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What Are Devas and Nature Spirits?  Look Carefully, They’re All Around Us

What are devas and nature spirits? As per Wikipedia “A deva in the New Age movement refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature. The origin of the word ‘deva’ comes from the Sanskrit language. According to Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater devas represent a separate evolution to that of humanity. The concept of devas as nature-spirits was further devas help plants growdeveloped in the writings of Theosophist Geoffrey Hodson. It is believed that there are numerous different types of devas with a population in the millions performing different functions on Earth to help the ecology function better. It is asserted they can be observed by those whose third eyes have been activated.”

 Every plant, animal and mineral has and is consciousness. We are aware of most of these creatures and things in our world. However there is another realm of existence that surrounds us. Within this specific realm of nature there are many different nature spirits that exist and are conscious.  One of these creatures is the Deva types of elemental spirits. There is no difference between nature spirits and elementals. Devas are spirits associated with specific aspects of nature. They are in service to mother earth and have specific roles in the grand scheme of things.  Some of these tasks are to help plants grow and to look after waterfalls or volcanoes. These Devas do exist in what is a non-ordinary reality to us. We can, however, see and communicate with them using our spiritual senses.

This episode of Unlocking Your Truth is dedicated to answering the question of what are devas and nature spirits.


what are devas and nature spiritsIn this podcast you will learn:-

  • About the Devic Kingdom
  • The different types of nature spirit.
  • How to work with them to manifest abundance.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.

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