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I Am Spiritual Not Religious, A New Kind Of Religion? Or A Big Spiritual Problem?

 I am spiritual not religious is a statement you may hear often in our world today. What does it mean? Some people find this confusing. Others seem to be very certain of it’s meaning. There is yet another group of people that use this as an excuse to be neither religious or spiritual. What is the difference between a spiritual person and a religious person anyway? There are so manybelief in a higher power similarities between religion and spirituality that it makes it hard to define in one way. A person who is religious but not spiritual can still have a belief in a higher power but not religion necessarily. Is there only one right spiritual path? What is spirituality anyway?

Lots of people feel that a spiritual awakening is the beginning of enlightenment whereas religion is in the opposite direction.  The dichotomy, between the different spiritual paths and religion and having to make a choice, can give you a sense of feeling spiritually alone. I feel that once you begin the process of discovering your spirituality it can lead to true spiritual wisdom. I also believe that for some it does not matter if it is done through in a church of some sort or in your home. It is what is within you that counts.

There are other opinions in regards to finding spirituality without religion and using the difference between religion and spirituality belief systems to not make any choice. This is becoming problematic states David Webster, author of Dispirited: How Contemporary Spirituality Makes Us Stupid, Selfish and Unhappy.

His main claim is that “the non-religious spirituality has three main negative features (religious spirituality sometimes shares them, but far from always).”

To Paraphrase the central thesis of Dispirited:

  1. The inclusivist, pluralist approach to truth widely taken in mysticism, and new-age thought, curtails thought.
  2. Mind, Body & Spirit thought, Mysticism and much else under the banner of Contemporary Spirituality represents an ill-considered ‘inward turn’ that drives us away from concerns such as social justice, politics and practical ethics.
  3. The claims of Contemporary Spirituality ring hollow with respect to human fulfillment: in that they all too often either deny or somehow seek to dilute the one central issue that humans must address and find a reckoning with in order for a contented, or happy(ish) life to be possible: Mortality.

We caught David on a broadcast on Tapestry and we thought it would be an interesting subject to discuss on today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth. Come join us.


In this podcast, I Am Spiritual Not Religious, you will learn:-i am spiritual not religious

  • Which you are religious or spiritual.
  • Why this has become problematic.
  • Whether the search for truth moved towards self-obsession?

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