What Are Auras Part 2 – The Metaphysical Perspective

What Are Auras Part 2 All Auras are Created by The Individual

In the previous article, What Are Auras Part 1 – The Scientific Explanation, I discussed Auras from a scientific perspective. In this article What Are Auras Part 2 I want to cover a spiritual perspective on the human energy field, the human aura. As we all know, thoughts can influence matter. So the configuration of atoms and molecules, discussed in Part I, is not occurring simply according to a biological blueprint, but is also influenced bywhat are auras part 2 your thoughts, beliefs, actions and experiences.  In fact your aura is a spiritual recording of all your memories, emotions, thoughts and concepts about life.

The Aura Is The Window To The Soul

The aura is sometimes referred to as the window to the soul. This is because your aura carries an electromagnetic signature of who you are right now. It indicates your present state of being, such as whether you are healthy, what is your emotional state, what concepts and beliefs you operate from and so on.  Associating feelings with colors of your auras and having someone who can read auras, such as a intuitive or psychic reader, can give an idea of your spiritual well being. Knowing how to see your aura can help guide you in where to focus your healing energy.

The Aura Determines How You See And Are Seen

As you exist within this energy field, you see the world and the world sees you through this veil of energy and because you are constantly having new experiences your aura is highly dynamic and changes all the time. The spiritual meaning of colors of can expose why this happens. what color is my aura is a great question to ask and can help guide your decisions in life.

We cover more concepts about this wonderful marvel on another post on my website called What Is An Aura And Other FAQs Answered where we look at how to see your aura and how to read auras.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are Auras Part 2 – The Metaphysical Perspective, for more on auras.

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