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What Are Top 10 Signs You Are Telepathic?

What is telepathy and what are the top 10 signs you are telepathic? When you think about Telepathy do you imagine a mind reader of sorts? Telepathy is far more than just mind reading. It is the ability to communicate without any form of spoken language or body signals. More individuals are experiencing this wonderful telepathic power. Telepathic communication through dreams is also very common especially within parent and child relationships. I am certain that you have heard of this if not telepathy is far more than just mind readingexperienced it yourself. A mother may have been dreaming about a child who is distressed in some way.

Telepathic communication between lovers is not uncommon as well. Have you ever heard yourself say to a spouse or partner “You must have been reading my mind” or some variation of that. The tough part of this psychic telepathy superpower is not learning how to receive telepathic messages but to trust that actually are doing so.

Here are some of the telltale signs that you are a telepath:

  1. Do you often have the same thoughts at the same time as those you are close to?
  2. Do you have a habit of voicing what others are thinking?
  3. Are you skilled at helping those who are tongue tied express what they want to say?
  4. Are you fabulous at non-verbal communication?
  5. Would you say you are having strong instinct about babies and their needs?
  6. Do you have a depth of understanding of others that most people don’t share?
  7. Is it easy for you to influence or persuade others about your perspective?
  8. Can you ‘read between the lines’ when someone is talking to you or telling a lie?
  9. Is “I was just thinking that” a common phrase for you or people around you?
  10. Can you tune into loved ones who are far away and instinctively know how they are?


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Being telepathic may also come with some personal challenges.  

Tuning In – For some individuals tuning in to messages may be difficult.  Telepathic signals are subtle and easy to ignore.

Becoming Overwhelmed – For someone whose ability is particularly well developed or where the ability opens rapidly without them understanding what is happening can become overwhelmed. It may be like being surrounded by a sea of information and conflicting signals.

Feeling Crazy or Weird – Imagining that you can detect the thoughts of others or broadcast your thoughts to them is a sign of schizophrenic delusion. So most sane people having these experiences ignore or shut them down.

With regards to Science and Telepathy, there is a growing awareness of its validity in the scientific community.  Studies have shown that plants and animals communicate through a form of this amazing ability. There is also actual even evidence of telepathic communication in people. Consider twins for example.

Find Out if you Have Telepathy

In this episode of Unlocking Your Truth we examine how to use telepathy and other aspects of telepathy psychic abilities.As well I share anecdotes from my experiences teaching intuition and from my own  life. If you want to find out if you are telepathic or validate your experiences of telepathy then get your intuition blueprint  done.


what are the top 10 signs you are telepathicIn this podcast you will learn:-

  • The top 10 signs you are telepathic.
  • The difference between broad and narrow band telepathy.
  • About the subtle signals of truth beneath all lies.

During each of our Unlocking Your Truth episodes we also answer email questions from our listeners as well occasionally do readings live on air for our call in guests.


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