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What Is My Spiritual Path How Do I Know If I Am On The Right One?

What is my spiritual path? How Do I Know If I Am On The Right Path? Is there only one Right Spiritual Path?  Have you ever asked yourselfI have. I have asked myself that on more than one occasion. We you first consider how to embark on a spiritual journey, that road to enlightenment, it can actually seems daunting in a manner. The first road block people come is there a difference between a spiritual person and a religious personacross is whether finding spirituality without religion is possible. Basically is there a difference between a spiritual person and a religious person?

Spiritual beliefs are multitudinous as well as being completely personal. I would say that doctrines can help you if you are the type of person that needs those types off guidelines. There is nothing wrong with religion especially when you start your spiritual awakening. Discovering your spirituality is exactly that, you find your own spiritual way.  Many people use the term “spiritual but not religious.”  Of course none of the paths and journeys you will find yourself on will be wrong.

My opinion is that if you are on any Spiritual path whatsoever you are searching for the answers. I also feel that just asking, whether there are such things as spiritual paths, qualifies you as a searcher. In essence this question is more about the search for truth than spirit or spirituality. Please remember that feeling spiritually alone may also be a part of the search along many of the different spiritual paths. The truth that is within each of us yet so evasive. It is an individual truth as well as united affiliation, an oneness. Regardless of religion or geography! This truth, the spiritual awakening, we seek may be very illusive yet very apparent or visa versa. Search and you shall find! (Maybe)


In this podcast, What Is My Spiritual Path, you will learn:-what is my spiritual path

  • If you qualify as a searcher.
  • What the search for the path is all about.
  • Most importantly, why we search.

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