What Is An Aura And Other FAQs Answered.

What Is An Aura And Are Auras Real?

One of my favorite student questions ” what is an aura ?” All things on earth are made of electromagnetic energy and have an aura. This includes all people, animals and other living creatures as well as inanimate objects. It has been called the “Fingerprint of God” because it reflects everything about you. It indicates your present state of being, such as whether you are healthy, your emotional condition and the concepts and beliefs you are operating from.what is an aura

The aura comprises inter-penetrating layers of energy. Each layer emanates from a major energy center called a chakra. There are seven major chakras and each one is a repository of spiritual information and relates to a different aspect of you and you reality.Ideally your aura goes all the way around your body and encases you like an egg shell. It defines the limits of your personal creative universe. Everything inside of it is your personal domain. Everything outside of is somebody or something else.

How do I know if my aura is healthy?

If the aura is bright and clear there is health. If it is dark and cloudy then there is disturbance. Being aware of the aura is beneficial in healing, in communicating and creating your reality. Once you understand the true state of your being you can alter anything you need to heal yourself. For more information on healing the aura, check out my Energy Healing page.

There is no correct color for any chakra or layer of the field. So long as the energy vibration is clear and the energy is moving then this indicates health. Although certain vibrations can indicate issues: white can indicate the presence of fear; grey, being caught in the past; dark red, anger; black, emotional pain or even hatred.

These lower vibrations can be non-beneficial and cause disturbance in the reality of the person experiencing them. If they remain in the system for a long time, then they may manifest as physical disturbances. Luckily, by having an aura reading you become aware of what is flowing well within your aura and what requires your attention as a healing project.

What happens in an aura reading?

You will sit in a comfortable chair and relax. Dr. Lesley takes a moment to tune into your energy and then the reading begins. She will provide information on each layer of your aura, starting with the first layer than emanates from the first chakra and finishing with the seventh layer that emanates from the seventh chakra.

You will learn the color vibrations on each layer and how you are currently using these different aspects of your energy. Dr Lesley will also locate symbols and images stored in your energy field and translate them into useful information that relates to spiritual lessons you are in the process of learning about.

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What does an aura look like?

Next, what is an aura, this is one of the most questions. The aura can be visualized clairvoyantly as colors. Because each layer of the aura interpenetrates every other layer, your aura in its entirety looks like clouds of fast or slow moving multi-colored light. However, each layer of the aura has its own unique vibration, or color, which can be seen separately by an experienced clairvoyant.

The energy of the aura is in constant flux. Each individual has their own unique energy composition, which is always changing. Today the 2nd layer of your aura may be green, tomorrow orange and next week red. Depending on your current experience of reality and how quickly you are processing your experiences.

How can I see my own aura?

Once you answered what is an aura you can move on. You can learn to look clairvoyantly at your own aura. The color and its quality have meaning and can be translated into language. This can be helpful for you to read and understand the true state of your being and it allows you to alter anything you need to heal yourself. The first step in seeing your aura is to learn to meditate. Meditation quiets the mind and filters out external stimuli so that you can tune into you.


Below is an interesting Unlocking Your Truth radio show episode (podcast) regarding Auras.

What Color Is Your Aura, Interested? – UYT094

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