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Energy Interactions in Relationships And Can Lack Of Affection Ruin A Relationship?

Can lack of affection ruin a relationship? Are we all looking for affection or more? What do we all really want out of life purpose, meaning, peace, acceptance and if you are like most people a loving fulfilling relationship. When relationships are new there is an inert desire to create a bond, a are you having relationship problemsdesire to get as close as possible to your new partner. Energetically this results in an inter-mingling of your energy fields. When this happens, you experience your reality and theirs. As the relationship develops you may lose your clear connection with exactly who you are and crave your space.

Where does the disjoint come in? Interpersonal commitment is part of the involvement stage in relationship development and continued connection. Many relationships never reach this stage because it requires open, honest communication and trust. The lack of trust in each other can cause individuals to lose their personal space. To lose the ability to just be who they are. Not allowing people their personal space are signs of an unhealthy relationships. Signs of a deteriorating relationship are when emotional withdrawal occurs from either or both of the partners.

Whenever there is a misalignment; there are ensuing relationship problems and an out of balance relationship. This misalignment can be in the many areas however the most evident is the separation of yourself from yourself. Sounds confusing! You may have lost sight of your connection with the true you, your wants desires, needs and aspirations as well as possibly your spiritual nature.


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SELF – are you respecting yourself?

  • Do you know who you are?
  • Do you know and accept the light and love that is you?
  • Do you treat yourself lovingly?
  • Are you in balance to you give yourself what you need to be in balance?
  • Are you out of balance (giving-receiving)?
  • Body spirit relationship (eternal and temporal self) – do you take care of your body?

OTHERS – all others are also deserving?

  • We expect others to fulfill us and so we get wounded?
  • We have too many expectations, judgements and not enough forgiveness?
  • Do you love and accept others unconditionally

These are just a few areas that we can look at when we are out of balance in our relationships. If you are looking tips for a good relationship we discuss just that in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth. We discuss the energetic dance that takes place between lovers and others we are close to. If you are losing hope in a relationship and also feel like you are losing hope in life give us a listen.



In this podcast, Can Lack Of Affection Ruin A Relationship, you will learn:-can lack of affection ruin a relationship

  • 3 Techniques to make energetic separations from others.
  • About the energetic dance between people in intimate relationships.
  • The difference between sex and love and the chakras that govern them.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.


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