Emotions And The Second Chakra – Part 3

Strong emotions can be overwhelming.

Do you allow yourself to fully experience your emotions or do you sometimes deny or repress them? After all strong emotions can beemotions and the second chakra part 3 strong emotions can be overwhelming overwhelming.

Can you remember a recent time when you were overwhelmed by your emotions?

  • How did this impact you and those around you?
  • What was your body saying to you through that emotion?
  • Did you or others judge you for expressing your feelings?

Covering up how we really feel is acceptable behavior

For me tuning into my emotions is not always easy. I grew up in the UK where we all had “a stiff upper lip” and where we all “soldiered on” despite how we were feeling about things. I find it can be helpful to review my emotions when I meditate. I can review the day and see how my body responded to certain situations, understand why and if need be communicate with my body to help it adjust.

What are your beliefs about emotions?

Perhaps you were taught similar beliefs as I was? Or perhaps you came from a more passionate culture where emotions were expressed freely or even over-emphasized.

Meditate on your emotional messages

Breathe deeply and connect with your body. Tune in to you bodies main emotion. Speak to your body – ask what it is communicating to you through this emotion?

Take a moment to listen and respond. You can use this exercise to review your emotions through the day today.

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