Ancient And Modern Spiritual Symbols – UYT038

What Are Ancient And Modern Spiritual Symbols And How Do They Affect Our Life?

There are so many ancient and modern spiritual symbols in every culture and religion. We readily recognize some of them like the fish or the cross are symbols of Christianity and their meanings well known, the skull and crossbones, some are protectionWhat does the sun and moon symbolize against demons and the well-known red octagon on the corner of the streets in our cities ( stop signs of course). When you get right down to it even each letter of our language has some sort of meaning and when you put them together they mean something altogether different. There are ancient symbols of protection, sun symbols, ancient symbols of power and strength, protection against demons. What does the sun and moon symbolize?

Whether we are talking about magical protection symbols or those to ward off negative energy they are the language of intuition and sometimes even the divine. They convey more information than words. Everything in your life is a symbol showing you your reflection. Think about the wedding or engagement rings. In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Truth we look at ancient symbols and hidden meanings. We explore the symbolism of trees, roots, branches, flowers, fruit, nuts and seeds to illustrate how we can learn from symbols in our lives

ancient and modern spiritual symbolsIn this podcast you will learn about:-

  • Ancient emblems that convey spiritual information
  • Symbols that are present in all cultures and religions
  • The mystical wisdom of trees

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.


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