einstein in a dream. The structure of the benzene ring came to Kekulé in a dream he dreamed of a snake swallowing its tail. Then he realized that the structure of a molecule that he was trying to understand was a ring structure.

James Watson of Watson and Crick who discovered the DNA helix came to him in a dream. Nikola Tesla: the alternating current generator came to him in a dream. Dmitri Mendeleev discovered the periodic table in a dream. the person who invented the sewing machine Elias Howe I think he dreams and this is an example of a symbolic one because his dream was about I think it was about a plow going up and down plowing a field but that gave him the clue of the needle going up and down into the fabric in the sewing machine. There are just so many of these stories that we can’t possibly ignore them.

I mean the average human will have five to seven dreams a night and most people don’t remember their dreams so just imagine all of that problem-solving capacity. One of the things that most people are doing in their dreams is figuring things out.

All Dreams Can Come True

Apart from people being creative and inventive in their dream life people also get warnings. are dreams signs of things to come There are lots of stories of dire warnings that people have in a premonition. There are some famous examples of that. For example, Abraham Lincoln’s a famous one. He dreamed of his assassination before it happened and he spoke about it too. Lincoln had had a precognitive dream. However many of us forget our dreams. For many years I kept a dream diary and I trained myself to remember my dreams and even dictate my dreams onto a Dictaphone. I would have five dreams recorded per night and I would only remember the last one. There would be all sorts of fascinating things going on that I had absolutely no conscious memory of in these dreams. In that time I picked up quite a few precognitive dreams and some of them related to my own life and some of them related to world events.

When Your Dreams Come True

We have discussed astral travel before and of course, astral travel and dreaming are different. A lot of what we’re talking about here with a precognitive dream is really astral travel. So what we might say and what we might define a dream as is that there’s some processing that the body itself needs to do having had a full day of experiencing stuff. There’s some processing there’s some integrating there’s some chemicals chemistry stuff that needs to go on within the body. Often that type of dream is just a jumbled astral travel event while you’re asleep, you’re in the out-of-body state, and your astral body diving deeply into this multi-dimensional space, multi-dimensional aspect outside of time and space.

This is where time no longer exists and somewhere that you get to visit the past and the future. This is where you get to hang out in that quantum field of reality. This is where you get to test different options for the way things can turn out. So much of this is that it’s actually happening in the astral body. We tend to just think about dreams and astral travel as being synonymous. But one might say there are some things that the body just does to process and then there are other things that we do while the body is processing in the out-of-body state. Another word for that is lucid dreaming.

You can train yourself to wake up within your dreams. You can train yourself, after you’ve woken up within your dreams, to direct what is happening in the dream state. There are many techniques out there that will teach you how to do that. One of the biggest clues that you’re dreaming about is if you look at anything with numbers, whether it’s a book or a clock, you can look away and you look back again it will have changed.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How to remember your dreams.
  • Examples of premonition dreams that came true.
  • Can dreams be signs of the future?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Can Dreams Come True, and find out do dreams come true?

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  1. Great post! I’m so curious about understanding the meaning of each dream we have. If this really has a meaning or is this just a product of overthinking before going to sleep.

    1. Hi Sarah – Both! The body processes activities from the day while we sleep. These dreams are more of a jumble. We also astral travel and explore our inner psychological dimensions on the astral plane and beyond. These dreams have a storyline, and are rich with symbolism and meaning

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