Transform your life with this breakthrough meditation course!

Is This You?

    • Having trouble stilling your mind?
    • So many thoughts you can't focus?
    • Busy life with no time for you?
    • Life is an emotional roller coaster?
    • Feeling stressed, depressed or overwhelmed?
    • Unable to trust and follow your inner guidance?
    • Uncertain you even know how access your intuition?

Course Benefits

This course will help you overcome the challenges of having thoughts and emotions that overwhelm you, It will teach you to calm your mind so you can feel peaceful and happy. As well as guiding you to the clarity that comes from being able to trust your intuition because you will now understand how to be open to and receive it.

If you are frustrated by your lack of time to meditate or a lack of consistency in your meditation practice, This course will help you develop the habit of a regular meditation practice because you will receive daily instruction for 35 days. The lessons and meditations are short with practical suggestions for how to fit what you have learned into your every day life.


Module 1 - Being Present and Releasing Stress

  • Be in the present moment 
  • Release tension and stress in an instant
  • Let go of past time fears & future worries

Module 2 - Being a Neutral Observer of Your Life

  • Be above emotional turmoil
  • Calm your thoughts & focus your mind
  • See your life & others without judgement

Module 3 - Consciously Managing Your Energy

  • Let go of creative blocks
  • Harness your imagination
  • Break through limiting beliefs

Module 4 - Creating Balance in Your Life

  • Balance your life
  • Let go of your resistance
  • Feel relief when obligations dissolve

Module 5 - Replenishing Your Energy and Being in the Flow

  • Experience peace 
  • Recharge your energy
  • Melt away mental, emotional & physical pain

Dr. Lesley knows her stuff. She teaches you tools which are useful and practical to use in everyday situations. Her courses are filled with lots of good information without any BS. I would highly recommend everyone to attend her workshops.

Elaine Cheung
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I would recommend Dr. Lesley’s courses to anyone interested in learning more about themselves, how to become more Self-Aware and Personally Empowered. She clearly shares her wisdom and through experiential exercises helps us experience her teachings – truly amazing! Thanks a million for bringing clarity to all levels of learning including physical and metaphysically too.

Raywyn Erickson
John Doe UI/UX Designer
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