Become Emotionally Independent , Own Your Space – UYT080

Become Emotionally Independent And Why You Should Own Your Space.

The title of this podcast may be just a little misleading, Become Emotionally Independent , Own Your Space.” I am not saying that you should not become emotionally involved. What I would like to get across is that you should keep control of your personal power as well as not let people creep into your aura and mess up your energy. Some people live to be either of those two personalities, spiritually or physically. There are abusers, dominators and people who just long to be the victim and I do not mean in a made–up, roll playing manner. Many of these traits are picked up from our past role own your space be responsible for yourselfmodels such as parents and can be quite off the mark.

When we look at the need to own your space and become emotionally independent it should be in any type of relationship. Whether it is friends, lovers, religion or even work we need to be ourselves and not let anyone forcibly change or steal our energy.  

 Basically if you don’t govern your spiritual and physical emotional body and energies, Own Your Space, I guarantee someone else willThis is found to happen in many relationships. People get very close and the result is loss of independence in some way. Another term for this loss is giving up your power. Regardless of what we call it the consequences are usually very uncomfortable for all involved. There are so many ways an individual can become lost in someone else’s energy and control. Yes control. It can be very subtle. We discuss some of the outward and inward signs of this relinquishing of space and the ensuing results in this episode. Join us. It may change your life.


In this podcast you will learn:-become emotionally independent

  • What is meant by “Become Emotionally Independent and Your Space.
  • Why you should own it.
  • Ways in which you may lose it.

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Your Space is Important, Own It!



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