Understanding Your Chakras

Understanding Your Chakras In Relation To Other Chakras

Understanding your chakras in relation to other chakras is critical to living a full life including your embracing your spirituality. Each of the chakras has its own area of responsibility that is useful to you and humanity as a whole. Learning how to balance your chakras is very important. It enables you to understanding your chakras and having childrenexperience each of the gifts that the individual chakras have to offer.  Learning how to activate chakras through meditation is one of the best uses of your time as far as an investment in your future and your present is concerned.

The First And Second Chakra Relate To Different Aspects Of Survival

In previous articles, I talked about the first chakra, the root chakra, governing survival aspects including reproduction. The second chakra, the sacral chakra, is associated with the sex organs and also has information about creating a body for another being, reproduction.

The first chakra rules the masculine component of sexuality, such as survival and procreation; whereas the second chakra rules the feminine component of sexuality, including our sensuality and how we feel about sex and having children.

The first chakra governs the fight for survival and urges us to battle for and protect. The second chakra rules the instincts for survival and helps us to use our instincts to find a safe place to hide, to live, and to rear our young.

The first chakra relates to physical reality and in the context of money, the first chakra rules money and the power that it holds. In the context of the second chakra, it rules money and the security that it brings.


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Operating From The Sixth Chakra Allows You To Be Above Your Emotions

Many people have a dominant second chakra and experience their reality mainly from this place. However, operating from the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, enables you to experience your emotions from a neutral non-judgmental perspective. It helps you not to be swept away by the strong pulls of the body such as sexuality and emotions.

To have this higher spiritual perspective all you need to do is become centered. The way to do this is to seat your conscious awareness in the center of your head. This is the center of your sixth chakra and physiologically it is the location of your pineal gland. This is a great meditation to just that 

It can be very helpful to focus on developing seniority with the first and sixth chakras first, before tackling the second chakra because then you will be grounded in reality and able to see your creations clearly and not be swept away by the emotions and sexuality as you delve into this powerful energy center.

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Grounding And Centering Meditation

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