What Is Claircognizance Part 2

what is claircognizance part 2 and the need to control others

What Is Claircognizance Part 2 – Challenges Of Mastering Claircognizance

In this episode, What Is Claircognizance Part 2 we discuss some of the challenges of mastering claircognizance. As explained in Part I, Claircognizance is one of the 4 types of clairvoyance and is the psychic sense of inner knowing, the ability to instantly know information. This information is accessed through the crown chakra. This truly is a great power and once you start to develop it. However, once you realize how muchwhat is claircognizance part 2 and the need to control others you really do know, you may experience some challenges to your spiritual growth. There are some wonderful examples of claircognizance as well as some that may not be so nice to experience and employ. We will be examining some of these claircognizance characteristics.

What Is Claircognizance Part 2 –The Temptation To Control Others

One claircognizance trait is when you have the need to share your information. Others may become awed at your ability. They may believe you have more power and knowledge than they do and you may exhibit controlling behaviour patterns and be tempted to play God. You may display control issues and tell people what to do or manipulate them to behave in ways you wish them to.

This may sound outlandish, but the most important part of developing spiritual awareness is to heal and know yourself first, and this involves taming your ego. We need to first know ourselves and God to use our knowledge beneficially.

Examples of people who have struggled with a need for control in this way include cult leaders, military dictators and politicians, such as Jim Jones, of the Peoples Temple, who encouraged a mass suicide of his followers in Jonestown Guyana by getting them to drink poisoned “Koolaid.” David Koresh, of the Branch Davidians and the siege in Waco Texas is another example. As is Hitler in World War II and Idi Amin in Uganda.

All spiritual leaders must watch that the ego does not usurp this powerful aspect of spiritual consciousness, even church ministers, catholic priests, rabbis, motivational speakers and self-help gurus, like James Arthur Ray, who had a follower die in a heat lodge, because they were encouraged to stay longer than was comfortable.

What Is Claircognizance Part 2 –The Temptation To Share Everything You Know

what is claircognizance part 2 and being tempted to play GodAnother challenge that can be encountered as you open your knowingness is the belief that you know it all including what is right for the world and what is best for others. Remember your Another challenge that can be encountered as you open your knowingness is the belief that you know it all including what is right for the world and what is best for others. Remember your information may not be appropriate or meaningful for others. We are all unique individuals and have our own information to support our path.

You may be familiar with “The Long Island Medium” on TV. She has no control of when she receives spiritual information and believes she has an obligation to share everything that comes through her, whether a person has asked her to or not. The show follows her as she approaches people in the street and in the supermarket and delivers spiritual messages.

Such individuals mean well and want to help people, but they do not know how to control their gift and believe they have an obligation to share everything that comes to them. In many cases it is the ego that is running the show.

Other examples of claircognizance gone wild include conspiracy theorists. David Ike was an example of this in the early days of his spiritual awakening. He was so excited about everything he knew he blurted it out to everyone, including the newspapers and press who made fun of him. Now he is still outspoken, but tells people to take away only what feels right for them. He believes that politicians and the royal family are reptilians and the Illuminati are controlling the planet. This may be great information for some, but it is not appropriate for everyone.

The trick is to offer your information as an option or a choice for people and to ask if they would like to hear about it first.

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What Is Claircognizance Part 2 –Losing Touch With Physical Reality

Some people have experiences of their spiritual abilities opening without having any conscious awareness that this is what is happening to them. Because the crown chakra , the seventh chakra, is a channel to multiple other spiritual realities, activating claircognizance without knowledge of how to stay grounded and focused in this reality can lead to some disturbing experiences.

I have experienced this directly with some of my clients, who have had a history of being diagnosed with various mental disorders, even to the extent of being hospitalized. Mostly they are relieved to meet someone who doesn’t think they are mad. Then they are grateful when I teach them how to control their experiences using a few very simple spiritual techniques that put then in a more grounded state and enable them to control their crown chakra.

One of my early spiritual teachers had been incarcerated for being schizophrenic. After believing she was crazy for a while, she eventually realized she was psychic, took control of it and went on to run a school for healers and to train other psychics.

While I am not a psychiatrist or a medical doctor, I do believe that some forms of mental illness are related to an imbalance of the seventh chakra and to people opening the abilities in their crown chakra without a teacher or mentor to help explain their experiences.

I don’t blame the doctors, how could they know any different. This information is not generally accepted in the mainstream. Most people when faced with a person who hears voices that no one else can hear, or sees and talks to people who aren’t there, or who are sensitive to energies that everyone else has learned to ignore, would come to the same conclusion. You can’t control other people’s actions nor should you.

What Is Claircognizance Part 2 –Spirit Know Thyself

Many times when people can’t control their own emotions, they have to control someone else’s behavior. Claircognizance is a little different but must be watched closely. It is meant to allow us to control our own energies and creations. The power gained by activating this ability is great, but is most healing when used in one’s own space rather than succumbing to the need to control others.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Claircognizance Part 2, and learn about the different sides of the claircognizance superpower.

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