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UYT030 – Dreams and Premonitions

What Is Happening During My Dreams? Everybody dreams whether they remember their dream experiences or not. What is actually happening during the dream state is that the consciousness separates from the physical body and has experiences in other realities. The astral plane is not limited by time and space and so it is possible to […]

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Out of Body Experience

UYT009 – Astral Travel, Out of Body Experience Fact or Fiction

Astral Travel Is Real and Fun When asleep and dreaming you may be experiencing astral travel. Astral travel is called an Out Of Body Experience or O.O.B.E. An Out of Body Experience using your astral body on the astral plane can be exciting and fun. It can offer an expanded playground for conscious experience in […]

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Third Chakra and the Meaning of True Power

The Third Chakra is Associated with Energy Distribution The third chakra is associated with energy distribution, that is to say how we each choose to use our energy in the world in creating our own reality. Unfortunately many individuals use their energy to exert power and authority over others. This prevailing belief on our planet […]

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Astral Travel

Astral Travel and the Third Chakra

The Third Chakra Contains your Information on Out of Body Experience. We are spiritual beings that exist in multiple planes of existence. We create bodies of different vibrations as vehicles to experience these different realities. The one we are most familiar with of course is the physical body as we use this one to experience […]

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