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Episode 51

UYT051 Relationships, How To Heal The Broken Ones?

 Relationships, How To Heal The Broken Ones? Painful Relationships, How To Heal The Broken Ones? This is a question that many people, especially couples and parents in dysfunctional rolls,  ask every day. Millions of dollars are spent annually by the masses looking to do just this. There are ways to this on your own. Just as in […]

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Episode 50

UYT050 Being – What is it or How do You Access it?

Being What is it or How do You Access it?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions; Being, What is it or How do You Access it? Man has eternally searched for the meaning of life as well as God, The Universe, the Great I Am. In actuality we search for something outside of ourselves when all along it is within each […]

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Episode 49

UYT049 Chakras and How They Relate to Life Purpose

Chakras and How They Relate to Life Purpose In this episode Dr Lesley discusses Chakras and How They Relate to Life Purpose with Aditya Jaykumar the founder of My Seven Chakras. They discuss how they work in alignment with the body and spirit of each human being. This a very entailed interview and brings much light to the […]

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Episode 47

UYT047 – Hidden Meaning of Christmas

Hidden Meaning of Christmas In the world today it is not unusual for some individuals to be aware that there is a Hidden Meaning of Christmas. This is beyond the concept of the retail experience being the end all be all. There are so many aspects of the story that have been bent or completely misunderstood. Once you hear […]

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UYT040 – Can all Humans Channel Spirit?

Are We a Channel to the Beyond? Channeling means different things to different people. You can channel your energy, divine energy or non-self energy, which can be positive or even harmful. All humans  channel. You are spirit and you have created a physical body to channel your energy through. Famous examples of channels include J.Z. Knight […]

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Episode 24

UYT024 – Past Life Readings

Live Past Life Readings Guest Host Charlotte Spicer invited me to give her callers past life readings on her show Spiritual Insights. This is a recording of that show that was aired on Unlocking Your Truth as a fill in show when I was away. It is a different format than usual as there is no […]

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Episode 12

UYT012 – Crop Circles and Archetypes (Interview with Gary Bobrorff)

Crop Circles Are They Real? Crop circles are appearing all over the world. Some of course are hoaxes. There are some however that cannot be explained. They are also more than just pretty designs in a field. This week we interview with Gary Bobrorff, author of “Crop Circles, Jung and the Reemergence of the archetypal feminine”. […]

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UYT002 – Being Authentic the Real Path to Enlightenment

Is Enlightenment Achievable? Are you on the ultimate search for enlightenment.  That space and time that all is well and truth is unfolded before you. Well if you do find it don’t blink. It just may be a  hopeless yearning for unattainable perfection? Perhaps you are better off just seeking to be authentic and real?    In this podcast […]

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Past Life Readings and Akashic Records FAQ’s

How Past Life Readings and the The Akashic Records are Related? The Akashic Records are a recording of the entire cosmic consciousness. That is why they are sometimes referred to as “The Mind of God.”  They contain a repository of the knowledge and experiences of this planet and all of its life forms, including human […]

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