Your Spiritual Nature Is Your Core! UYT065

Your Spiritual Nature, You The Being, Be-Ing?

Your spiritual nature is the truth of who you always have been, are today and always will be. So what is it then and why is it so important? Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What or who is at the center of it all?” Even where do I really fit in the whole scheme of do you experience personal spiritualitythings in this large universe? You cannot broach this subject without considering spirituality and a possible higher power. Many different answers can come to mind. As for who or what is at the center most would respond with God or the Universe, BEING and in essence all would be correct.

There is, however, more to it than just the one definition. Your own spiritual nature is very pertinent when pondering this query. If you feel that you are denying God by internalizing His nature then of course this would, in essence, have you deny any sense of personal “godness”. This would in term be a major factor in determining the opinion you would adopt. It stands to reason that the main factor that must be considered is your religious belief structure. This learned religious belief system is a strong motivator of many aspects of your life. The thought that you are the center of it all may contradict much of what you have set as your religious parameters. The thought of this could send many an individual into a state of guilt requiring, in their eyes, some sort of forgiveness and even repentance.

What Is Spirituality Then?

This is about when we need to look at and examine the statement we here so many new age practitioners use, ‘what does spiritual but not religious mean.” This comes into play in relation to your spiritual nature and what you determine that is. The difference between religion and spirituality has been on the metaphysical and mainstream religion debate floors for quite a while now. The stand that most religions take is that as a spiritual personal we cannot take on the nature of God but just represent it.

God is a separate entity! The concept is that God is everywhere and everything but not ‘us’. Adhering to the idea that you are god would be blasphemy and mean the destruction of your good standing with “The Creator”. In the Metaphysics realm we believe that we are all part of god, the universe or whatever name you wish to give this greater power and all forms of spirituality have merit. We all came from, remain and will return to this entity as a part of the whole. Some people do not consider that the definition of spirituality contains much to do about what your belief of this entity might be.

It is about who you are within your being. That the spiritual you is the true you having a physical journey. This belief is that the center of who you are is deity and you actually have the power of god but just do not know how to wield it, or do you? Some people can create so much good just because they will it. They actually put it in motion. And we also have the power to create negativity. You create your reality! Sickness or health, rich or poor, happy or sad you write the script.

So how do you define spirituality and the ultimate power that drives your personal dogma of your personal spiritual journey? Do you feel that this spiritual belief system, your personal spirituality, is in any way compromised if ‘The God’ does exist or are you happy believing that if He does He will be all loving and understand and forgive your misapprehension? This can really cause some inner turmoil. However we discuss this in much more detail in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth.

In this podcast you will learn:-what is your spiritual nature

  • Why you are the center of it all.
  • The relationship between you and you spirituality.
  • How your past lives reflect in your present reincarnation.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth,Your Spiritual Nature Is Your Core, while we explore the truth of who we all are.


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Your Spiritual Nature Is Your Core! UYT065


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