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The Effects Of Alcohol On An Individual At The Spiritual Level

One of my regular callers and a student suggested an interesting video as a topic for a show. Her question was about how alcohol, drugs and spirituality mix. Interesting question I thought so we delve into the effects of alcohol in regards to spirituality tonight on Unlocking Your Truth.

I have found that when you are on a spiritual path, everyone is on one in some way or another, that the less interference you place in the way of your journey the more you can receive and give. One of the blocks that I have come to recognize when I give readings is that of alcohol and drugs. If I have had a glass of wine or any other spirit beverage I cannot create a the connection I need to help me read the person properly. I have decided long ago that I would not drink at least 6 to 8 hours before reading and preferably 12 hrs. to a full day depending on the number of readings I am doing. It is fair game after the day is done however.

I find this holds true for my clients as well. If they have imbibed in any way their chakras and auras are murky and not easy to see into or work with.

effects of alcohol on your spirituality Why it’s called SPIRIT? Source – Universe Inside You

  • Alcohol – In Arabic means body eating spirit or demon in Arabic
  • Extracts the soul & invites low frequency entities – that’s why they are called spirits

Some interesting Facts About Alcohol:

  • Medically we know people lose inhibitions, but also focus & discernment
  • They say it depresses the chakras & increases possession
  • I see spinning aura, loss of grounding, wide opening of the seventh chakra
  • Drunk people lose control of their own energy
  • They leave their body because they are ungrounded (blackout)
  • That is why they can’t operate their body or machinery – they are not here
  • Other entities can enter as they are wide open & go on a joy ride
  • Why you do things out of character – promiscuous; dangerous
  • Soul exits due to discomfort of being in alcohol effected body
  • If you know someone who drinks too much it is why they take on a different character

Marijuana & Some Other Recreational Drugs:

  • Same thing with the grounding & open crown & vulnerability to possession
  • Plus loss of faculties in the physical world.
  • Some say it enhances creativity & spiritual experience
  • Trouble is they have no desire to do anything about it

Psychedelics, Plant Medicines, Some Medicinal And Prescription Drugs

  • Depress the energy field, cause sluggish stagnant energy
  • Turn down the influx of energy from spiritspiritual science research foundation effects of alcohol

We present and listened, on air, to the audio of a short YouTube Video from the  Spiritual Science Research Foundation on the effects of alcohol at a spiritual level

In this Podcast you will learn:effects of alcohol

  • How alcohol may effect your progression along your spiritual path.
  • What it and other mind altering substances do to your chakras.
  • How and why intuitive readers have issues reading when mind altering substances are involved.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from listeners as well occasionally do readings  live on air for our call in guests.

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