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Energy center located near the heart, called heart chakra, anahata

Episode 49

UYT049 Chakras and How They Relate to Life Purpose

Chakras and How They Relate to Life Purpose In this episode Dr Lesley discusses Chakras and How They Relate to Life Purpose with Aditya Jaykumar the founder of My Seven Chakras. They discuss how they work in alignment with the body and spirit of each human being. This a very entailed interview and brings much light to the […]

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Episode 45

UYT045 -7 Types of Relationships and How They Are Influenced by The Chakras

Types of Relationships and How To Tune Them In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth we discuss an article “7 Types of Relationships and How They Are Influenced by The Chakras” . It defines how such things as emotional connection, your reality, competition and even sex, as well as many more features of the interaction […]

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UYT037 -The Power of the Heart

Is There More to The Heart? Review of a film called “The Power of the Heart.” Story of a  dutch film maker, “Baptiste de Pape” was a lawyer, who left his corporate career to connect with his higher self and find his life purpose. He made a film about love even though he knew nothing […]

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UYT033 – Your 7 Chakras

Chakras and Their Keys To Life A chakra is an energy vortex that forms part of your energy field. Just as you have a physical body, you also have an energy body and this is created from inter-penetrating layers of energy emanating from these spinning wheels of light. There are hundreds of chakras throughout your body, positioned at […]

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UYT031 – Guidance from the Heart Center through Oneness and Affinity

Where Is My Heart Center? Your heart center contains your inner guidance in the form of oneness and affinity. Affinity is a universal force that attracts similar vibrations. Humans experience it as passion and attraction. It provides guidance for your life decisions by showing you what excites or repels you. Oneness is the inter-connection of all things. It […]

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UYT007 – Tips for Creating Loving Supportive Relationships

Loving Relationships Are Wonderful We all need some sort of connection with people, relationships. One of the connections we seek is a Romantic relationship. It is  one of the top subjects that consume our minds and conversations. We search for that one special person that will fulfill us. Be the ying to our yang. We can focus […]

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Fourth Chakra Relationships

Relationship of Fourth Chakra with Other Energy Centers

Relationship of Fourth Chakra with Other Energy Centers It is common to get the fourth chakra confused with other information centers. For example people often confuse the fourth and second chakras. Confusing Love, Affinity, Emotions and Sex As discussed in previous articles, the fourth chakra contains spiritual information about affinity and oneness and the second […]

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heart blocks 2

The Fourth Chakra and Blocks To Opening The Heart – Part 2

Closing the Fourth Chakra Down Many people close the fourth chakra as a survival technique. They do this to protect themselves from pain, but this has the opposite effect that what is desired. It is quite common for a person to close the heart chakra down and then look for others to blame. They are […]

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heart blocks 1

The Fourth Chakra and Blocks To Opening the Heart – Part 1

 Unhealthy Fourth Chakra Can Lead To A Closed Heart Often the fourth chakra is open at birth, but more closed as an adult. Most adults interact with one another on a physical, emotional or mental level. So a baby entering the world with an open heart finds himself surrounded by people without affinity. As the […]

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Balancing Heart

Balancing the Heart

Balancing the Heart Chakra is Very Important It is Common for the Fourth Chakra to be out of Balance. The heart chakra is at the center of the body at the juncture between what is above (spirit, cosmos, sky) and what is below (earth, planet, physical plane). It is a point of balance between body and […]

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