Eternal Love And The Chapel It Was Created In: UYT117

Eternal Love Stories Do Exist

We have the wonderful privileged of speaking to Stephen Murray the author of The Chapel of Eternal Love and Return to the chapel of eternal love stephen murrayChapel of Eternal Love.

Stephen Murray was born in England and raised in different countries throughout Southern Africa. Upon completion of his high school education, he returned to England before moving to California in 1976. He has traveled extensively throughout the world. Stephen owns a computer software company. The award-winning Chapel of Eternal Love and the critically acclaimed sequel, Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love, are his first published works of fiction. Stephen has recently published a murder mystery, Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. He makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has lived since May 2003.

Stephens short love stories are touching and a wonderful examples of what the world truly can offer in the way of relationships. The characters he has created bring a sense of emotional warmth to your heart…in most cases. One would think that Las Vegas marriages are carried out in drunken stupors. Not so. Some of the people you will meet in his books are true soul mates.

How does Stephen feel about true love? Lets hear it directly from him, “As I hope my novels will indicate, love does mean different things to different people and there are many ways in which love can manifest itself. I trust that my novels will give hope to those out there who are still looking for love – and it is my fervent hope they will find it.”

Some of the questions Stephen answer  are:eternal love

  •  What do you hope readers will take away from your book?
  •  How big is the wedding industry in Las Vegas?
  • Are any of the fictional stories based upon people you know?
  • Where did you find the inspirations for your stories?
  • Did you find it challenging writing a book for a primarily female audience?
  • What has surprised you most about the response to your book(s)?
  • Do you have any favorite characters or chapters in either of the books?
  •  Would you like this to be made into a movie?
  • What impact has the book had on your life?
  •  Do you have any plans for the publication of any other books after the Eternal Love series?

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