How Can Seeing Auras Be Helpful?

How Can Seeing Auras Be Helpful To Your Well Being?

What Are Auras And What Do Aura Colors Mean?

How can seeing auras be helpful helping defining your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and creative universe? First allow me to answer the how can seeing auras be helpful to your well beingquestion “are auras real?”

All things everywhere, including earth of course, are made of  a specific type of energy. It is electromagnetic energy and because of this everything has an aura and aura colors. Your aura defines the limits of your personal creative universe and all things that are “you.” Everything inside of it your aura is your personal domain. Everything outside of it belongs to somebody or something else. Your aura carries an electromagnetic signature that is very specific to whom you are right now. It designates your present state of being. Things like whether you are healthy or what beliefs and concepts you determine you actions from, the state of your emotions and so on. This is the two way mirror that you see through and of course the world sees you.

How Can Seeing Auras Be Helpful -What Does An Aura Look Like?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard or read, “ What color is my aura and what does it mean? “ Most people think that there is a specific set of colors that everyone’s auras should be as well as carry the same meaning for each of the colors. Not so! Aura colors vary from person to person and are dependent on many things.

The aura can be visualized clairvoyantly as aura colors.  Each of your major energy centers called chakras, there are seven, are comprised of inter-penetrating layers of energy. Each of these layers emanates in its own color, thickness, depth etc. These seven major chakras are storehouses of spiritual information and each relate to a specific characteristic of you. Your individual auras resemble clouds of slow or fast moving multi-colored lights. However, each layer of each of your auras pulsates at its own exclusive vibration, its aura color, which can be read or seen as separate by an experienced clairvoyant. An aura reading is very informative.


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How Can Seeing Auras Be Helpful – How Do I Know If My Aura Is Healthy?

Being aware of the aura is beneficial in healing, in communicating and creating your reality. So how do you know if you have a healthy aura? If the aura is bright and clear there is health, whereas if it is dark and cloudy then there is disturbance. It is important to remember that the energy of the aura is in constant flux. We are always changing and so it is easy to change from dark to light or from one color to another. Today the second layer of your aura may be green, tomorrow orange and next week red and so on. If the color is bright then there is health.

How Can Seeing Auras Be Helpful – How Can I See My Aura?

Anyone can learn how to read auras Clairvoyantly even their own aura. The first step in seeing your aura is to learn to meditate. Meditation quiets the mind and filters out external stimuli so that you can tune into you. The next step is to learn to translate the colors you see into meaning. Meditation techniques can help you do this.  This can be a helpful way to see aura for beginners and understand the true state of your being. Knowing each aura color will allow you to alter anything you need to heal yourself.

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