UYT078 How to know if you Are on The Right Path

Is there only one Right Spiritual Path?

Have you ever asked yourself whether you were on the Right Spiritual path? I have. I have asked myself that on more than one occasion. My opinion is that if you are on any Spiritual path whatsoever you will search for that answer. I also feel that just asking whether there are such things as spiritual paths still qualifies you as a searcher. In essence this question is more about the search for truth than spirit or spirituality. The truth that is within each of us yet so evasive. It is an individual truth as well as united affiliation, a oneness. Regardless of religion or geography! This truth we seek may be very illusive yet very apparent or visa versa. Search and you shall find! (Maybe)


In this podcast you will learn:-Spiritual path

  • If you qualify as a searcher.
  • What the search for the path is all about.
  • Most importantly, why we search.

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welcome to unlocking your truth another podcast by dr. Lesley Phillips.




hello everybody welcome to unlocking


your truth with dr. Lesley my name’s dr.Lesley Phillips and I am your host and we have a fun packed show lined up for you today let me tell you listeners we are today going to have a fabbi discussion topic and then we will be taking your calls answering your questions like we usually do and today’s topic is how to know if you are on the right path so today so you look down. Right yeah that’s right check your footing yeah.

today I found this software on the internet that would analyze repeat words and repeat phrases and so I took all the questions that anyone’s ever written in to me and there are about a thousand of them actually and I said well I wonder what the most common sort of things that people say. And one of the most common phrases was , apart from what’s my life purpose was, “Am I on the right path?”.

so I thought we could talk about that “Am I on the right path?” and I bet if we were to take a poll which we can’t do because we’re on the radio but I bet if we were to take a poll and ask how many people have ever asked that question I reckon it would be pretty high.  maybe 95% close to 100 %.

What do you think Corry. Oh I would think so. I think just about everybody questions themselves at some point in time with regard to their being on the right path or not. Yeah so do I and so

my  10 cents worth and my perspective. Are you are always on your path. There’s never a time when you are not on your path and there isn’t a right or wrong path. There is just the path that you choose and so really I think when people ask that question what the real question is, is I’m feeling uncertain, I’m feeling disconnected from my higher source of information, I’m separated from my inner knowing, from my higher knowing and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I also feel that we are so programmed in our culture to believe with respect to there being a right thing and a wrong thing so we expect that there must be a right path. And we’re also so programmed with expectations and ideas of success and we want to please. We want to be successful so we want to make sure that we’re on the right path and so you know. And maybe we have this concept that thinks this external judge is out there, that somehow watching us and saying oh no they’re not on the right path.

but here’s the the truth from my perspective is you are God. You are divine consciousness and you are in charge of your own universe. And you have free will. You have the freedom to choose so you create your path and you guys can create it consciously from an awakened state or unconsciously, but either way it’s you making the choices and you creating the path every step of the way.

and we’ve talked about this before on the show. You create your reality through your beliefs. You create your reality through the energy that you are holding in your field that that will point you in, if you were a boat, pointing your stern enough in a certain direction. Really it’s your thoughts your beliefs your emotional energy your mental energy everything that you’re carrying in your energy field is of what’s determining where the bar the prow of the boat is pointed and what direction you are headed in. Whether you’re having those thoughts and beliefs consciously or not.

now you know when I when I was thinking about you ever remember, Corry, that TV show called quantum leap. Mmm-hmm do you remember that. Oh yes.  we might be aging ourselves here because I think it was from the 80’s and the 90’s. But the show was based on this character called Sam Beckett who was a scientist. And if he I think he’d had a scientific experiment that had gone wrong that had stuck him quantum leaping and so every show he would end up in a different body.

remember that Corry.  yes I do. Did you like that show. Yes I did. It was pretty cool I liked it too but um you know it had me thinking because you’re actually doing a version of that in every single moment.  we’re actually creating our reality in every single moment and we’re actually choosing what quantum reality

to jump into moment by moment by the way that we’re carrying our energy. So you are your own personal God and you can dictate the direction of your life consciously and there’s no right path. There’s no wrong path. There’s just the path that you’re choosing to go along.

okay so I got two points I’d like to make. Sure I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate. To be the other side of this. Okay good. My wonderful mentor and hero, superhero Eckhart Tolle, always says

live in the present, the power of now, be now. And so if we’re on a path there’s some sort of determination that we’re headed somewhere. That they is going somewhere where they is a place that we’re

looking to get to. Which I feel that there actually, when you really think about it, there is no path because we’re never ever going anywhere.  we’re only where we are at the present time. So the determination is just be as you are the best way you can be at this point in time because this is the only point in time that you have. So there is actually no path that’s you know.

and I don’t I don’t disagree with what you said. I think that I think the way that I would maybe just flip it a little is to say yeah, absolutely you all you have is the present moment and basically your life is a string of present moments. That they have the illusion of being occurring in a sequence and there is no ultimate destination but there’s still a journey there’s still a life journey. There’s no ultimate Nirvana place that you’re heading for but there still is a journey. So there would be in that case there would be hundreds of

millions of billions of paths available. They’re all so there as many as much as there are so many paths then there really isn’t the path. This is an infinite number of paths so you’re always on a path and you never yet. You’re never on a path and yet you’re never on a path it’s because you’re right here right now in this time this place.  that’s because you’re never going anywhere . Other than your never going anywhere

other than the place you’re going at this point in time. Okay so that you are at this point.

I think why the reason why people ask that question is because they’re feeling uncertain is because they don’t have their own answers that at that time that they’re asking it. So what causes uncertainty. What causes people to ask the question, “Am I on the right path?”. And I think there’s a number of, there’s a

number of things and I mentioned one of them already. Which is just being disconnected from source. And when I use the word source you can put your own word in there. Whether you like to use the word god or

Supreme Being or great all that is. But there’s a sort of a disconnection one you can’t ever be disconnected from source but there’s something coming in between you and that flow of energy from

Source. And I think the other one that I’ve talked about the a few of the other ones as well like living up to

expectations. just feeling so much pressure from other people’s expectations that it interferes with

your own uncertainty. And related to that is foreign energy.

you know sometimes our loved ones so have such a strong opinion about what we ought to be doing that their energy gets in our space and that can really be discombobulating. Corry brought up another one, not being present, not being in present time. Being in the future, Being in the past will take you away from your certainty about the present moment. Not being grounded can mean that you’re in another reality as well. Self-limiting beliefs can cause you to question “Am I on the right path?” because you could be saying something like well am I good enough for this path, for example.

so fear of failure and fear of success can cause you to be uncertain about yourself and your path. And then a few of the other common ones that I encounter all the time with people are being stuck in the

intellect. Weighing up the pros having to weigh up the pros and cons about something in your intellect and getting stuck in circular arguments round and round and round can really just be a constant questioning as opposed to a certainty about yourself and where you’re at. And then just being overwhelmed by the emotions and your emotional responses can affect your certainty. As well and sometimes people get caught up in if I take this path or if I make this decision or if I do this how is it going to affect the other

people in my life because I don’t want to hurt them. I don’t want to upset them want to discombobulate them. So taking responsibility for others and how they feel about things as well.

so there all sorts of reasons why people can be uncertain and be asking the question “Am I on the right path?” so listeners what do you think. What do you think about being on the right path and what we’ve been saying about it any further.  oh I got lots.  

Misdirection is one, it’s listening well I think you mentioned listening to other people is I think the

Biggest, biggest, yeah but the biggest late and not just people are trying to be derogatory or in any way shape or form but even people trying to be helpful. Because one person’s help is not necessarily another person’s help in that sense unless you’re tuning into what they need most people try to impress upon other people what they themselves are actually wanting or desiring in their life. And it’s it’s tough I don’t

know I I I’ve I’ve asked the question am I on the right path and I’ve got answers from the beyond ah yes you’re on the right path. And at the same time so it doesn’t really matter because the path you’re on is the path you’re on and so it is. It is whether you have to go backwards or forwards on the path one thing the other thing that I that I did recognize at one point in time is that being on a path if you want to call it

that is like being on a set of roller skates on a great hill. You’re constantly going forward and uphill and if you stop what happens. You start going backwards. See the growth needs to continue whether it be personal growth or intellectual growth. If it doesn’t continue you go backwards and and I truly I truly

believe that. And that we need to continue growing even if it’s in this in this instance alone. And growing I think when it comes to path is but feeling the best you can feel about the person you are at the time you’re there yeah. Well  and you know are you talking about conscious consciously growing there

because I believe that you as long as you have a body you never stop growing because this planet is all

about expansion and growth. Yeah consciously I think being aware of your growth, and understand, comprehend. I won’t even say comprehend. just accepting the growth and and working with it and moving to that place of momentary perfection if you want to call it that. Peace in the present moment. Acceptance yeah. Embracing the moment for what it is and not expecting it to be any different.

I think joy. I think joy comes into it. I truly believe we are here on this and this earthly plane or in this Universal earthly plane to, whether we’re on this planet or another planet, is to experience emotions and joy I think is the main emotion we’re here to experience. Mm-hmm. Well on that joyful note listeners we’re going to go to a short break.


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