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Intuition Blueprint

Have you ever wondered about your purpose for being here?

An intuitive session that reviews your unique profile of intuitive gifts and shows how they support your life purpose. It measures how much you use your gifts, versus your full potential, why you seem to block them and how you can reactivate them.

  • For you if you want to develop intuitive abilities or clarify your life purpose.
psychic reading - intuition blueprint reading with Dr Lesley

Past Life Reading

Do you ever feel like you are someone else having different knowledge or thoughts than those that are You? Do you feel that you have lived a certain experience before but You haven't? It may be these were all remnants of a past life or lives.

If so, a Past Life Reading  may definitely be of benefit to you. Look into prior lives that relate to your current life which will help make sense of current beliefs and experiences. This psychic reading provides an opportunity for healing and transformation help you get clearer about your current life path.

  • Good for soul relationships, life challenges or accessing past abilities.
psychic reading - past life reading with Dr Lesley

Aura Reading

Your Aura is your personal energy field that is the operating, service and user's manual of You. Would you like to know what it says?

An Aura Reading provides a snap shot of you in time, including your present state of being, physical, mental and emotional health, spiritual experiences and beliefs. A psychic reading that explains why you are creating your life circumstances the way you are and helps you move forward.

  • Great for exploring your mental, physical, emotional issues and current life challenges
psychic reading - aura reading with Dr Lesley

Questions & Answers

We all have questions about our physical and spiritual lives that we just Need answers to.

This psychic reading is for those who are not drawn to having their aura or past lives read and have some specific issues or questions they wish to focus on.

  • Choose to talk with spirit guides, angels, unborn children, deceased loved ones.

psychic reading - question and answer session with Dr Lesley

I recently had an amazing and very insightful past life reading with Dr. Lesley. I was really impressed with how precise and relevant all the information was, being connected to current-life themes. The session was very confirming, and has provided me with an increased sense of self-awareness.

Jill Boadway
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Lesley, my very first past life reading from you was unbelievably accurate that it now makes me think a decision I am about to make is influenced by a karmic pattern. The readings you have done on me (Aura, Chakra, Card and Past life) are all enlightening and I am learning more about myself now than ever.

Sevelina Simnos
John Doe UI/UX Designer
intuition cards for psychic reading

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