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Clairaudience is a spiritual ability, located in your fifth chakra, to hear beings without bodies including spirit guides, angels and other out of body entities.


UYT032 – Clairaudience – Why Hearing Voices Doesn’t Mean you are Crazy

Clairaudience Is Not a Visit With the Queen Clairaudience means clear hearing and refers to intuitive hearing. It relates to an energy center in cleft of throat. This energy center, called your fifth chakra is governs communication and has information on this and other spiritual abilities. Hearing voices doesn’t necessarily mean you are ill or crazy. […]

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UYT029 – Being a Medium and Communicating from Beyond the Grave

How Do I Know If I Am a Medium Mediumship refers to the practice of communicating with spirits who are deceased. A spiritual medium can talk to loved ones who have passed using a variety of methods. This episode examines communication from beyond the grave. We ask is there life after death? If so What are the signs […]

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Spiritual Communication< Mediumship and So Much More

The Fifth Chakra, The Center of All Spiritual Communication  The throat center, the fifth chakra, serves a function in all aspects of communication. Physically it governs speech, hearing and self-expression, but it is also the container for your spiritual communication. Physical communication lets us know what is going on for us in physical reality and […]

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What is Mediumship?

What is a medium? In daily conversation we use the word media to describe how we get our news. A spiritual medium is also a means through which information travels, but in this case they are a conduit for communication the spirit to the physical world. There are many ways of communicating with the spirit […]

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Clairaudience – Does hearing voices mean you are crazy or just psychic?

Do you think that if you hear voices it means you are crazy? Well think again, it may just mean that you are sensitive to spirit and are tuning in to spiritual messages using your clairaudience. Clairaudience simply means clear hearing and is a spiritual ability to hear beings without bodies including spirit guides, angels […]

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Do you have spiritual abilities

Ever wondered if you have spiritual abilities?

Actually everyone does. In fact we are all born with a unique blueprint that determines which spiritual abilities we have chosen to focus on this lifetime. Unfortunately most of us put our focus elsewhere and our spiritual gifts close down over time. Luckily we can easily learn to re-open them We can do this by […]

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