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Clairsentience refers to a spiritual ability that allows you to tune into the emotions and sexuality of your self and other people, that is located in your second chakra.

am i really an empath and psychic

Am I Really An Empath And Psychic? FCR127

It is the first time I’ve heard the knowing referred to as such so there is an intuitive ability called knowingness. It is the ability to instantly access information it’s when you know something. You don’t know how you know or why you know you just know it. Another name that it’s sometimes called is […]

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What is Mediumship?

A spiritual medium is also a means through which information travels, but in this case they are a conduit for communication the spirit to the physical world. There are many ways of communicating with the spirit world and a medium can be using one or many of them when they receive their messages.

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