How To Tell If Someone Is Lying! UYT140

Learn How To Easily And Quickly Tell If Someone Is Lying !

Would knowing how to tell if someone is lying, including you to yourself, be of any benefit to you? You can easily learn how to tell if someone is lying over the phone or if someone is lying to your face or beingthe easiest way to detect a lie able to tell if someone likes you. We will be teaching a technique that is a form of instant meditation which does just that and everyone can do it. It has nothing to do with eye direction or body language. So who do you think may be lying to you; friends, lover, family, government, media?

I feel it is important to know what is fact and what is fiction, to tell if someone is telling the truth. We have all faced those issues with people close to us or even corporate representatives when we felt we have not been dealt with honestly. What do you with your feelings at those times?

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying – What Is A Lie?

Sometimes a lie is just not being authentic.  The average human lies a good portion of the time by not outwardly reflecting their inner authentic self outwardly? (“Oh yes I love my job,” all the while hating it.) Sometimes a lie is a conscious and deliberate covering up of the truth with a façade like when someone is wearing a smile while being miserable. There are instances where people are, conscious of yet, in denial in regards to the cycle of abuse.  

Many of our cultural and societal structures and systems are based on lies. It can be costly to believe some of the lies you are being told whether personally as a society as a whole. Here are some examples of hidden untruths:


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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying – In A World Of Lies And Liars

  • Politics; Iraq has chemical weapons we need to go to war
  • Healthcare: Drugs are for healing; top 5 cause of death, high side effects
  • Finance: Most of the profits from a Mutual funds go to the investor
  • Religion: There is only 1 path to God & its ______ (fill in the blank)
  • Education: The most powerful part of you is your intellect
  • Real Estate: The ratio of hours to commission is in line with the average wage
  • Media: Freedom of the press still exists in most cases
  • Relationships: You are not whole or valid unless you have a partner

So let me ask you are you totally honest with everyone all the time? What do you lie to others about? What do you lie to yourself about? I mentioned earlier about lying to yourself. This happens more often than people think. Let’s look at whether you always tell the truth about what you see and know as well as how you feel. How much of what you put out is real and how much is façade? How well do you know yourself?

I am not asking to put you in a bad light of any kind just make you aware of some of the realities we keep hidden in our mental closet. One of the issues we all have is when we believe other people’s lies or opinions of ourselves. How much have you been invalidated by others so that you no longer believe your truth?

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying – Why Do We Lie?

We have been taught from a young age it is unsafe to express our true feelings; say what we see and know. We do not want to let people down so we hide when we feel that our true self falls short of other people’s expectations and doesn’t meet with external validation.

Occasionally our outer reality and inner reality do not jive. We are one person with one belief behind closed doors versus someone completely different out in the world.

There is so much in the news about abuse of all kinds. It is rife in our world and of course abuser want the truth hidden. And it is especially by the abuser. It is sad when an individual is being tortured and to afraid of stsing it publicly because the world is so quick to judge the innocent in so many cases. An example is with rape victims.

It can seem that this world is full of abusers and liars at times.

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying – How Can We Change This?

It’s stressful and it takes a lot of energy to hold a house of cards that big. Yet we all uphold a myriad of lies and facades in our personal energy field all the time. This facade is a combination of or untruths and those of others. One of the issues is that terrible little three lettered word, Ego. The human ego is a bundle of lies because it is a false made self. We are not living our true nature, that of a spiritual being. Some egos are so big they want to create lies for everyone to believe in. We are all participants and perpetuators of this, and we can change it? It is simple, learn a way to tell when you are being told a lie.

In this podcast you will learn:-how to tell if someone is lying

  • The easiest way to detect a lie.
  • How to detect a lie over the phone.
  • The psychology of lying.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Tell If Someone Is Lying, and learn a simple system of doing just this. No matter if it is to know if a guy is lying about his feelings or how to detect lies in a relationship I demonstrate the way you can learn to differentiate lies from truths whether within you or out in the world. It is fast and easy. Give it a listen.

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