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Practical Meditation

This course will help you overcome the challenges of having thoughts and emotions that overwhelm you, It will teach you to calm your mind so you can feel peaceful and happy. As well as guiding you to have mental clarity.

  • For you if you want short practical daily teachings that build your meditation practice

Unlock Your Intuition

A 12 week meditation and intuition training program. The course addresses your meditation challenges and tackles the 7 blocks to accessing your intuition. You will open your intuition in a safe supportive environment.

  • Good for developing a solid foundation in practices that help you unbblock and use your gifts

Ignite Your Intuition

Four intuition development courses that focus on different aspects of intuition. Identify your intuition style and choose a course that matches your gift. Or take all four for practical experience in intuitive seeing, knowing, feeling & hearing.

  • Great for expanding your conscious awareness of how to access and use your intuitive gifts

Meditation Workshops

Available for groups, teams and corporations. They include practical techniques for all aspects of daily life, at home or work. The emphasis can be on meditation to reduce stress, increase focus, stimulate creativity or open intuition.

  • Choose if you want to give back to your employees or help your group cope with life challenges

Other Courses

This course was developed for the daily OM. Do you know your life purpose? Do you use your intuition to guide your life? Your chakras are the keys that unlock your inner guidance & purpose. Learn about all your gifts and purpose here.

  • Great if you want to receive short bite size tips by e-mail  & have a limited budget

Lesley empowered all of the attendees with the knowledge and experience required to trust that we are all clairvoyant!! She engaged everyone in meditations that helped each of us visualize the aura and even do a mini reading on ourselves….what a great class!! Thank you Lesley!!

Shahiroz Walji
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Great classes with valuable information taught via practical exercises & applying what's learned. I recommend Dr. Lesley’s courses to anyone interested in learning how to be more self-aware & empowered. She clearly shares her wisdom & helps us experience her teachings.

Raywyn Erickson
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Draw a Portico card and try your intuition now!

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