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unlock your psychic power of pragmatic intuition

Unlock Your Psychic Power Pragmatic Intuition Your Fun Intuitive Ability

Pragmatic Intuition –  a Very Practical Spiritual Senseunlock your psychic power of pragmatic intuition

Would you like to unlock your psychic power and amaze yourself? There are ways to develop psychic abilities like mediation which really can help open you up and awaken your intuition. Most people want to know what type of psychic they are and the easiest way to do that is take a Psychic Ability Quiz. Once you have figured that out you are ready to begin your journey into an amazing world. Lets start you off with a simple and fun spiritual power (psychic ability) that is really easy to master,  Pragmatic Intuition. Here is a link to your test:


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Here Is How To Recognize It

Have you ever had the experience of hearing the phone ring and knowing the phone was about to ring just before it did? And did you know who was calling you before you answered the call? If you have had this surprisingly common experience, it may not have been just a lucky guess, but you may well have been using your new found intuitive ability.

Use Your Psychic Superpower To Lose Weight…

Pragmatic intuition is a form of intuition that deals with practical affairs, such as knowing who is on the phone before you answer it. This information is contained in an energy center in your throat that deals with everything to do with communication, called your fifth chakra or throat chakra.

I use my pragmatic intuition, my fun intuitive ability, to help with my diet. For example what nutrition my body needs in the moment, what is good to eat or what might not agree with my digestion. It’s also very helpful in knowing that you need to take an umbrella when you go out even though it’s sunny or your sunglasses when it’s a rainy day.

A friend of mine who is a recent Mum uses her pragmatic intuition to help her be well prepared when she takes her baby out. In fact I’m sure that many mothers, whether conscious of it or not, use their intuitive ability, pragmatic intuition, to help them get through their busy schedules.

Want To Tune In More To Your Pragmatic Intuition?

As I mentioned earlier, with all spiritual abilities a great place to start is through meditation. By meditating we quiet the mind and are able to rise above other body levels so that we can better tune in to our subtle energies and abilities. I have recorded a short and powerful guided meditation to help you along your way in learning how to develop your psychic powers.


Unlock Your Spiritual Powers Guided Meditation

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Unlock Your Psychic Power, and you will finally know if you are psychic and unlock your secret power of Pragmatic Intuition.

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